Beat this deal: Spirit Air IAH-MGA, all-inclusive $257 per person!

Cheaper than going anywhere in the States!

Sure there's not much legroom but it's only a short flight!

Sure there’s not much legroom but it’s only a short flight!

Beat this deal: Spirit Air IAH-MGA, all-inclusive $257 per person!

We’ve had a mini-rush of visitors lately taking advantage of the new Spirit Air flight out of Houston to Managua. They are telling me that they couldn’t have done anything cheaper anywhere in the USA and in looking at the figures, I agree!

Let’s look into the dollars and cents of this deal for a short, first-time visitor to Nicaragua. Let’s assume two people, with two nights lodging and two full days of activities. (The Spirit Air flights arrive at about 1 am and depart about 2 am, so no sleep means you have all day to do stuff in Nicaragua!

It is easy enough to take local buses to get around to the hiking areas, so that helps keep your costs down. Also, eating local is cheap and tasty.

The round-trip flights run as low as $169. You can stay at the farmstay for a measly $38 per night. Breakfast included! Local buses for two days adventures, $4. Fees for national parks and reserves, $8. Local lunches and dinners $18 (for two days). Airport pickup and drop off, $40.

What would be the total per person for this extravaganza? $257 !!!! Folks, this is airfare, transportation, food, entry into national parks with active volcanoes, hiking private reserves where you see waterfalls and birds, eating local, getting to know a foreign, yet safe country, etc. Wow, how can you beat that I ask you!

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