Leaving Nicaragua, Have a Vehicle to Store? Park & Fly Special

Leaving Nicaragua, Have a Vehicle to Store? Park & Fly Special

(km. 10 1/2 Carretera a Masaya)



If you need to come to Managua to fly out of the country but don’t know where to park your car, and if your flight is early in the morning, why not take advantage of our Park and Fly Special?We offer lodging for two persons with transport to the airport and up to 14 days parking for $70 total. If you are out of the country for longer, the parking charge for each day after 14 days is only $1 per day.We have secured parking on our tranquil farmstay property that is only ten minutes from Galerias but feels like it is a hundred miles away from the noise and pollution of Managua.If interested in the Park and Drive Special, please contact Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua



Si usted necesita llegar a Managua para volar fuera del país, pero no sabe dónde aparcar su coche, y si su vuelo es temprano en la mañana, ¿por qué no tomar ventaja de nuestro Aparcar y Volar especial? Ofrecemos alojamiento para dos personas con el transporte al aeropuerto y hasta 14 días de aparcamiento por $ 70 USD total. Si usted se encuentra fuera del país por más tiempo, el cargo de aparcamiento por cada día después de 14 días es de sólo $ 1 por día. Nos hemos asegurado de aparcamiento en nuestra propiedad farmstay tranquilo que está a sólo diez minutos de Galerias, pero se siente como que está a cientos de millas lejos del ruido y la contaminación de Managua. Si está interesado en el Aparcar y Volar especial,  por favor póngase en contacto con Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

Source: Leaving Nicaragua, Have a Vehicle to Store? Park & Fly Special

This is our latest advertisement in Craigslist, aimed at expats and Nicaraguans who are leaving the country via air, have a vehicle, and would prefer to drive themselves close to the airport, stay overnight in a place so quiet and tranquil that it is way better than spending more money to stay somewhere else, get taken to the airport to catch their flight, leaving their vehicle to rest in a nice shady spot where it will be well looked after and safe.

We’ve had three guests come in this way, so my ever so astute marketing sense tells me this must be some kind of a need folks have that the Farmstay can and does provide. If you would like to take advantage of this deal too, just get in contact with me by filling out the form below:

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