USA ‘Is coming for’ Daniel Ortega for the construction of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua



Latin American leaders who choose to follow an independent US policy must be prepared for any reaction that might come from Washington. Currently, the greatest discontent for the White House is generated by the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, which the US State Department says, is acting in an “extremely hostile” US policy front, some experts believe.

Source (in Spanish): EE.UU. ‘se venga’ de Daniel Ortega por la construcción del Gran Canal de Nicaragua – RT

Short article, but IMO it’s a fairly accurate description of actual US policy towards Nicaragua and specifically the Grand Canal. Seems obvious that China owning a canal that’s actually closer and makes more economic sense to shippers to use than the Panama Canal won’t be welcomed in Washington.

The article makes a good point, that the environmental impact report directly contradicts the Obama administration’s argument. The EIR says that the canal will be viable in terms of nature conservation and water resources whereas the Whitehouse says that it will cause devastating effects of the channel on the ecology of the region.

Since the normal playbook used is to cause instability in countries and regions that don’t play along with the preferred scheme, we can expect more money to be put into the political opposition and there will be more protests.

There’s a journalist and political scientist named Igor Ignatiev who has been writing about this issue on some Russian journals such as and based on Google translations, has some very interesting observations, including the following:

It is common, in general, the US strategy: Write in your region instability, shake the political situation, and thereby block the flow of investments from other countries. No one wants to invest money where it is not clear what will happen tomorrow. This, in my view, a clear signal to China not to rush to the financing and construction of the Nicaragua Canal.

I’ll let you, dear reader, come to your own conclusions. I just present this as an alternative to the mainstream media and think it’s important to get some perspective from other sources.


2 thoughts on “USA ‘Is coming for’ Daniel Ortega for the construction of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua

  1. “The EIR says that the canal will be viable in terms of nature conservation and water resources…”

    Wow, you must be the first person outside Danny-boy’s inner circle to have read the EIR. How did you manage to break the hermetic seal of secrecy that surrounds the document? Can you post it for us outsiders?

    • Hi GringoLoco and thanks for the comment. I’m certainly not privy to the details. As you know the EIR has not been made public, which isn’t a good sign in my book! However, a blue ribbon panel did review it and they highlighted most of the assertions of the proposed canal, including that Lake Nicaragua will not be impacted to a great degree. The scientists disagreed with the assessment by and large. The actual quote if you had read the article, was from the consulting firm that did the EIR, so this is what they are saying about their own EIR. I’m just presenting information that is outside the MSM since I think its worth considering all the aspects of this scheme. My personal opinion is that it’s a Chinese land-grab. Read the rest of my canal-related stories here:

      Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

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