45 Cruise Ships Arriving in Nicaragua

45 Cruise Ships Arriving in Nicaragua

International tourism revenues left Nicaragua about 445.4 million dollars in 2014, 6.8% more than the $ 417 million raised during 2013, according to official data.
Last year Nicaragua entered a total of 1.32 million foreign tourists, 7.3% more than the 1.23 million who came to the Central American country in 2013.
Nicaragua expects to bill this year about 450 million dollars in foreign exchange from tourism and receive 1.35 million tourists.

Source: 45 cruceros arribarán a Nicaragua

Number of cruise ships went from 37 to 45, which is something around an 18% increase and foreign tourists 7% so that’s all good. It’s almost expected now that these numbers go up about 4% a year, so if that’s accurate, that is a really good number!

I also really like this article because it tells how making Managua part of the tour is the real deal.


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