Airport improvements “noticeable”

Airport improvements “noticeable”

In Managua International Airport, where US $ 95 million has been invested in the past eight years, the bags are on-time and the paperwork is agile, following recent reforms made by the government, according to national and international users.


 Foto: Melvin Vargas Better and faster service is being felt at the Managua airport.

Foto: Melvin Vargas
Better and faster service is being felt at the Managua airport.

Managua, Nicaragua | August 30, 2015 | 12:05 am | Print edition
Faster clearance of bags and customs & immigration working more expeditiously when leaving or arriving in the country are the main improvements that users of Augusto C. Sandino International Airport then perceive as the terminal begins operating 24 hours a day this week.
“I had no delay. I was only asked for my papers for immigration and had a quick security check performed on my luggage. I passed the checkpoint and within minutes I left,” shared Maria Castillo, a visitor coming from Panama.
A similar view was shared when yesterday Nohelia Alvarado, who came from Miami and stressed that in addition to the expedited landing process, the attention of the staff has improved and the hassles from immigration are less.
“I just filled out the customs form when I noticed that at least three people from immigration are ready to assist in landing procedures,” said Alvarado.

Operations Around the Clock

Earlier this week, government authorities reported that given the high increase air connectivity with Nicaragua, Augusto C. Sandino International Airport would have an extended office hours.
The measure was supported by representatives of the private sector and the airlines operating in the country.
On Wednesday officials of the Nicaraguan Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC), the Administrator Company of International Airports (EAAI) and representatives of the airlines provided details on improvements.
Speaking to the official website 19 Digital, Orlando Castillo, general manager of the airport, mentioned that one of the measures implemented is related to the increase in personnel to provide care for 24 hours, allowing, among other factors, to guarantee full service for night flights.
They also have a new X-ray system to inspect the bags. They settled breaks in passenger flows for better organization, for example, reordering of rows in immigration to ease inflows and outflows; improved lighting in all areas of international and domestic terminal; relocation of domestic flights counters for the reorganization of passenger flow, signage location for the orientation of airport users, among other improvements.
Meanwhile Maria Antonieta Novoa, director of Immigration, said that “we managed to hire 30 new employees in Immigration.”
“At the same time we have increased to 12 the number of kiosks dedicated to the attention of travelers leaving the country. As for services for incoming passengers, we increased to 15 the number of kiosks. Among them we have to care for the crew, pregnant women, the elderly, people with disabilities,” according to the EAAI website.
The Directorate General of Customs said that increasing the amount of existing airport scanners, allows greater streamlining of customs clearance processes.
95 million dollars have been invested in the past eight years at the airport Augusto C. Sandino and other air terminals in the country, according to official data.

Source (in Spanish): Mejoras en Aeropuerto “se notan”

So this is undeniably good news for tourism and for the visitors themselves. More lines to go through customs and immigration, better attention to the clients, and improvements in passenger flows are all good things and much needed to help improve the experience of the customers of the Managua airport.

Also notable is the Managua airport going to a 24 hour schedule of operations. As it stands now, there at least two flights coming in at the wee hours (thanks Spirit Air!) and undoubtedly there are some more new routes coming in at that late night/early A.M. time frame.

Congratulations airlines, EAAI, and INAC for a job well done, keep up the good work!

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