Bang! Mic drop…another five-star review!

Folks looking to relocate to Nicaragua enjoy a great start to their adventures with a Farmstay!

Yes, we give thanks for our fabulous visitors!

Yes, we give thanks for our fabulous visitors!

Man, it’s gonna be tough to not get a big head with our recent visitors providing us with such lovely reviews like this one from Jeff, a recent visitor from Arizona that came to us via Airbnb. He and his wife Karla and their cute puppy came in using the VIP Service at the airport, so a “soft landing” was almost guaranteed! Turns out they are relocating to Nicaragua and will likely be neighbors of mine at a beach property down in Playa Guasacate, Tola, Rivas so we expect to see much more of them in the near future! Thank you for the five-star review, we appreciate it.

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