Nicaragua Residency Guide

How Do I get Residency in Nicaragua?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at the Farmstay, and I’m VERY happy to report that now I can give one simple recommendation that I feel very confident can help ANYBODY seeking to move down to Nicaragua on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. GO BUY THE Nicaconexiones Nicaragua Residency Guide!


THE Nicaragua Residency Guide

Author Casey Callais has done a great job in explaining not only the general process, but also the specifics of how to gain residency here in Nicaragua. Every possible form that Immigration or INTUR requires is shown to you, it’s meaning explained to you, and the reason why the Nicaraguan government would even want to know some of the information is also provided. This gives you a specific path to gain residency, an understanding of the requirements, and a context for why, how, and when that I haven’t found in any other source.

The cost is nominal for the basic edition, $29.00 and even includes a personal consultation with the author! There are two other options besides the basic edition, the Plus Edition and the Personal Edition. See Casey’s website for further details.


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