Tourist Options in Managua

Tourist Sights and Activities in Managua

Laguna de Tiscapa

Laguna de Tiscapa

I don’t want to hear again the refrain on the tourism forums (yes, I’m looking at you TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet), mostly from folks promoting Granada, Leon and San Juan del Sur, how there is nothing to see or do as a tourist in Managua. Hogwash I say!

Here is just a partial listing of the types of activities and things you can  see and do in Managua:

  • Do a zip line Canopy Tour across Laguna de Tiscapa
  • Learn about the “George Washington” of Nicaragua, Augusto C. Sandino, the guy with the famous hat 🙂
  • See the remains of the dictator Somoza’s mansion and the little teeny tank that Generalissimo Mussolini gave him in the 1930s
  • See the President’s House (even though he doesn’t actually live there…)
  • See the ruins of the old Cathedral Santiago of Managua
  • See the new Cathedral of Managua
  • See “old Managua” turn your view 180 degrees and see “new Managua”
  • Learn about the history of the Revolution and national poet Ruben Dario
  • Take a walk in a lovely shady Central Park that has great security
  • See the eternal flames of some of the heroes of the Sandinista Revolution
  • Visit a museum and cultural center, the National Palace, former site of the Nicaraguan parliament, where a daring raid and kidnapping happened during the Revolution
  • See a mockup of what pre-earthquake Managua looked like
  • Take a walk along the lakefront and enjoy nice restaurants and refreshing beverages
  • Take a boat cruise in Lake Managua

I count 14 different sights and activities. All of these are located within a few blocks of one another. So don’t tell me how there is nothing to do as a tourist in Managua. Please!