Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast Lands a New Airport as Tourism Takes Off | Luxury Travel

Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast Lands a New Airport as Tourism Takes Off

Mukul Resort, Nicaragua

Mukul Resort, Nicaragua

Viju Mathew

August 12, 2015


Come November, Nicaragua’s enticing Emerald Coast will have even more appeal with the opening of the new Costa Esmeralda Airport—only five miles north of Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa resort. The 492,000-square-foot airport features one terminal and a 5,000-foot runway that will be able to accommodate Gulfstream GV jets and most smaller jets and turboprops. The creation of the airport was made possible through a partnership with the developer Carlos Pellas—who invested $13 million—and the Nicaraguan government. Pellas’s previous contribution to the community was the $250 million Guacalito de la Isla, a 1,670-acre private beach colony which includes the lavish 37-room destination resort.


Already a burgeoning base for tourism in Central America, Nicaragua’s west coast will now be more readily accessible, as the airport will be serviced by both the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in the capital city of Managua and Liberia International Airport in Costa Rica. Costa Esmeralda will be open for both private flights and commercial carriers in November. To celebrate the new synergy, the nearby Mukul resort is offering guests a new Emerald Coast Explorer package that includes four nights’ accommodation and customized combinations of golf at Guacalito Golf Course, spa treatments at Spa Mukul, daily breakfast, and two bottles of Flor de Caña rum—Nicaragua’s native nectar. Pricing for the package starts at $769 per night. (

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This is from the Robb Report, which is the guide for the 1% on how to spend their money on luxury goods, yachts, fashion, jewelry, real estate, etc. They have written a few times about the Mukul Resort and now are reporting about the new airport that will soon be open in their “Emerald Coast” area which we know as beaches of Tola, Rivas.

Beaches such as Playa Gigante, Popoyo, Guasacate, Colorado, etc. are quite lovely indeed, but the wealthy and aspirants thereof of the world don’t necesarily know this area by those names. A select few (Robb Report readers?) might have heard of Guacalito de la Isla, Hacienda Iguana, Rancho Santana, etc. instead of the actual names of the villages and beaches that have been known for generations.

Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast is beginning to be a real thing, not just marketing hype. My last visit in the area really was an eye-opener. The infrastructure has gotten so much better, the beaches are still as beautiful as ever, and a certain feeling of “we’ve turned a corner” and are now a known place. One can feel that the area has it’s own energy, that a certain sort of sustainable impulse is finally in-place.

Certainly a little private airport to bring in your Gulfstream GV airplane is a good thing for those who own or lease such items. I’m fairly certain that if a celebrity A-lister or wealthy empresario came for a visit from outside of the country they would still need to land in Managua and go through customs, then take off for the short flight to the Costa Esmeralda Airport to enjoy their luxury vacation.

When this type of clientele comes to visit Nicaragua in more numbers, it will only help with the international image of the country and bring more tourists in general. One can only hope that the buzz around the celebs visiting will generate more travelers coming in looking for the higher-end travel. Visitors of that level of economic power have a much higher average daily spend, hundreds of dollars per day per visitor, which can actually help Nicaragua. The backpackers spending $10 a day don’t really do much for the local economy.

So we’ll keep our Celebrities in Nicaragua watch going and let you know when someone comes in that you might have heard of…btw I heard that Matt Damon apparently was here? I just did a web search and couldn’t find any confirmation of that all-important information haha.

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