Your first and best contact in Nicaragua-Package Deals, MGA pickup

“Soft Landing” Service

In reviewing what we do well here at El Porton Verde and where we perhaps could do better, one thing I’m certain of on the positive side is that we perform a very good service to first-time visitors to Nicaragua. In that light, this post is touting EPV as “your first and best contact” and that we do ” Nicaragua Package Deals” and “MGA pickup.”

Nicaragua Package Deals

Let’s talk about the Nicaragua package deals for example. We call them the “surf and turf” specials. I can get you into a house right on the beach, airport transport, take you to a supermarket, get your dollars changed into cordobas, then come and pick you up after the five (or more…) days is over, and provide that first and/or last night lodging if you get in really late or depart really early. This package deal for Salinas Grandes property EPV manages is a super great deal at less than $500! The Pochomil property is a bit more at less than $700.

For the very independent traveler that is confident in your ability to get around in Nicaragua (for example, taking public buses around the country instead of pricey private shuttles services) it’s true you might prefer to travel that way. If it’s your first time in-country, and aren’t real strong with your Spanish language skills, then it might be worth your while to stay with us. Make sense? Let me know by adding your comments below!

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