Noticias de Prensa Latina – Tourism Grows 8.5 Percent in Nicaragua

Tourism Grows 8.5 Percent in Nicaragua

Managua, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) The entry of foreign tourists to Nicaragua, grew 8.7 percent in the seven first months of 2015, compared to the same period of 2014, said the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR) Monday. Janice Ruiz, co-director of INTUR, said that the total number of arrivals of foreign tourists was of almost 810,000, said Nicaraguan website El Digital Monday.

From January to September more than 1 million 867 people visited the Nicaraguan tourist centers that are being managed by INTUR. This number is superior to the previous year, in more than 500,000 people.

Source: Noticias de Prensa Latina – Tourism Grows 8.5 Percent in Nicaragua

Barcelo Monetilimar Resort--not five star!

Barcelo Monetilimar Resort–not five star!

Another data point for those following Nicaragua and specifically tourism in Nicaragua. In past years IIRC it’s been going up, but only by maybe 4 or 5% a year. This is a big jump at 8.7% with more than a half a million visitors.

Of note though is that a majority of foreign tourists are actually from other Central American countries like Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, etc. The other important data not discussed in this little blurb is the average daily spend of the tourists. You want that number to go up as the mix of visitors begins to include more folks looking for a more upscale, luxury experience.

There’s now at least four or possibly more really nice 4- and 5-star resort properties in Nicaragua now, so let’s hope we can find numbers for those visitors, how many are coming and what their average daily spend might be!

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