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Oveedia_WelcomeOveedia Is First Mover In Push to Grow Nicaraguan Tourism Published: Nov 2, 2015 9:39 a.m. ET 0 4 Costa Esmeralda Airport Offers Travelers Better Access to Nicaragua and an Opportunity for Lesser Known Hotels to Increase Bookings LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., PNOW, +26.90% parent company of the Central American-Caribbean online travel Agency, Oveedia (www.Oveedia.com), announced today, that those Nicaraguan hotel properties not listed on major OTAs’, will now see an influx of business opportunities, with this month’s opening of the Costa Esmeralda Airport. This positively benefits the Company through the increase of exclusive Nicaraguan property listings on Oveedia, as Oveedia has a ‘first mover advantage’ in the region. “We already estimated that the number of Nicaraguan hotels we’d sign onto Oveedia during the Expotur 2016, would be considerable in number,” stated Melvin Pereira, President & CEO of Pure Hospitality Solutions. “However, with the aggressive push from Nicaragua to increase global visitors to the country, fortunate for us, our timelines has been accelerated. Being one of the first OTAs to primarily focus on this region, Oveedia has a ‘first mover advantage’ as it is readily positioned to offer Nicaraguan hoteliers a place to list and market their properties to a global audience, searching for a place to stay.” Built by Corporacion del Sur, S.A. [in association with the Nicaragua Tourism Board], and designed by T.H. Chastain Engineering PLLC of New York, the Costa Esmerald Airport which opens this November, is expected to be a game-changer. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE Read: http://www.purenow.solutions/costa-esmeralda-airport Accommodating ATR-42, ATR-72, Gulfstream V jets and most turboprop planes, Costa Esmerald will reduce transfer time from Managua and Costa Rica. Costa Rica will further benefit, as its International Airport will now act as a hub for those commercial airliners not able to land at Costa Esmerald. The number of travelers to Costa Rica is also anticipated to see an increase.  Management believes there will be a rise in Costa Rican hotel stays along with a surge in Costa Rican/Nicaraguan hotel packages. In either case, Oveedia has a ‘first mover advantage’ to leverage this new traffic. Mr. Pereira concluded, “With the ongoing ease in Cuba, this new Nicaraguan ‘air-bridge’, and other unexpected events positively affecting this region of the Americas, there is a sudden growing interest in travel to Central America – on and off-line. Oveedia is at the right place, right time!”

Source: Oveedia Is First Mover In Push to Grow Nicaraguan Tourism – MarketWatch

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