Nicaragua: A Success Story in the Making | Otaviano Canuto

Nicaragua's mix of renewable energy is growing its self-sufficiency

Nicaragua’s mix of renewable energy is growing its self-sufficiency

Nicaragua: A Success Story in the Making

This post was co-authored by Manuel Coronel


Nicaragua is far more than just the newest and swankiest destination for world travelers. It is -and mark our words – on its way to becoming the latest success story in the western hemisphere.


Let us just tell you why. Nicaragua already is a post-conflict-state success story where peace has become deep-seated and long lasting. The last shots of the “contra” war (1982-1990) against the Sandinista government were heard 25 years ago when close to half of today’s Nicaraguans hadn’t even been born. The other half, the war generation, has – quite pragmatically – reconciled, taking their differences to the political landscape.


Today’s Nicaraguans abhor violence and conflict and stand hopeful and happy about their future prospects. Many, exercising their freedoms, have even flipped sides making alliances with their former foes, or have simply detached themselves from politics to savor the longest time-span of peace they have ever lived in.

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Thanks to the authors for expressing their positive impressions of the current and future improvement in the economy and lives of average Nicaraguans. Sustainable tourism is a part of it, no doubt, so I concur with Sharon Boorstin’s comments here.

As someone who hosts visitors to Nicaragua, I continue to hear how some of their friends and family have the wrong impression of the country and don’t recognize the current situation that is so much improved from past years. The experiences one can have while visiting here are truly unique and satisfying for those who want a real person-to-person emprise.

The continued strong growth in the tourism sector indicates that this old out-of-date thinking is finally being overcome. For example, 500,000 more people visited Nicaragua this year than last year and there are now offerings for every type of traveler from budget to five-stary luxury resorts.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

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