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A greater flow of tourists and visitors to Nicaragua has helped United Airlines to increase its number of direct flights from Houston to our country Now we have a frequency of 17 flights per week this year, said Salvador Marrero, United Airlines’ Executive Director for Central America.

“The extra flights that we have implemented on Saturdays illustrates this new reality. What was done last year only in the high season, this year of 2015, has been the permanent level of service. We constantly analyze what happens to our destinations and to the extent that the market requires, we add more crews and add more seats, “said the airline representative.

Meanwhile Gloria Callejas, Manager of United Airlines in Nicaragua, said that “this year we added a fourth flight on Saturdays leaving at 1:30 am, arriving in Houston at 5:00 am,” this is because ” the boom that is taking place in Nicaragua, the boom in the number of tourists forced us to put an additional flight on Saturdays, in high season we had three daily flights available. “

Better services

Callejas said another aspect that has been the expansion in the services of the airport terminal. “The extended hours, more extensive migration and increased capacity has facilitated customs operations and made the process more expeditious”, meeting the demands that airlines have asked for, he said.

About the capacity of passengers, Marrero explained that the types of aircraft that serve direct service from Houston with our country are models 737, 800 and 900, meaning that on average more than 200 passengers are transported by the company They are then able to connect to 162 destinations worldwide.

United Airlines celebrated in Managua 25 years of being present in our country and they planned to increase the number of direct flights to the extent that the level of tourism, business or visits demands. The number of visitors is increasing, company executives announced .

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Another good data point for those following tourism in Nicaragua. This is a story about United Airlines and how they have increased the number of flights per week to 17, and that additional flights they added last year in the high season are now permanent. In addition, the airlines’ executives said that as tourism grows in Nicaragua, so will the number of flights.

Here on this blog, we’ve discussed the growing number of flights to Nicaragua, here and here for example. Also, how the services and hours of operation at the Augusto C. Sandino International airport have increased.

All good stuff! Another observation would be that those thinking that the new Costa Esmeralda airport would somehow decrease flights to Managua appear to be incorrect. United and other airlines would not be investing in new flights if they didn’t have the data to back up the proposal that additional flights and seats are required.

This combined with the recent article written by folks working for the IMF: Nicaragua, a success story in the making would add confidence to anyone looking to invest in, or relocate to, the Central American country of Nicaragua.

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