This winter think Flor de Caña instead of Mai Tai’s

Go to Nicaragua instead of Hawaii this Winter

Want to save a couple of hundred dollars and have a really unique vacation? Try Nicaragua!

If you feel like a tropical getaway is needed this winter, why not consider doing something different this year? Sure Hawaii is nice. The luau is fun with the poi, roast pork and dancing girls, but seriously, don’t you want to try something a bit off the beaten path?

Let’s do a vacation cost comparison, shall we?

Flight times are roughly the same. A flight to Managua usually entails a change of planes so it ends up a half-hour to an hour more time between your destinations. Flight costs are lower to Nicaragua as you can see above.

Volcanoes are more numerous and varied

Hawaii and Nicaragua both have volcanoes

The only place you can actually surf down a volcano is in Nicaragua. Plus there’s a lot more of them to see in Nicaragua if that’s your thing…

Speaking of surfing…

Surfing is better in Nicaragua! There, I said it.

What about Overall Cost of the Vacation?

I found a website that says that the average one week vacation for two to Hawaii costs $3,760 dollars. Let’s break that down and figure out what the same thing would cost in Nicaragua, shall we?

Much less expensive to go to Nicaragua than to Hawaii

Airfare is roughly the same, even though in the example we started with it is couple of hundred dollars cheaper. This will vary depending on the time of year, etc.

Lodging is a big save. The Hawaii cost website says $175 per night and in Nicaragua you can get very nice lodgings for $75-80 per night.

Likewise, food is much less expensive in Nicaragua than in Hawaii for obvious reasons, namely we’re on the mainland, its unlikely you’ll be eating a lot of imported items, and the general cost of living is much less.

Activities was a bit tough to determine, but for example a full-day tour with El Porton Verde tours is $80, Lots of activities such as tour of Las Isletas is $40 or less. $30 for volcano boarding down Cerro Negro near Leon. You get the idea…

Transportation was a bit easier to determine. Rental cars are less expensive. Now you can get private shuttles that can be costly, but in a week you won’t take more than two long trips and they are each $100 from the Managua airport to San Juan del Sur. If you came to Nicaragua and took public buses (or even one or two buses) you would save a ton of money.

NOTE: You can easily spend much more money in Nicaragua than this example shows. For example, you can book a night or two at the five-star Mukul Resort and spend about $500 per night. Even Aqua Wellness in Playa Gigante is about $200 a night. You can also spend more on food, booze, tours, and transport than listed here. But it’s a heck of a lot easier to stay at a moderately priced place for a night or two and then splurge on the nice beachfront locations, for example. As usual, CAVEAT EMPTOR aka YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.

This posting only talks about cost of things. We haven’t touched on the value of experiences. I wager the true value of the experiences you’ll have in Nicaragua is much more valuable than any cost considerations.

So, what will you do with the $1470 in savings? Here’s an idea, why not stay another week in Nicaragua!

Comments and questions are welcome as always!


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