Getting to Granada from El Porton Verde

It’s really easy to get to Granada, we’re on the way there from Managua.

Getting to Granada from Farmstay El Portón Verde is super easy! Here’s the general route. Notice it’s a straight shot on the highway leading directly from Managua to Granada, passing through the town of Masaya.

Map showing the simple route between El Portón Verde and the town of Granada

Map showing the simple route between El Portón Verde and the town of Granada

You can take a bus. The cost is less than one U.S. Dollar, They come by very frequently, I’d say every five to ten minutes. Look for the bus that says EXPRESO MANAGUA UCA GRANADA. It’s a nice mid-sized bus, definitely an upgrade over the standard “chicken bus”!

With the ride being a short 45 minutes in duration, the bus comes by the gas station at the intersection of our road with the highway to Masaya, drops you off at the Central Park or the public market. Note: You might have to walk around a bit to find your hotel if you take the bus.

If staying with us at FEPV, I can usually take you to the corner about 2 kms away (it’s the UNO gas station where you will catch your bus) or there are mototaxis, (which are like tuktuks used in Asia) that can take you to the bus stop after picking you up on the farm.

The other way would be for you to hire me or a taxi to take you to Granada. That costs around $30. With me you’d get a mini tour from me as we go through town looking for your hotel 🙂 and you’d be dropped off right there at your hotel. If you have a lot of luggage its usually easier to have me take you…

Or I could take you in our Mitsubishi truck...

Or, I could take you in our Mitsubishi truck…

In addition to just dropping you off and maybe do a quick tour of Granada, depending on my availability, we can tour something along the route. Options are:

Now, just as a reminder for folks reading this while making their plans to visit Nicaragua (especially for you first-time visitors), think about how we offer our “soft landing service” when we pick you up or drop you off at the Managua airport. Also, we help folks looking to relocate and retire to Nicaragua.

A while ago we did a head-to-head comparison of flying in late at night and heading directly to Granada vs. having us pick you up at the airport (for the famous soft landing service) and staying that first night in Granada. A big part of that exercise is that you can get to Granada for just under a buck, so you can save some money while having a very pleasant first night and morning in Nicaragua.

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