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  • The Telica volcano , Cerro Negro and Momotombo , located in the “ring of fire” of the Pacific and in the “chain of volcanoes” of Nicaragua, receive at least 40,000 foreign tourists per year, reported an industry source .

The entrepreneur, promoter and tour operator of Nicarao Tours and Travel, Enrique Zamora, who promotes riding “The Maribios”, that range from the Telica volcano to the island of Momotombito Momotombo’s neighbor, told El Nuevo Diario that foreigners are attracted to adventure tourism.

  • Mainly European and American tourists love to climb volcanoes, take walks, rest and sleep on their flanks and slide down steep slopes on wooden boards, he said.

Zamora said the ride “The Maribios” begins in the community of San Jacinto, which hosts a geothermal field, bubble-pots and “is the gateway” to the Telica volcano, one of the most active volcanos, with a height of 1,061 meters.

The hot place, located in the municipality of Telica, León Department (West), offers a number of volcanic craters and provides a natural spectacle that allows the observation of the permanently boiling mud, carbon dioxide and other gases in magma that heats the water flowing under the earth’s surface.

The tour continues in Cerro Negro, the youngest volcano in Central America and one of the most active in Nicaragua, which invites adventurous tourists to practice “sandboarding”, an extreme sport that involves descending aboard a surf style board on the black ashes of that colossus of 728 meters above sea level.

The tour of the walk of “The Maribios” includes visits to the volcano Las Pilas, El Hoyo, the Asososca hill and lagoon El Tigre, there few know of these places, said the employer.

The last stop is a visit to the ruins of Leon Viejo, a community in the municipality of La Paz Centro and was the first city founded by the Spanish in Nicaragua in 1524.

That city was moved to its present site in 1610 after an eruption of the Momotombo volcano, which is currently active, when it was under administration of the Spanish Crown, recalled Zamora.

The Momotombo, 1,297 meters and located north of Lake Managua or Xolotlán scenario is undergoing its biggest eruption in over a century, with expulsion of gases, sand, lava and pyroclastic material, but has now ceased.

“The lava flow at Momotombo has been a show that has attracted many tourists,” said the businessman.

The authorities maintain vigilance in northwestern Nicaragua, hinterland of the volcano.

Source: Actividad de volcanes en Nicaragua atrae a unos 40,000 turistas al año • El Nuevo Diario

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