INETER on alert for rising lava at Volcano Masaya – Nicaragua Hoy

INETER on alert for rising lava at Volcano Masaya | Nicaragua

Cráter Santiago del volcán Masaya. / Ineter

Santiago crater of the Masaya Volcano / Ineter

Experts from the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies, INETER, conducted studies on Volcano Masaya (Santiago Crater). Located in the department of Masaya and about 23 kilometers southeast of Managua, the studies reveal that there is a rise of lava close to the crater’s surface. The volcano is very close to Masaya, the City of Flowers, only about 5 kilometers away.

“The crater continues to be obstructed and we have registered lava that has been very close to the surface,” said the coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, Rosario Murillo during one of her usual speeches by official media.

This event, according to Murillo, could lead to the formation of a new lava lake, something that has not happened since 1999.

“There is incandescence, there are small flames, accompanied by ripples and waves across the area, suggesting much movement of volcanic flow, magma and gases,” she said.

A colossus of 625 meters that is located about 23 kilometers southeast of Managua, Masaya Volcano is located in the National Park, which consists of 54 square kilometers, is surrounded by a dry tropical forest that grows between the porous rocks of ancient eruptions.

Masaya is one of seven active volcanoes in Nicaragua and since 1520 has recorded at least 18 different activities, including volcanic eruptions in 1772 and 1820, according to official information.

The Momotombo volcano in western of the country is now in its major phase of activity in the last 110 years, is currently low and stable, and no explosions have been reported since last week, officials said.

Murillo added that “seismic activity is within normal parameters and poses no danger to the population.”

Moreover, she noted the relative calm of Telica volcano, Concepción, San Cristobal and Momotombo .

INETER experts and other international specialists “will work at the Santiago volcano so we can have a better idea” of the situation. EFE and El Nuevo Diario.

Source: Ineter en alerta por ascenso de lava en volcán Masaya – Nicaragua Hoy

Well this is some new news for those following all things volcano in Nicaragua, and this one hits home! El Porton Verde is located only about eight miles from Masaya Volcano and in fact, we were there just today. There was no special warning given or any visible sign that something unusual was going on. Let’s hope that there are no eruptions! In any event, we are separated by several hills and valleys and are at least as high as the main craters of the volcanos so in the unlikely event of an eruption we will have a great view of the proceedings but little danger involved!

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