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3 nights in MGA – day trips?

Hey Fellow TA peeps,

Heard so much(positive) about Nicaragua during my trip to CR and El Sal, that I found myself booking the tickets as soon as I got back 😛

MGA would be my base for my 3 night trip. Any recommendations on day trips?

Some casual research puts volcano boarding on top along with Ometepe and Granada.

Love nature/hiking(2-3 hrs), plus any adventure sort of stuff and most importantly, food!

Recommendations/suggestion/help is much appreciated!

Also, can Ometepe and Granada be done as day trips from MGA?

Have a great one!


2. Re: 3 nights in MGA – day trips? Dec 16, 2015, 12:42 AM Greetings SK_Kris14: To actually answer your question, yes, several great day trips can be done from the Managua area. Here’s a partial list: Granada, Las Isletas, Laguna de Apoyo, Mombacho Volcano, Masaya Volcano, Masaya Artistan’s Market, Pueblos Blancos (including visiting with a master ceramics artist at his studio), beach day including surfing, Managua city tour, Leon city tour, Leon Volcano Boarding, El Chocoyero/La Bruja wildlife refuge/waterfalls, Activities include: kayaking, standup paddling, motorboating, canopy zip line, surfing, hiking, birdwatching, volcano visits, history, art, culture, etc. Here’s an article I wrote awhile back: “Top Five Managua Day Trips for Adventure Travelers”… Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

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Day Trips Managua

Of course there’s always someone (well one or both of two specific posters) on the Nicaragua TripAdvisor forum that always want to poo-poo Managua and act like anyone wanting to stay or do anything around the capital city are idiots or somesuchthing…so now that I’ve had my mini-rant (thank you for humoring me btw…) I read this poster’s question and noticed that the only other reply actually didn’t answer the person’s question, namely, are there any cool day trips that can be done from Managua.

So the poor guy or gals asks Day Trips Managua ??? and the answer is go and stay in Granada, Ometepe, Leon, etc. Really? The person for some reason is staying in Managua. That’s clear from his questions. He might have points at the Hilton or something, so give the guy/gal a break already, whydontcha?

Life's too short, right?

Life’s too short, right?

I’m not sure what these two frequent posters have against me (well, one is worse than the other…), but I just try to stay positive and not get down about why someone in Granada or Leon would always make it a point to try to say I give bad advice or some other dreck. Just ain’t true my little turtle-dove! How’s that, use the old “kill ’em with kindness” routine hehehehe!

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