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Dec 19, 2015, 3:32 PM

Even though I have been reading this forum for days, I am still having trouble planning. I wish there was an interactive map that would tell me exactly what each town or area has to offer when I touch it with a stylus !!! I am not worried about the distance or form of transport because we will rent a car, but can someone please LIST the names of the town/area and then write what each one has to offer or what they are most popular for? That way, I can pick exactly what we like to do or not like to do and then plan our route accordingly. I know this my be a daunting request but if it can be thoroughly and correctly done, it will be a great informative read. T.I.A.


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Re: Itinerary

Dec 19, 2015, 5:37 PM

Greetings farmerswife1: Okay, I’ll give it a shot…

  • Managua – flights in and out internationally and nationally, i.e. Corn Island, history of the Revolution, shopping/dining/entertainment, day trips to beaches, hiking/nature (El Chocoyero/La Bruja Nature Reserve & Masaya Volcano, Laguna de Apoyo, etc.
  • Granada – Colonial architecture, Las Isletas (boat/kayak tours of little islands on Lake Nicaragua), near Mombacho Volcano (hiking) and Laguna de Apoyo (swimming, kayaking, SUP boarding)
  • Masaya – Some Colonial architecture, artisan shopping, hiking/nature (Masaya Volcano/Laguna de Apoyo), near interesting villages (Pueblos Blancos)
  • Leon – Colonial architecture, Cerro Negro and Telica volcanos (hiking and volcano boarding), not far from Las Peñitas and Poneloya beaches
  • Ometepe – Hiking, Kayaking, Nature (Island on Lake Nicaragua with two volcanoes)
  • San Juan del Sur – Beaches, Surfing, Partying
  • Esteli – Cigars & tobacco, Hiking/Nature (Somoto Canyon and Miraflor Nature Reserve)
  • Matagalpa – Coffee, chocolate and forests, fresh climate, Hiking/Nature (Cerro Apante/Selva Negra)

This is just the major towns that are on the radar for most first-time visitors to Nicaragua. Additional areas include:


  • Rio San Juan – nature/hiking/boating (Los Guatuzos Nature Reserve, Solentiname Islands, other areas)
  • Tola, Rivas – beaches/surfing without the party scene
  • much more!

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

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I suppose this is a good idea, having an interactive map that on rollover shows the main activities that can happen at that location. In doing an Internet search, I can’t find any, although it would be a great idea to have one!

A sample itinerary for a trip to Nicaragua

A sample itinerary for a trip to Nicaragua

If you have any other places to add to this short list, please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. You may not understand that there are many small ‘micro and ‘macro’ tourism ventures in Nicaragua, many with only a facebook page in Spanish and several of these companies and guides competing in one location or another for the tourist $. Seems all of us here are doing the best we can with what limited resources we we have. TripAdvisor is a good resource, constantly being updated by travelers many of the older ‘travelers forums’ we used years ago have been replaced, since you got kicked off or warned when one gave a traveler a url or bloq that was not an advertiser and the moderators were damn snarky too! This group is entirely voluntary, public and bilingual for those ‘little guys’ with spanish only pages.… As well, click onto Nicaragua’s online ‘guidebook’ English Version Updated frequently.To the poster, that would be wonderful if someone here had the money and time to elaborate such an app for Nicaragua and the rest of Central America. There are some great Central American Travel Portals, Websites and Travel Bloqs If I were you I would start by purchasing an up to date print guidebook ar home before departure or on Amazon com best

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