Masaya Artisan’s Market

Visiting the Artisan’s Market in Masayamercadoartisanal_masaya

The Artisan’s Market (in Spanish the Mercado de Artesanias) is a must-see for folks visiting Nicaragua. It has the best selection of handmade goods that represent some of the handicrafts and skilled trades that have been in effect in Nicaragua for hundreds if not more years. Here’s how wikipedia describes the market:

The Mercardo de Artesanias (Craft Market) is located inside what used to be the “mercado viejo” (old market), a 1900s structure that is located near the center of the city and a couple of blocks away from the general population market. This market has been revitalized and set as a tourist spot, where crafts from Masaya and other areas of Nicaragua can be found.

Especially when combined with a visit to the Masaya Volcano National Park, seeing the town of Masaya itself is a treat. Unlike more touristed spots like Granada, the horse-drawn carriages in Masaya are used in daily life, as just an alternative to a traditional taxi, not a $20 ride around town like they are in Granada.

If you are in need of buying some souvenirs to take back to your friends and family back home, going to the Artisan’s Market is your best bet hands down. You will find crafts and works of art. What types of goods can be found here? Let’s see:

  • Pottery
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      Pedro Guerrero, San Juan de Oriente

      Although the best ceramics are found by going to visit an actual ceramics artist in the nearby Pueblos Blancos village of San Juan de Oriente

  • Weaving, especially Hammocks
    artisan's market masaya

    hammock in Masaya

    • These are made right here in Masaya, if you go on tour with El Porton Verde, we’ll actually take you by “Hammock Alley” where the artisan families live, work, and have some small shops. You can buy the hammocks much cheaper in Hammock Alley.
  • Woodcrafts
    Wooden bowl, Masaya

    Wooden bowl, Masaya

    • The elegant salad bowls and fruit bowls made with one large piece of wood are especially lovely. A great gift for a wedding or anniversary.
  • Crafts and Clothing
    crafts, masaya, tour masaya, artisan's market,

    Crafts in Masaya

    • Some handmade clothes can be found; especially nice and unique are the girls dresses and Guayabera shirts for men.
  • Jewelry
    Jewelry in Masaya

    Jewelry in Masaya

    • While there are some inexpensive pieces made of wood, seeds and shells and things like that, there are also a couple of stores that offer very fine silver pieces with stones such as turquoise.
  • Art and Paintingspaintings_masaya_sm
    • There are lots of local painters who exhibit their pieces here. I DO NOT like the school of art that someone invented here, which is various paintings of people sitting on a toilet! Haha…
      Not my favorite school of art...

      Not my favorite school of art…

      For some of the best pieces, look for El Costeño, Osberto Jerez. In addition to being a great Reggae musician, he handpaints some very lovely pieces focused on life along the Caribbean coast.)

      Osberto Jerez, Masaya

      Osberto Jerez, Masaya

This is just a partial listing of the types of items available at the Artisan’s Market in Masaya, Nicaragua. Please add your comments on the treasures you have found there!

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