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Easter Week Trip – Insight Please

Our family Spring Break falls the week leading up to Easter, which I learned is a big holiday in Nicaragua. We are staying in SJDS part of the time and I’m looking at staying in Granada. I understand large crowds fill the area, which is nice, but will we still gain the relaxing experience of Nic that we were hoping for? My boys are 9 & 11, will the crowds be “appropriate” for them? Should we reserve all our activities now so they don’t fill up? Is Granada as busy as SJDS? Should we stay close to the town or up near the volcanos? Any insight is GREATLY appreciated!!! A goal of this trip is for my boys to learn to be more humbled and increase their appreciation for what they have, by experience another culture as well as building great family memories. THANKS in advance for your insight!
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Family-friendly during Easter Week? Not at Sunday Funday!

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Greetings TCUangelBuckeyeMom: If one of the goals for your family is to see what Nicaragua is about and how Nicaraguans live and work, then going to SJdS and Granada would be the places where IMO you are least likely to have that sort of experience as they are the most touristy destinations in Nicaragua. So if it’s not too late, I’d look to stay elsewhere frankly.

Normally both Granada and San Juand del Sur are perfectly fine places to visit, especially for first time visitors, but during this time of year it’s a different scene entirely. Especially SJdS is absolutely nuts during Easter week. Last year a pedestrian bridge fell with hundreds of people on it for example, plus yes your boys will get a real eyeful of mostly young adults doing things they probably wouldn’t do in their hometowns…think of a much younger Key West scene on a Pacific beach and you pretty much have the idea as to what SJdS is about.

Another place to look into if you decide to stay out of Granada, in Laguna de Apoyo instead, is San Simian; they have a great host and fantastic location/infrastructure. And as far as a beach place goes, your best bet to stay away from the crowds is a place not served by public bus. So for example, Punta Teonoste, Rancho Santana or Playa Iguana beaches near Tola instead of SJdS. They are private beaches that will not be terribly crowded.

Usually I would recommend Playa Gigante but that is served by public bus from Rivas so will get super crowded during Semana Santa. Some people go up to the mountains in the Matagalpa/Jinotega area to get away from both the heat and the crowds. That might be another option for your family as you are much more likely to have some real interaction with Nicaraguans. Cheers, Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

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Visiting Nicaragua during Easter Week can be really fun, but some spots will be very crowded with locals who go to the beaches and lakes and camp out for as many days during the week that they possibly can. In places like San Juan del Sur, this means the town is jammed with both national and international tourists partying their brains out basically.

The original poster of this question was planning a trip with her family during Easter Week with stops in San Juan del Sur and Granada, both of which will be full of people. My suggestion is to go to a beach that isn’t publically accessible and to stay outside of Granada in Laguna de Apoyo if they want to be in that area.

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