“where to stay nicaragua” Google Search Results

Where to stay nicaragua Google search results

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Deciding where to stay in Nicaragua isn’t that easy…

Especially for those coming in on international flights that arrive at night time. Most first-time visitors especially are correctly a little cautious in where they are going and with whom they are meeting when arriving at the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua, Nicaragua (which has improved it’s service levels drastically).

Soft Landing Service

If you’ve followed our blog at all, you might have heard about our “soft landing service” which is a signature feature of what El Porton Verde offers the visitor to Nicaragua. Airport pickup, helpful tips on getting through the airport, and a friendly face who speaks your language waiting for you on the other side of the sliding glass doors is just a hint of the overall level and type of services you can expect from us.

But since there are lots of options for travelers arriving at MGA airport, we wrote the following blog post to help visitors decide what is best for them to do that first night.

Here’s a quick overview of the contents of the above-linked blog post:

  • Talks about the options for the visitor on where they can stay their first (or last) night in Nicaragua.
  • The aim of the post is to help readers planning to visit Nicaragua decide where they should stay during their one or two nights that they may need to be in or near the capital city of Managua.
  • This is usually the first (or last) night in Nicaragua. The post goes over the reasons why you may need to stay in Managua, where your lodging options are located, and what type of properties are available.

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