Villain gets beaten by Cosigüina volcano

Frenchman who disappeared in Cosigüina is found

Saul Martinez10/04/2016

After being rescued, the Frenchman was taken to hospital in Chinandega. PRESS / SAUL MARTINEZ

The Frenchman identified as Franck Jöel Daniel Villain, 31, who disappeared on Friday, April 8th after climbing alone on Cosigüina volcano was spotted in the Cabo de Hornos area, on the Cosigüina peninsula, the Unified Search and Rescue (UBR) team of the of the General Directorate of Fire (DGB) of Managua, with the help of local staff in Leon and Chinandega of volunteers.The discovery was made shortly after 9:00 pm on Sunday April 10 and it was learned that the Risk Management Unit (UGR) of the municipality of El Viejo, Chinandega, traveled to Potosi to give aid to the foreigner who was found to be dehydrated and with a wounded leg.

The Frenchman is recovering in hospital in Chinandega where he was taken at about eleven o’clock Sunday night. He said yesterday that decided to leave the abandoned ranch where he had taken refuge, he started walking at night and found the peasant Amilcar Lazo, who took him to his house and gave him drink. 

From there, they called the authorities and asked if they were searching for a foreigner. Mr. Villain said he works in a museum in France and wanted to know the place, before he had been in the ruins of Tical in Guatemala, then Honduras and last Monday he entered Nicaragua. It was also in Cerro Negro.

After his experience, he recommended tourists come up with a guide to avoid risks. After leaving the hospital he says he will go to Leon, Managua and has plans to go to Ometepe. He will then travel to Costa Rica.He thanked firefighters and villagers who searched for him.Volcan-Cosiguina


Dionisio Jose Lopez Ruby, first chief commander of the Fire Department of the municipality El Viejo, reported that a tour guide found the foreigner on Friday and that he had said that he would climb to the viewpoint of Tres Países  and would continue to the other side, to the northwest side .

The guide showed the Frenchman the path to take, however Villain apparently became disoriented.

Villain sent a message to a friend abroad to him know that the tourist was lost.It was known that by Villain sending a message at dawn on Saturday to his Romanian friend, letting him know he was lost and could not find the way back.

From Romania a friend of the Frenchman sent a message to a citizen of Matagalpa and this person in turn called the fire department of Managua. which then warned the DGB of Managua, Leon and the Civil Association of Volunteer Fire Chinandega and El Viejo what scoured from 9 April began.

The last thing the French had written to his friend in Romania is that it was in a desolate house where there was a bean field near something that looked like a military sector. The cellphone battery then discharged.

Frank Villain. PRESS / Photograph taken from his Facebook account.

Frank Villain. PRESS / Photograph taken from his Facebook account.


On September 3rd, Yucenly Tyyacount Israeli, who climbed from the region of El Jobo and then got lost the way, went deep in the woods where he slept and the next day was found dehydrated and lost. 

Yucenly was rescued by members of the Civil Defense in the municipality of El Viejo and people who participated in the search.


I mean really, do you want photos of you looking like this getting into the press?

Also the 1st of February three locals were rescued who went down to the lake to hunt deer. The firefighter commander Dionisio Jose Lopez Ruby suggested to the mayor of El Viejo that they better maintain the control the access to the Cosigüina Nature Reserve for visitors wanting to enjoy mountain tourism.

original story on La Prensa here–> Encuentran al francés desaparecido en Cosigüina

Villain gets beaten by Cosigüina volcano

First comment…is that it is good that the Frenchman with the interesting name of Villain survived his ordeal. We’re happy that he stumbled across a local campesino who took him home, gave him water and called the authorities. Good man!

Second…is that it appears that every once and a while foreign tourists need to be reminded that when they hike volcanoes in Nicaragua that they should hire a local guide. There was a similar story years ago about a German man who got lost on Concepcion Volcano on Ometepe Island and didn’t have a happy ending like Monsieur Villain did.


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