Spa Services

Spa Services

We have a program running with the excellent and nearby Serenity Spa, which is located just up Carretera a Masaya about ten minutes drive away.

Also, some services can be performed on-site here at the farm if you prefer.

For example, they do an excellent deep facial cleaning with ozone vapor, and mask, plus a foot reflexology session (foot massage). That whole package costs less then $50.

Serenity Spa is a creative team with an integrated vision of body and facial relaxation treatments offered by the best experts that bring personal service in an exclusive environment.

Please let us know as much in advance as possible that you would like to see our spa services menu and make arrangements. We will take care of the rest!

2 thoughts on “Spa Services

    • Hola Luis: No señor, the spa we use for this service does not provide the type of service you are asking about. El spa con quien tenemos un arreglo no provee este tipo de servicio.

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