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My name is Mike and I own and operate El Portón Verde which is an eco-friendly small bed and breakfast. We are located about 2 kilometers off of the major highway leading south from the capital city of Managua. We are close to areas such as Masaya, Granada, Laguna Apoyo, the Pueblos Blancos, beaches, nature reserves, canopy zip lines, hiking volcanos, etc. etc.

Since we first opened we have had lots of interest in tours. We have informally been offering day trips in the Managua/Masaya/Granada areas as well as taking our guests on overnight adventures a bit further afield, such as the beaches of San Juan del Sur, or the mountains and coffee plantations of Matagalpa.

volcano_tourismGiven that we have already done a handful of tours of this nature, I thought I would put it out there to the community that some really fun and interesting tours are available and to at least let visitors know some of their options.

Local day tours:

  • Granada: This is a half-day tour of Granada that can also be combined with a visit to the Artisan’s Market in Masaya. In Granada, you can take a boat tour of Las Isletas, view the Colonial architecture, have a nice lunch, etc.
  • Granada/Mombacho/Laguna Apoyo/Masaya: This is a full-day tour of Granada, Mombacho Volcano, Laguna Apoyo, the Masaya Artisan’s Market, and the Masaya Volcano.
  • Masaya Volcano and Artisan’s Market:  Enjoy a half-day (or could be quicker on request) tour of the Masaya Volcano National Park, including the visitor’s center and a look at the “Boca del Infierno” (the mouth of hell) active crater where we’ll have to don hard hats and back into our parking space. Then a trip to the Masaya Artisan’s Market, which is the best place in the country to purchase pieces of art, handicrafts, cigars, and other souvenirs to take back home with you.
  • Pueblos Blancos/Catarina/Masaya: Full-day tour of the Pueblos Blancos, where you will meet ceramics artists in their studios, visit an exotic plant nursery, have lunch in Catarina overlooking Laguna Apoyo, and end the tour by visiting the Masaya artisan’s market.
  • Mombacho Volcano/Granada: Full-day tour of the Mombacho Volcano and the colonial town of Granada, where you can start with a hike to the top and see fumaroles. Along the way is a coffee plantation and a canopy (zipline) tour. Then we can go to the nearby town of Granada, known for its colonial architecture and lakeside location. Options in Granada include a boat tour of Las Isletas, a visit to a chocolate museum, ceramics museum, or hanging out on the Calzado taking in the breeze off of the lake.
  • Surfing/beach: This is a half-day trip to one of the beaches closest to Managua; here you can enjoy the waves, eat some seafood, and get a surfing lesson from a master instructor (Mike).
  • Managua: This is a half-day tour of Managua where you can see both the old and new Cathedrals, do a canopy tour across Laguna Tiscapa, see where former dictator Somoza lived, visit a small museum that covers the history of the revolution, take a walk on the lakefront Malecon (boardwalk), take a ferry boat ride across Lake Managua, and see other historic and cultural sites in Nicaragua’s capital city.

Multi-day tours:

  • San Juan del Sur: This is a two-day tour of San Juan del Sur and includes overnight lodging at a comfortable small family owned inn located three blocks away from the beach. Once here, you can go surfing, enjoy the nightlife, and have a real tropical get-away.
  • Coffee Route: This is a two-day tour of Matagalpa and surrounding mountains and includes overnight lodging at a serene eco-friendly coffee plantation where hiking, horseback riding, and dining on delicious German food can be enjoyed.
  • Additional tours: Just ask and we can plan additional tours customized to your interests. For example, Cañon Somoto, Lake Apanas, Rio San Juan, etc.

See our website for further details.

If you are in-country, call us at 505 8861-7254.
From the USA or Canada you can call 949-607-8466.

Thanks again for looking!

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