Transport+ Services for Visitors Vacationing in Nicaraguan Rental Properties


El Portón Verde, Managua offers Direct-to-Visitor (D2V) and Business-to-Business (B2B) Transport+ Services for Rental Property Owners (and their guests) throughout Nicaragua

Do you own or manage a Nicaraguan beach house or other vacation property that you rent out to the public? Is your family or group planning a Nicaraguan vacation that includes renting a vacation property? Whether you rent on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis, you probably know that many renters of vacation properties will need some additional services before they arrive at your property. El Portón Verde provides those services, we’re here to help!

Which services? At a minimum, there is a need for transportation from the Managua airport to your vacation property. You will also appreciate a service that expedites currency exchange and supermarket shopping. Visitors also may need to get a local phone or a chip to have Internet and voice communication while in Nicaragua.

This is the basic idea of the services we offer property owners and their guests; to make entry to Nicaragua and delivery to the rental property as painless and stress-free as possible.

International travel isn’t easy! Let’s work together to make their Nicaraguan experience as stress-free as possible.

Most visitors will be arriving at night, when the majority of inbound flights to the MGA airport land. Considering that many visitors exit the airport late at night, it might not the best idea to drive to the beach or vacation house that same night. El Portón Verde offers visitors and property owners & managers a choice. A choice that might make the guest’s trip to Nicaragua more relaxed and memorable, which in turn will lead to repeat visits, excellent word-of-mouth and personal recommendations that will lead to more consistent business for all of us.

Why not drive straightaway to your property?

Let’s work together to help your guests get to this level of relaxation!

There are at least three possible reasons to wait until the next morning instead of going directly to your vacation property from the Managua airport:

  1. After a long day of travel, guests might prefer to have a short drive to a comfortable farmstay property where they can get a good night’s sleep in a tranquil, quiet environment. Consider that guests may not want to spend another couple of hours in a vehicle after several hours of trudging through airports, terminals, customs, and immigration.
  2. Driving at night, even with an experienced driver, can be a bit more dangerous than driving during the day. In addition, visitors won’t be able to see any of the spectacular Nicaraguan scenery while en-route!
  3. Before arriving at the vacation home, guests will probably want to exchange currency and do their grocery shopping so that they have enough provisions with them when they get to the property.

If this sounds like a service you’d like to experience (or provide to your renters), then let’s discuss this further! We are confident that El Portón Verde can help you.

After experiencing our services, visitors will arrive rested, having been well taken care of, where they will have received an orientation to Nicaragua from a native English speaker. Visitors will also have sufficient local currency, food and drink, and cellphone/Internet connectivity so that they can begin to enjoy their vacation home right away. The on-site property manager can then greet the renters and take care of any orientation needed during the daytime instead of doing that late at night under less than ideal conditions.

Specifics of our Vacation Rental Transport+ Service

On the night of arrival we provide:

  • “soft landing” airport pickup
  • transportation to our small bed and breakfast located in the hills south of Managua
  • welcome beverage (juice, beer or wine)
  • guest orientation to life in Nicaragua (answering any questions they might have, for example)
  • a nice quiet, tranquil night’s sleep in comfortable beds, WiFi, swimming pools, night time views of a glowing Masaya Volcano, etc.

The next morning we provide:

  • farm fresh breakfast
  • money exchange service
  • supermarket shopping service
  • transportation to the vacation property

As needed, when guests are departing, we can also pick them up from the property, transport them to Managua, provide overnight lodging, and drive them to the airport the next day. This is also necessary at times as most of the flights leave early in the morning and some clients would prefer to not have to get up at 2 or 3 in the morning to make their flight back home!

Additional Services

Local Tours

In addition to our soft landing services, we also do local tours. This usually works best to do some local tours on that last day after we pick up guests. For example, we can combine a visit to the Masaya Artisan’s market (to pick up souvenirs for the folks back home…)

Artisan’s Market in Masaya

In the early evening, do the Volcano Masaya Night Tour. These are both “must-do’s” when in Nicaragua and given our location in-between downtown Managua and the town of Masaya, we are ideally situated to provide this service.

Masaya Volcano

We’re just 15 minutes drive away from a visit to an active volcano!

Motorcycle Rental

We have a 2014 Genesis HJ125 motorcycle that we can rent to your guests that have a valid motorcycle driver’s license.

We offer rental of a nice little motorcycle. Vroom vrooom!

Surfboard Rental

We have four surfboards from 7’6″ to 9’0″ in length available for rent.

Get your surfing on! Cheap rental rates with package deals.

We provide free transport of the motorcycle and the surfboards with a minimum of one week rental period.

Any questions? Contact us!

Please fill-out the following form with some of the details of what you might need, and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Thanks for your interest in El Portón Verde’s Transport+ Guest Services!