2015 ISA World Surfing Games Official Teaser – Popoyo Beach, Nicaragua

Video teaser for the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games to be held in Popoyo, Nicaragua 31 May to 7 June, 2015. This is some great news for surfing in Nicaragua, the International Surfing Association has decided to host a third world championship contest here in Nicaragua! I have been to both of the previous events and they are really fun with a great team spirit to be found amongst the competitors and some really good waves too!

This year the event will be held from May 31st to June 7th, giving a week during which we can only hope that a great big south swell shows up! Popoyo is a really fun wave and when it gets bigger it is a challenging spot, offering both a left and a right breaking off of a rock reef. The lefts are generally longer and better but the right can sometimes be great too, albeit a shorter ride. If it get really huge (like a 3 meter swell) they might be moving the contest to the big wave spot at the same location, Outer Reef.popoyoouterreefWhile the odds of that happening aren’t great (as a commenter pointed out, actually purt near impossible), it is a real possibility that the wave might be breaking and would be even more awesome than the regular break. So that first week of June is a great week to come down for a surf vacation and to see some of the best in the world have an exciting competition!

If you are coming down, consider using the Farmstay as your first night place to stay. While we’re not on the beach, flying in at night usually means an expensive night at a chain hotel that does not have the location and ambiance that FEPV does. So if that’s you, let us come and pick you up at the airport and take you to our comfortable bed and breakfast that first night. The next morning you can enjoy a fresh farm breakfast and head on down to Popoyo to start the competition. We can host groups of up to 16!


Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua

Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana, Rivas, Nicaragua

This breezy new retreat on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua is equal parts rustic and regal.

Seventeen years ago, Nicaragua was still more likely to turn up on the agenda of the State Department than the itineraries of American jetsetters. Matt Turner waved off the decades of civil unrest like an annoying mosquito. “Buy on the sound of the canons and sell on the sound of the trumpets,” says the CEO of Tola Development Corp., quoting financier Nathan Rothschild. “I always thought it was sound advice.”

Sound. Get it?

In 1998, Turner began carefully chiseling out sites for luxury sea castles on a ridge-backed viridian swath of Nicaragua wedged between the country’s eponymous lake and the cultish surf breaks of the Pacific Ocean. “I connected with this land. [It resembled] the California coast that I had been familiar with as a teenager, but without all the madness of late 20th-century development. No highways. No McDonald’s. Just gorgeous rolling hills and untouched beaches. It was too hard to resist.”

The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua.Courtesy: The Inn at Rancho Santana

via Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua.

This is by my count the third four or five star resort in Nicaragua to have opened. The first one was Mukul Resort at Guacalito de la Isla, owned by the Pellas family, the second was Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa. I’ve spent some time at Rancho Santana and definitely can say it is a lovely stretch of coast and it is great that there is a small boutique hotel offering at this location.

Before the inn was built, if you wanted to stay at Rancho Santana you had to rent a whole house or a small (albeit very nicely furnished) cabina, so having a small hotel with the spa services that clientele for these types of resorts demand definitely fulfills a need.

According to the Inn’s website, rates start at about $250 per night and go up to $350 depending on room type and amenities. So if you are coming to Nicaragua and want to stay in some luxurious hotels, spas, and resorts, all I can say is ENJOY!

BATMAN House: Brand New, Custom-Built 1/2 acre

84000 / 3br – BATMAN House: Brand New, Custom-Built 1/2 acre (San Antonio Sur, Managua)

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5

3BR / 2Ba house available now
w/d in unit detached garage
wheelchair accessible

THE “BATMAN” HOUSE: AN ABSOLUTE STEAL AT THIS PRICEIf a newly-built, very nicely finished small quiet “quinta” type spread on approximately 1/2 acre of land with fruit trees and mountain views that is only ten minutes from the most upscale shopping mall in Nicaragua, Galerias de Santo Domingo, and about seven minutes from the best hospital in Nicaragua, the Hospital Metropolitano sounds like a property in which you might be interested, please contact me ASAP as this is a super bargain at this price.3 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage, washer/dryer room, pneumatic water pump system. Too many details to mention here.


As mentioned above, this area is near all the best of Managua, but with none of the drawbacks. Comarca San Antonio Sur is surrounded by Santo Domingo, Las Praderas, and Las Colinas, the “Beverly Hills” of Managua. Our little comarca (which means “shire” in Spanish, so if you’re a hobbit with furry feet…) is still mostly small family farms and has a very rural feel. It is also at a bit of elevation so is cool and fresh like Ticuantepe and Esquipulas is.


The house is all-new construction and totally custom made; all systems are “up and running in perfect order” so the MAJOR HASSLE of building and fine-tuning a new house has been handled already by somebody else. For example: High-speed Internet is in. Water systems (including hot water!) are installed and working. 220 Electricity is installed already in case you would like to build a swimming pool.


This is a farming area, so the soil is very fertile and ready for you to garden up a storm in your new digs. There are several fruit trees such as Mango, Avocado, Plantains, and Coconuts producing tasty foods year-round. The land is completely fenced in and dogproof.

via BATMAN House: Brand New, Custom-Built 1/2 acre.

Granada Colonial Homes Tour | See behind all of those mysterious doors!

Tours meet every Tuesday at 10 am in the art center behind the Ole Boutique (side entrance):
1 block east of the Central Park down Calzada Blvd.   

Or, call in Nicaragua: 8457-8423, to arrange special tours

Behind Closed Doors……


Take a great tour of the insides of some of the finest homes in Granada, while benefitting a wonderful education project!

Take a great tour of the insides of some of the finest homes in Granada, while benefitting a wonderful education project!

If you’ve been lucky enough to have participated in one of the colonial house tours in cities such as San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, you know how amazing old colonial houses can be. Finally, Granada has begun tours of its magnificent beauties and all the proceeds benefit educational projects.

via Granada Colonial Homes Tour | See behind all of those mysterious doors!.

Friend of the Farmstay and social media guru, Eden Rudin posted this on Facebook, so in a spirit of helping out for this project, I repost here for our readers who may not be aware of this tour. Other colonial architecture cities and towns around the world like Antigua, Guatemala, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and others offer similar tours, so why not Granada too?

If you’ve ever been to Granada and wondered what is behind those lovely, massive colonial doors, and yearned for a peek into the interior spaces, this is your chance! A great added benefit is that this isn’t for anyone’s profit. The proceeds go to two different educational projects:

  • Library “Puedo Leer”, the first lending library in Granada, putting books in the hands of children and promoting reading through its many urban and rural projects.
  • Scholarships for poor children at the new Sacuanjoche Elementary School, probably the best private school in the city.

So if you book a tour, tell them that you found out about this via Mike at Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua.


Nicaragua’s Renewable Energy Revolution Picks Up Steam : Parallels : NPR

Nicaragua’s Renewable Energy Revolution Picks Up Steam

Renewable energy sources — such as the Eolo wind park about 75 miles south of the Nicaraguan capital, Managua — generate about half of the country's electricity. Officials predict that figure could rise to 80 percent within years. Inti Ocon/AFP/Getty Images

Renewable energy sources — such as the Eolo wind park about 75 miles south of the Nicaraguan capital, Managua — generate about half of the country’s electricity. Officials predict that figure could rise to 80 percent within years.
Inti Ocon/AFP/Getty Images

Nicaragua produces no oil, but is a land of fierce winds, tropical sun and rumbling volcanoes. In other words, it’s a renewable energy paradise — and today the Central American nation is moving quickly to become a green energy powerhouse. Within a few years the vast majority of Nicaragua’s electricity will come from hydroelectric dams, geothermal plants and wind farms.

Nicaragua’s largest wind farm lies on the shores of giant Lake Nicaragua, which stretches halfway across the country.

via Nicaragua’s Renewable Energy Revolution Picks Up Steam : Parallels : NPR

NPR has been doing what I think is a bang-up job on their Nicaragua reporting. We have reposted and commented on several of their stories here, here, and here if you would like to see them. They also did a feature on Medical Tourism that had a bit about Mike at the Farmstay!

Anyway, here is another good news story about how Nicaragua is developing its natural resources in the areas of wind, solar and geothermal with the goal to be a net energy exporter to other Central American countries in a few years!

Most everyone who has been visiting or living here in Nicaragua is familiar with the wind farms along the lakeshore of Lake Nicaragua south of Rivas, but you might not know about the solar and geothermal. When you think of it, really geothermal is the way to go as that is a never-ending supply of energy since we have so much volcanic activity in this country.


Houses / Homes in Ciudad Managua / Nicaragua | For Sale | Lovely Quinta: Live in the Country yet 10 minutes from Galerias : 3 rooms, 102 m2, USD 125000.00

Houses / Homes Ciudad Managua | Lovely Quinta: Live in the Country yet 10 minutes from Galerias

  • 02/26/2015 10:05 pm
  • Houses / Homes

Property Information

Location: Ciudad Managua
Address of Property Km 10.5, Carretera a Masaya, 2 km Sur
Price $125,000.00
Price/m2 of construction $1,225.49
Price/m2 of land $49.50
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
m2 of construction 102
Lot Size 2525
Year of construction 2014
Parking 4
Benefits Near a School, Roofed Parking, Guest Parking, Maids Quarters, Laundry, Storage, Garden or Park, Living room & Dinning room


New Construction! Turn-key country living with all the benefits of living near Managua with none of the drawbacks! This home is newly constructed and features a one-half acre lot with fruit trees, main house, guest house, one car garage, storage room, caretaker/security cabin, washer hookups, pneumatic water pump and tank, high speed Internet, new gated entry and is located only ten minutes from the Galerias de Santo Domingo shopping plaza with its entertainment zone, restaurants, movie theater, supermarket and much much more.





























via Houses / Homes in Ciudad Managua / Nicaragua | For Sale | Lovely Quinta: Live in the Country yet 10 minutes from Galerias : 3 rooms, 102 m2, USD 125000.00.

My lovely neighbors, who were the first official guests of the Farmstay when we first opened, are faced with circumstances that demand they return to the USA. As a good neighbor, I would like to help them get their house sold so they can move on with their lives and do what needs to be done.

Front of house for sale near the Farmstay.

Front of house for sale near the Farmstay.

If anyone reading this is interested in a completely turn-key house in an excellent location, please check out this listing. Contact me directly for further information and to arrange a showing.

Travel advice – living in Nicaragua for 2 months – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

Travel advice – living in Nicaragua for 2 monthsHigh-Minded Travel

Greetings MailenFV:

As Salta said, there aren’t any real beach towns besides San Juan del Sur. Leon beaches are a good option, to be near a large city (for Nicaragua) but I would like to point out an often overlooked and I think, underrated beach town, which is the Pochomil/Masachapa area, located one hour away from Managua.

Sure it doesn’t offer Sunday Funday or a Pacha Mama type of party hostel, but there are some inexpensive lodging options, a variety of beaches, and the nearby (10 minutes) town of San Rafael del Sur has a Pali supermarket with transport via bus, mototaxi or regular taxi, so that’s something… The public areas have been renovated and there are nice tiled sidewalks with benches and little green areas in the small “downtown” area. Overall, it has a nice aspect.

I blogged about Pochomil, Masachapa and some other areas here: “Top Five Managua Area Vacation Surfing Fishing Villages


Enjoy living in Nicaragua for 2 months!

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

Travel advice – living in Nicaragua for 2 months – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor.

The more time I spend in the beach areas near to Managua, I think they really are overlooked by most tourists as they are really “local” beaches, where, for the most part, Nicaraguan families vacation. There are a few foreign tourists visiting the area; certainly international visitors come to stay in Montelimar and also in the Pochomil and Viejo Pochomil areas.

There is also a small but growing expat community, mostly led by Casa LaRocque, who has brought a few French Canadians to the area. Also there is a great guy who is a a real character named Frank LaSasso down there who is a good person to know as he can help arrange almost anything down in that area.

Cautionary Tales of Nicaragua: Basic Don’t Do’s When Moving Here

Cautionary Tales

Basic Don’t Do’s When Moving to Nicaragua

So this happened…

I’m not completely certain how to best convey to you lovely reader(s) the type of feelings one gets when you see a really bad thing happen to someone, but part of you says, “yeah, I can see how they got themselves into so much T-R-O-U-B-L-E in such a short amount of time.”

What I can promise you is that I’ll try to tell this as one of many cautionary tales of Nicaragua, especially as regards moving and relocating. In fact, I’m creating my master opus on this very topic; I’ll be asking the tough questions that will give you an idea as to what is real here so you can try to avoid those (costly) rookie mistakes. As it happens, a whole series of these could be written, many from my own book of newby errors.

Is a swimming pool with a tropical view in your future?

Is a swimming pool with a tropical view in your future?

Here’s a quick rundown on some of mine:

  • I bought property based on an architect’s plan, not what was on the ground.
  • Paid an amount based on that plan becoming a reality.
  • Proceeded to change course entirely and ended up not doing anything with said property for over ten years now.

I’ll save an indepth discussion of my personal relocation errors and mistakes that I made for a different day. This cautionary tale will focus on basic do’s and “don’t do’s” (sic) when moving to this country based on a recent experience I had with someone I don’t know that well. The family moved here, purchased property, brought their five school-age children and five little dogs and ended up having a way too challenging situation that unfortunately could not be overcome.

Do you want to know more? Subscribe to Nicaragua Insiders

Fincas en Nicaragua Tola | venta | finca en tola , salinas rivas nicaragua : USD 50000.00

Tola | finca en tola , salinas rivas nicaragua

  • 31/12/2014 5:09 pm
  • Fincas en Nicaragua

Información de la propiedad

Localización: Tola
Precio $50,000.00
Precio/m2 de terreno $0.59
m2 de construcción 0
Tamaño del Lote en m2 84000
Beneficios Cerca de Escuelas, Vista al Mar, Vista a las Montañas, Frente al Mar, Sistema de Agua, Electricidad, Fácil Acceso


finca en tola , salinas rivas nicaraguafinca de 12 manzana en rivas, tolas, salinas cerca de punta teonoste, con excelente vista dlel oceano pacifico, con excelente documentaciones legal. llamar al cel 81940228 solo interesados

Información del anunciante

Tipo de Anunciante Propietario
Contactar a oswaldo bojorge
Compañia Palmira Bienes Raices
Ciudad masaya
Dirección Completa colegio Santa teresita 20 vrs al este masaya
Skype o.bojorge
Página Web http://www.miterrenos.com
Más anuncios de este usuario

via Fincas en Nicaragua Tola | venta | finca en tola , salinas rivas nicaragua : USD 50000.00.

In our continuing series of posts about local Nicaraguan real estate deals, this listing just came across our (virtual) desk and it looks interesting. Looks like it is up in the hills near Los Gavilanes above Punta Teonoste, which is located in-between the turn off for Popoyo and Astillero in Tola, Rivas.

As usual, I have no interest in this property, do not make any claims as to its reliability, feasibility, or any ability in general other than for you to see what some of the local real estate deals are looking like. This is definitely a nice area, with really lovely beaches and great surf nearby.

Contact me if you want or need an intermediary to help with communications, negotiations, etc. I also have properties that I do represent myself in our local Farmstay area in the hills south of the Managua city centre.