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Granada San Juan del Sur       10am, 1:30pm        $16 USD

Granada Managua Airport          4am, 9am           $20 USD

Granada         Leon           11:30am               $18 USD

San Juan del Sur       Granada     9:30am, 12:30pm               $16 USD

Private Shuttle Deposit

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Good prices on shuttles out of Granada! A good alternative to private shuttle as it’s less costly but nicer and more comfortable then public buses. $18 Granada to Leon isn’t bad IMO.

Nicaragua’s the safest country in Latin America

Nicaragua’s the least dangerous country in Latin America

Study by Gallup indicates that Latin American countries are among the most dangerous, ahead of the African continent and Russia

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639x360_1408659610_639x360_1386951789_Resguardo policial HP 1Nicaragua is the safest country in Latin America, according to a Gallup survey. FILE / END

Latin America tops the list in terms of insecurity, with Venezuela in the first place as the most insecure country in the world, an earring in the region despite the progress made in other areas as subject experts opined today.

A study published by Gallup indicates that Latin American countries are among the most dangerous, ahead of the African continent and Russia, despite the slight improvement that have occurred in the last five years.

The region has made ​​significant progress in many areas,however, “the issue of security is a pending task,” Efe said the center’s president Inter-American Dialogue, Michael Shifter.

The index Gallup public safety takes into account the confidence in the local police, the perception of security among the people and incidents of theft.

In Venezuela, described as the most insecure nation in the world for the study, only 19% of adults said he felt safe walking at night in their neighborhood, while 74% distrust of local police and 22% said they had been victim of a theft or have a family member who stole money in the last twelve months.

A UN report says that “the political and economic instability in Venezuela contributed to insecurity” and ranks second in the world after Honduras, regarding homicides, with 53.7 deaths per 100,000 population.

Also, eight of the ten countries with the highest homicide are in Latin America or the Caribbean, and represented 36% of all violent in the world in 2012 deaths, according to the report.

This may be due, according to the study, “the systematic increase in organized crime in the region.”

Drug trafficking and organized crime continued in the region,coupled with corruption and unstable institutional systems contribute greatly worsen the situation, said Shifter.

After Venezuela, Bolivian, Peruvian, Paraguayan and Dominican reported feeling more insecure in their countries, despite an improvement in the perceived safety of the population in 2013 compared to 2009 in Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.

As for the less dangerous Latin American nations, Nicaragua tops the list followed by Panama, Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay. They all showed a marked improvement in recent years, particularly Ecuadorian citizens.

Ecuadorians staged the biggest leap in security from 2009 to 2013, which the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, attributed “to success in the fight against crime, gun control, the autonomy of the judiciary and campaigns to incarcerate dangerous criminals. “

In the case of Chile, said Shifter, “sound institutions and high human development contribute to the perception of safety and confidence in government” by the people.

Panama is a clear example of “a growing economy that generates many resources and employment positions,” said the analyst.

While Nicaragua, despite being one of the poorest countries in the region, local authorities are quite “respected to maintain order”.

Moreover, residents of Southeast Asia, East Asia, United States and Canada took the top places in the perception of safety, followed closely by Europeans, according to the report of Gallup.

The civil war in Syria and the unrest in Egypt negatively dragged the average of the Arab countries in the deterioration of public safety in recent years, closely followed by North Africa and South Asia.

Gallup’s study was based on telephone and face surveys between 2009 and 2013 led to nearly 1,000 adults over 15 years of each country, with a margin of error of between 2.1 and 5.6 percentage points, and confidence level of 95%.




Night arrival in MGA, transfer to Leon … safe??? – Managua Forum – TripAdvisor


Night arrival in MGA, transfer to Leon ... safe??? - Managua Forum - TripAdvisor

Managua, Nicaragua

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11. Re: Night arrival in MGA, transfer to Leon … safe???

Aug 15, 2014, 1:49 PM

This question does come up quite often; basically, “where should I stay on my first night in Nicaragua?”

I tried to answer that on my blog, starting with whether or not you will need to stay somewhere near the airport or even if you might need to stay in Managua in general. Just know that not all of the places to stay near Managua are equal in terms of ambiance and tranquility.

I hope that helps.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

One destination mentioned in this post



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It is true that this topic, “where should I stay on my first night in Nicaragua” comes up quite a bit in some of these Nicaragua travel forums such as TripAdvisor. Of course, at the Farmstay we offer our famous (heheheh) “soft landing” service where the idea is to have our friends and other guests we have visiting us start to relax and feel like everything is going to be fine pretty much as soon as they get off the plane. Our philosophy since coming down here to Nicaragua is that as long as we have the idea in mind that “todo es una aventura” then we’ll be okay.

But the folks who arrive at MGA on those later flights have a bit of a dilemna. If you are arriving on one of the night flights coming in from Delta (ATL), American (MIA), and United (HOU), or even later, the Spirit Air flight from Ft. Lauderdale (FLL), you are in my opinion best served to not take that late night shuttle.

If you are just going to Granada or Laguna de Apoyo, or Mombacho Lodge, then sure, not a big deal to take the 45 minutes to get to those spots. But if you are going to further-away locations such as Leon, San Juan del Sur, Matagalpa, Jinotega, Chinandega, Isla de Ometepe, etc. then think it through a little bit before booking that late-night shuttle. Lots more details of your choices here.

Laguna de Apoyo – RE/MAX Nicaragua Real Estate




Unique property ID: LA410

Location: Laguna de Apoyo

Beds: 6

Baths: 7

Floors: 2

Lot Size: 900 sq mts

Status: Active

Price: $210,000

Full Description: Located on the shore of the beautiful Crater lake known as Laguna de Apoyo in a quiet enviroment, surrounded by the nature, monkeys, birds and the the lake, Great vaction home or a Hostal, great acces, the six rooms and three bathrooms are great with nice views and all comfortable, all of them with a/c split unit and ceiling fans, there’s parking area, laundry area.


  1. A/C
  2. Balcony views
  3. Ceiling fans
  4. Furnished
  5. Garden
  6. Lake front
  7. Terrace
  8. Turnkey
  9. Two Floors
  10. washer machine

via RE/MAX Nicaragua Real Estate – RE/MAX Nicaragua Real Estate.

Our friends the “Alaska Kings” sent us this link to this property saying “I want this place.” Can’t say that I blame him!

If you would like to check out Laguna de Apoyo for yourself, go ahead and make your reservation for your airfare, let us know when you are coming, and we’ll be there to pick you up at the airport for your “soft landing” service. Then the next day or so, it is a quick hop over to Laguna de Apoyo where there are some lovely properties to stay at. Or, the Laguna is an excellent day trip too.

Café de Nicaragua


Café de Nicaragua

Nicaraguan coffee is some of the best in the world, thanks in part to the ideal conditions of rich volcanic soil, shade from exotic trees and honed cultivation practices. Visit Nicaragua’s northern coffee region to see the process for yourself, from tree to cup. Coffee tours can also include walks through the surrounding forests, where you can see hundreds of species of birds, and engagement with local communities. Paired with visits to nearby beaches, colonial cities, and more, a trip to Nicaragua never tasted so good.

See how your coffee is made


via Café de Nicaragua.

Yes, a coffee tour would be great thank you! At the Farmstay we could even help you with that. For example, if you want to learn how to roast your own coffee you could do that here. We even hosted overnight an official coffee cupper (a person who goes around the world tasting various coffees…can you imagine?) and she said that our coffee roasted over a wood fire was very good. She said to me “this was roasted over mango wood, wasn’t it?” I actually had no idea what type of wood we had used, but thought, it certainly could have been mango wood! She rated my coffee as “very good.”

Small victories my friends, small victories. But yes, there are some great places to go and visit up near Matagalpa, such as Selva Negra. Its nice and cool up there and very refreshing after the warmer zones near the beaches and in the main cities of Nicaragua like Granada and Leon.

Anyway, we do enjoy our coffee here at the Farmstay and I like being able to make the roast according to my own prefereces (which vary from medium- to dark-roast) and the extreme cost savings. I buy the beans at the wholesale market for 40 cordobas the pound and the finished product in the supermarkets costs about 160 cordobas. And our coffee is every bit as good as the fancy local Nicaraguan brands.

Beautiful Hotel In The City Center

Beautiful Hotel In The City Center (Granada)image 6

condition: excellent size / dimensions: 11,200 sft

The Hotel Casa Vivaldi is a fabulous hotel located in the center of Granada. This property is situated between Central Park and Lake Nicaragua, and a block from the promenade “La Calzada”, Granada’s nightlife area.

This well furbished hotel is comprised of 12 air-conditioned rooms and has a 60′ by 20′ swimming pool and restaurant. Most important is that there is an adjacent lot (1.920sqf) included with the purchase of the hotel. The adjacent lot can be used to expand the hotel structure, to provide additional parking, or be sold. As one of the few remaining building lots in the Granada city centrer, it is a prime piece of real estate.

Operated profitably for year, the Italian owners are selling because they want to return to Italy. The price has been reduced $240,000 for a quick. Reduced from $890,000 to only $650,000 the business, land, chattles and inventory are now well under market value. If you are looking for an investment or a retirement business, act now. At such a reduced price this opportunity will not last long.

via Beautiful Hotel In The City Center.

Via Craigslist Nicaragua, comes this property, which is very lovely, for sale at a serious discount. The Italian owners are returning to their native Italy and looking to sell quickly. A real investment that could pay off very handsomely while affording the owner an excellent lifestyle!

Business León Sale of hostel right | rooms, USD 0.00

Business León Nicaragua | Sale of hostel right

Sale of hostel rightDate added: 07/17/2014 3:50 pm

Category: Business

Property Information

Location: León

Bathrooms 5

m2 50

Lot Size 0

Parking 0


Sale of Hostel right in Leon, Nicaragua.

Located at 3 blocks to Cathedral. Working, with all legal papers in order.

Sixth place in Trip Advisor rating for hostels in Leon. Great reviews for place in main hostel web places.

Contact Information

Advertiser Type


Contact Person

Hostal Tangos




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Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua (video in Spanish)

The above video is well done, has good production values and I like the focus on the northern Nicaraguan area, the “Ruta del Cafe” or Coffee Route is one of these ideas that the national tour agency gets to promote an area and/or activity/interest under one umbrella, that is for sure, but if I can put on my critic’s cap here, the presentation, while nice, does not mention a webpage where one can actually find out more and possibly book a tour! The title of the video is UNICOOTUR and the logo on the video says UNICOTOURS. Neither of which appear to be connected with a sustainable tourism organization located in Northern Nicaragua. So sorry but I couldn’t find any actual links for you. But, again, pretty video. Enjoy!

I wanted to share with you some actual links to Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua for you to take a look at, but there really aren’t any, either in Spanish or English! I do know about a few, but they are not really any sort of organization of sustainable tourism in the country, just listings and some general information. Well, here’s what I have:

There are several properties that are self-described “sustainable tourism” destinations, and most if not all of these tend to be legit as far as the eco-friendly standards such as trying to save electricity, water, promote ecological practices in general, including permaculture and other sustainable farming techniques.

Some of these are listed here:

There are a bunch more, most of which are new that I haven’t really heard or know anything about. If you know of anymore and can personally recommend them, please comment here!

Sadly, that’s about it!

Retirees eye lower cost of living in Latin America

Retirees are attracted to the warm weather, good medical care and proximity to the USA.


Tanya Hartill, owner of NicaTour Group (, estimates that retirees can live well in Nicaragua for about $900 a month. Many people on her tours have visited other countries and are being very deliberate in their decision-making, says Hartill, who offers an eight-day tour for about $1,375 a person, excluding airfare.

via Retirees eye lower cost of living in Latin America.

Friend of the Farmstay, Ms. Tanya Hartill, got a nice mention in USA Today in a personal finance/retirement article. Congratulations Tanya for getting some recognition for the excellent, well-priced tours that you run specifically for people looking to retire and invest in Nicaragua. Keep up the good work! If anyone wants to know more and get a personal recommendation from me, please contact me.

The NicaTour Group’s tours include site visits to some new housing communities, meet and greets with actual locals (like me!) who have been there and done that as regards making the transition, experts in areas such as Residency, Real Estate, Healthcare, Medical Tourism, etc.

Her prices are very fair considering you will probably save yourself from making some potentially costly mistakes if you go in on your own without the knowledge and contacts that you get from the organized tours.

Farms Matiguas | sale | Villa with coffee and cattle in the mountains of Quirragua. : USD 80000.00

Matiguas | Villa with coffee and cattle in the mountains of Quirragua.


Date Added: 05/07/2014 9:52 pm

Category: Farms

Coffee and cattle farm in the mountains of Quirragua.Property Information

Location: Matiguas

Price $80,000.00

Price/m2 of land $0.11

Construction size m2 0

Lot Size in m2 700000


Villa 100 mzs. in the mountains of Quirragua, Matiguás Township, Matagalpa at 1100 meters. 13 mzs. coffee, suitable for cacao, vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, bell pepper, tomato, strawberry, grape, chia, cardamom, etc..) with plenty of wood for buildings: red, black and yellow granadilla, arene, guava Tiger nancitón, oak, etc.. abundant water (2 rivers and natural water unpolluted born on the property, I improved pasture. brizanta and Pará Caribbean temperature 20 ° minimum Celsius and 28 ° ideal for tourist and ecological vocation weather conditions Maximum Celsius Great for Brown-Swiss cattle, high yield Holstein milk.. 80% is mountain, 20% for agriculture Contains large house, corral, benefit, galley, coffee variety is Catimor, is not affected by rust and is the type cherry is ripe but not falling off the plant, so your chance to get something valuable especially for water at a spectacular price,. proper documents, the bank purchased property, to order their registration history.

via Farms Matiguas | sale | Villa with coffee and cattle in the mountains of Quirragua. : USD 80000.00.

Note to the reader: Farmstay El Porton Verde has nothing to do with this property.

What is the deal with this property?

I have found it on the Internet on a Spanish-language website and it looks like a great property! If you want to get in the coffee-growing business in a gorgeous area with two rivers and a natural spring this might be worth investigating. The water alone is very valuable, especially if you are considering a bug out location (BOL) or a survival retreat in a good climate with income.

Coffee as an Income-Producer

The coffee business has taken a big hit due to a plague that effects some varieties. According to the seller, this coffee hacienda has a variety not affected by the roya disease.

Other possible sources of Income

This also could be a great eco-tourism property too.

If you want more information and don’t speak Spanish

If you do have the cash and are serious about a setup like this, let me know and I can make inquiries for you.