Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua (video in Spanish)

The above video is well done, has good production values and I like the focus on the northern Nicaraguan area, the “Ruta del Cafe” or Coffee Route is one of these ideas that the national tour agency gets to promote an area and/or activity/interest under one umbrella, that is for sure, but if I can put on my critic’s cap here, the presentation, while nice, does not mention a webpage where one can actually find out more and possibly book a tour! The title of the video is UNICOOTUR and the logo on the video says UNICOTOURS. Neither of which appear to be connected with a sustainable tourism organization located in Northern Nicaragua. So sorry but I couldn’t find any actual links for you. But, again, pretty video. Enjoy!

I wanted to share with you some actual links to Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua for you to take a look at, but there really aren’t any, either in Spanish or English! I do know about a few, but they are not really any sort of organization of sustainable tourism in the country, just listings and some general information. Well, here’s what I have:

There are several properties that are self-described “sustainable tourism” destinations, and most if not all of these tend to be legit as far as the eco-friendly standards such as trying to save electricity, water, promote ecological practices in general, including permaculture and other sustainable farming techniques.

Some of these are listed here:

There are a bunch more, most of which are new that I haven’t really heard or know anything about. If you know of anymore and can personally recommend them, please comment here!

Sadly, that’s about it!

Best Cities to Live in Nicaragua

What are the Best Places to Live in Nicaragua?

There are many fine towns and a few real cities to choose from when deciding where to live in Nicaragua. Some of the factors influencing whether one town or city works best for your personal situation are:

  • lifestyle preferences
  • Spanish-speaking abilities
  • financial situation
  • personal health
  • desires to live with or without other expatriates
  • weather
  • transportation
  • amenities

There are many more factors in addition to those named above. We’ll tackle this topic on a broad level now and in further posts will break it down into some detail. If you have enjoyed this post, please comment below and encourage me to continue with this series!

Let’s get started with some broad strokes as to what whould be the best Nicaraguan city for you to live in.

Do you want to live in a city, town, village, or? Would you enjoy being in the center of the pueblo just a couple of streets off of the plaza? Or, do you prefer living a few minutes drive or bus away from the downtown? As with all things, there are pluses and minuses to each of these options and you need to find out for yourself what is best for you.

What about your Spanish-language skills? If you already have a fairly good handle on Spanish, then you are likely much more open to living wherever you want to in Nicaragua. Folks with limited Spanish and little-to-no ability to learn the language will probably be best suited to live in an area with a large existing expat community where you can speak English most everywhere you go.

Are finances a major consideration? If living on a fixed budget, even though your money goes much further in Nicaragua, you will still need to watch your spending habits and keep a reserve handy in case. Obviously, if you have a much more comfortable financial situation, then you can forego thinking about strategizing on money-saving schemes and live you life as you desire.

What about your health? Your age? Anything requiring regular checkups, medical specialists, tests and exams? That will affect your decisions too. Excellent health care is available in Nicaragua, but is not evenly distributed throughout the country. For the most part, Managua is where the best doctors and hospitals are located.

Do you prefer to live in a real Nicaraguan community or one with a sizeable expat population? Some people, usually those with limited Spanish skills, find themselves drawn to expat communities, of which there are not a lot to choose from in Nicaragua. Do you want to join the Kiwanas club or the American Legion? If that is the sort of social life you envision then your options are limited as regards Nicaragua. Or, do you want to live as completely as possible with Nicaraguans in a Spanish-speaking community? This question also speaks to your needs for a social life. Some folks are just fine by themselves or the occasional meetup with friends, and some are real “joiners” that want to be part of every bridge club, charity event, volunteering at the schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc. Which are you?

Weather is another important consideration. Luckily, in Nicaragua one can choose what kind of weather they like. Warm and hot is the norm here, but there are mountainous areas that are great for that “perpetual spring” climate. As you get to live here awhile, a slight change in temperature can make the difference between sweating and being miserable or quite comfortable.

Transportation is important too. It is not too difficult to live without a car in Nicaragua and in some places it offers a distinct advantage to not drive! Buses and taxis are usually very available and mostly inexpensive. Driving here has its challenges, but of course offers freedom of movement that relying on public transportation just does not offer.

Finally, what amenities are important to you? For example, are you a shopaholic? There aren’t too many shopping malls in Nicaragua and most of them are in Managua. Are first-run movies in brand-new theaters your thing? Again, the capital has those but are not very well distributed outside of Managua. What about nightlife? Culture? Art? Poetry? Live music? A variety of different types of restaurants? I always recommend you be clear with yourself that if you feel you need these amenities, don’t go moving out to the coast where it takes an hour or two to find some of these things. Be real with yourself and admit you like eating sushi and seeing a musical play live once in a while!

Okay, that is the end of this edition. I plan on writing more of these and going into further detail on each and every consideration to help make your move to Nicaragua a good one! Please share, Like, or comment!

3rd International Cigar Festival – Puro Sabor

3rd International Cigar Festival – “Nicaragua Puro Sabor”

via 3rd International Cigar Festival – Puro Sabor.
3rd International Cigar Festival

This January 15-18, 2014, Nicaragua will host the 3rd International Cigar Festival – “Nicaragua Puro Sabor” – in the capital city of Managua and in Estelí in northern Nicaragua, where some of the world’s finest tobacco is grown.

Key tobacco producers and cigar manufacturers from throughout Nicaragua will join together to share the incredible hand-made cigars of Nicaragua and all that goes into them. Cigar-lovers will be able to visit tobacco plantations, cigar factories, and exhibitions where they can sample Nicaraguan cigars – some of the best in the world – and meet the people who passionately craft them.

Sign up today to experience the essence of Nicaragua’s cigars.
For more information on this unforgettable event, go to

Houses / Homes in Estelí / Nicaragua | For Sale | 84491778 – 86166500 : 3 rooms, 116 m2, USD 41000.00

Houses / Homes in Estelí / Nicaragua | For Sale | 84491778 – 86166500 : 3 rooms, 116 m2, USD 41000.00.84491778 - 86166500

Property Information

Location: Estelí
Address of Property Barrio Oscar Gamez # 2. del panteóncito el Carmen 1 C. al Este y 10 Vrs. al Norte.
Price $41,000.00
Price/sq meter $353.44
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1
Square Meters 116
Lot Size 10x25m2
Age of Home 2009
Stories 1
Swimming pool no
Parking 1
Type of Floor Otro
Floor Number 1
Benefits Near a School, Near Traffic, Mountain View, Roofed Parking


84491778 – 86166500
Jose Ramón Zeledon
Juana Sevilla Mairena

Not a lot of information on this house located in the city of Estelí. This is an example of a more moderately priced house and the structure and neighborhood seem to reflect that fact.

Houses / Homes in Estelí / Nicaragua | For Sale | Country House and luxury appearance : 4 rooms, 54 m2, USD 160000.00

Houses / Homes in Estelí / Nicaragua | For Sale | Country House and luxury appearance : 4 rooms, 54 m2, USD 160000.00.Country House and luxury appearance

Property Information

Location: Estelí
Address of Property Barrio alfredo Lazo,frente al centra de salud nuevo
Price $160,000.00
Price/sq meter $2,962.96
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2
Square Meters 54
Age of Home 2007
Stories 2
Balcony/Terrance balcón
Parking 2
Type of Floor Cerámica
Floor Number 2
Benefits Near a School, Near Traffic, Mountain View, Roofed Parking, Guest Parking, Maids Quarters, 24 hour Security, Garden or Park, Breakfast Area, Patio, Roofed Garage, Living room & Dinning room, Social Area, BBQ Area, Elegant Lobby
Appliances Instant Hot Water Dispenser


House approved country look with four quarts of two floors, with office study, a luxury kitchen, double garage with desyunador safe and designed by American architect, with ceramics and good view near the health center, school, access to both the Pan-American highway and the center, restaurant and luxury in a safe area

Do you like the idea of living in a cooler area of Nicaragua like Estelí but aren’t so sure about living the farm life? Here’s an example of a good sized home in the city of Estelí with easy access to all that the city life offers.

Farms Estelí | venta | Beautiful Mountain Property minutes from Esteli : USD 125000.00

Farms Estelí | venta | Beautiful Mountain Property minutes from Esteli : USD 125000.00.Beautiful Mountain Property minutes from Esteli

Property Information

Location: Estelí
Price $125,000.00
Lot Size 5 Mz
Rooms 5
Bathrooms 2
Benefits Near School, Near Transit, Mountain View, Water system, Electrïcity, Easy Acces


Vendo finca con casa de 5 cuartos y 2 baños. Tiene todos los servicios incluyendo t.v. satelite. Pozo artesiano con bomba de profundidad para poder regar todo el año. A solo minutos de Esteli y 250 varas de Carretra Panamericana es ideal para eco-turismo o para jubilarse en un sitio fresco y comodo. Con muchos arboles frutales y mirador con bellas vistas panoramicas de las montañas de Esteli. Ambiente de microclima fresco todo el año. Tiene que ver la propiedad para verdaderamente ver la joya que es.

This is an example of a smaller farm property located near the city of Estelí. It has an artesian well with a pump that you can use to irrigate your crops year-round. It is only 250 meters from the Pan American highway. Looks like a lovely property. Could this be what you are looking for?

Farms Estelí | venta | Farm in Miraflor, Esteli : USD 200000.00

Farms Estelí | venta | Farm in Miraflor, Esteli : USD 200000.00.Farm in Miraflor, Esteli

Property Information

Location: Estelí
Price $200,000.00
Size 19.2HA
Lot Size 19.2HA
Benefits Mountain View, Plane, Water system, Easy Acces


This beautiful farm is located in Miraflor Estelí, In a community called “La Fortuna”, 28 kilometers from Estelí, This farm has a total extension of 27 ½ Manzanas or 19.2Hectares all fenced and with its own private access, it has a water spring with a large artificial lake, it has its own water motor with tubes buried to irrigate 5 MZ or 3.50 HA of orchards, it has 25 manzanas or 17.47 HA of land suitable for crop or livestock, it has its own barnyard with its gallery for livestock with concrete flooring and a feeder designed for cattle, it has a house with its own cellar room, Road to this farm is penetrable year around.

This is another lovely farm property located up in Miraflor, Estelí. Nice elevation here. Could this be your dream farm?

Farms Estelí | venta | Buy 4 hectares along the River La Sirena in Esteli : USD 30000.00

Farms Estelí | venta | Buy 4 hectares along the River La Sirena in Esteli : USD 30000.00.Buy 4 hectares along the River La Sirena in Esteli

Property Information

Location: Estelí
Price $30,000.00
Size 4 Hectareas
Lot Size 4 Hectareas
Benefits Mountain View, River Waterfront, Easy Acces


Flat land with three different levels, especially to build cabins for tourist project to 3.5 km of the Pan American highway and 8 kilometers from Esteli, all-weather track for light vehicles, especially for planting fruit trees, fountain, over 300 yards of river safe area and quiet.

This looks to be a lovely property of almost 10 acres in size that is located not too far off of the Pan American highway near Estelí. If you are looking for an accessible property with a bit of acreage that is located right on a river, this might be appropriate for you. Good options here for developing your eco-tourism project.