Government to build coastal road • El Nuevo Diario

The government plans to build a coastal road in the Pacific , as announced yesterday by Vice President Rosario Murillo, who also said that it will be President Daniel Ortega who will give details of the project in the coming days.

The project aims to unite the beaches of the Nicaraguan Pacific coast, from the department of Rivas to Managua.

Map of proposed Coastal Road

– END –

In the coming weeks will work on a first stretch of the road that is expected to bring greater investment to the country, added Murillo in her daily speech.

The route of the road, according to Murillo, will start on the southern border in El Naranjo, and will tour the beaches of El Ostional, Playa Coco, La Flor, Marseille, Majagual, Las Maderas, El Gigante, Guacalito, Las Salinas, Tipilapa, Huehuete, Casares, La Boquita and Masachapa.

The coastal road has been raised in different administrations.At first it was designed under the administration of former president Enrique Bolaños. The project was to be built by the company called Inocsa-Edicro.

In 2010, during the first administration of Ortega, it was announced the construction of at least 2 kilometers of road from San Juan del Sur. It was also said at that time that there was funding to cobble another 5 kilometers of road.

At that time the cost of the project was $ 600,000 per kilometer paved, not including bridge construction and drainage system.

A year later, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced the award of a concession to an Italian consortium for a period of more than 20 years and estimated that the investment cost of the project was 200 million dollars.

In its original design , proposed during the administration of ex-President Bolaños, the coastal road covered 131 kilometers paved and covered eight beaches in the country.

Source: Gobierno construirá carretera costanera • El Nuevo Diario

This news from El Nuevo Diario newspaper certainly comes under the heading of interesting and potentially transformative Nicaraguan news! Thing is though, there was a big push in 2010 (and many years before, in the mid-2000’s, during the Bolaños administration) for a coastal road and at one point they had even awarded a contract to an Italian firm and it was going to be a toll road.

Then a few years later it was sort of quietly announced that the project was dead. Well, like many a monster movie, It Lives! If this project is actually completed end-to-end that would be fantastic for vacationers and anyone who is a beach lover because you could actually visit several beaches in one day.

Of course, the people who would be the most “stoked” would definitely be the surfers! As it is now, for example, if you are staying in San Juan del Sur and after surfing a few days at the beaches near there, as a wandering visiting surfer, you’ll naturally want to try some other beaches. Well, on the map, the beaches of the Tola, Rivas area don’t look too far away, but if you actually were staying in SJdS and wanted to surf, say Popoyo beach, it would be a good hour and maybe twenty minutes to get there. When (and if!) this coastal road is completed, you’d be able to zip up there in maybe 20 minutes, 30 minutes top.

Thoughts and/or comments? What do you think? Please let us know below.

Accommodation: Granada, Mombacho, popoyo vs playa maderas

Greetings Kelly:

You’ve already got some very good advice here, so I’ll just add my dos centavos. For your surfing, I would recommend Popoyo more than Maderas. There is a beginner’s break right in front of Magnific Rock and just to the north is Popoyo reef, but it’s not super sharp or anything. If you go out on the higher tides you’ll be fine. Plus if you are coming in January, the surf won’t be real big anyway… Now if you do want the option to go to San Juan del Sur, then Maderas is the call. I’ve dropped folks off at Hulakai and when they came back to stay with us again they said it was really nice. There is a little bit of a dining scene at Maderas whereas while Popoyo/Playa Guasacate has fewer restaurants albeit some much better and more international flavors then in past years.
For your transportation budget, you might save a bit if you stay at Maderas as you can bus to SJdS then take a taxi which won’t cost too much, max $20 as it’s only fifteen minutes away.
That’s it from me, have a great vacay!
Cheers, Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

The power of the Popoyo waves is attractive for surfers.

The power of the Popoyo waves is attractive for surfers.

Source: Accommodation: Granada, Mombacho, popoyo vs playa maderas

Nicaragua attracts more tourists with its waves

Yohany Lopez 07/14/2016 663

Pacific beaches of Nicaragua have become attractive enough for most tourists come to surf. The data from the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) show that between 2013 and 2014 the percentage of tourists who entered the country and made surfing increased 28.1 percent. Statistics confirm that in 2013 the 1.22 million tourists who came to Nicaragua, 25.2 percent surfed in the Pacific beaches mostly while in 2014 this share increased to 32.5 percent of the 1.32 overnight visitors National territory. Read: Waves catch more tourists in the country Lucy Valenti, president of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) explains that this is one of the main activities that places the country on the global map, not only have good surfing waves, but because it attracts investment and other tourists interested in domestic supply. “It’s coming people willing to invest. Thirty percent of those who have homes in the first developments in the area of Rivas are surfers and we believe that this activity increases the stay and spending, “Valenti said.




Intur data, updated to 2014, clearly indicated that the 429.481 tourists who made surf on that date, 46.6 percent came from North America, followed by South Americans, with a share of 42.6 percent. For Valenti, Nicaragua “has tremendous potential to focus on surfing and not only that, but it attracts new business investment, tourism development in areas and expansion of residential ranging from Chinandega to San Juan del Sur in Rivas “he added after being consulted yesterday at the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP).

You can read: Five tourist destinations that can explode Nicaragua


In this context will take place this Saturday Claro Nicaragua Latin Pro Surf Classic 2016 on the shores of Playa Hermosa, in Rivas, and is organized by the Latin American Association of Surfing Professionals (ALAS). Pre-registration can be made on the web until today July 14 at 9:00 pm (local time in Nicaragua). For his part, the president of COSEP, Jose Adan Aguerri, said it is a private effort and only coinciding with the arrival of 18 models for Maxim magazine. “The models come from Europe, Australia, United States, Canada and in their social networks together total more than twenty million followers, with whom we can have a high impact, because they will shoot” Aguerri said.



Good weekend

For the president of the National Chamber of Tourism, Lucy Valenti, the fact that the next July 19 is a national holiday and for workers in the States is day off on July 20 and those dates are near the weekend, they represent an opportunity for entrepreneurs across the country earning more income. “We believe that all those weekends that are close to holidays are very good for the dynamics of hotels and restaurants that welcome visitors, mostly nationals,” said Valenti. See:

Source: Nicaragua seduce a más turistas con sus olas – La Prensa

To My Friends and Family: Please come visit me in Nicaragua

Cordial Invite? Friends and Family, Please Visit El Porton Verde and Experience Nicaragua!

To my friends and family: I am officially inviting you to come and visit Nicaragua this year. Maybe Nicaragua isn’t for…

Posted by Mike Quinn on Saturday, March 26, 2016

What’s this all about anyway?

I want you to visit Nicaragua. It’s time, really, like this year, 2016 let’s make this happen! I can customize your travel itinerary for you based on what you want to do and with whom you would like to do it! Just contact me and even if I’ve never met you, you’ll still get the “friends and family” treatment!
Partial list of what’s on offer:

Give me an idea, what’s a “typical” Nicaraguan vacation include?

You will fly into Managua International Airport where as soon as you get out of customs, heading towards the area of the rental cars, you will see my smiling face! A lot of flight arrive sort of late at night, so you and your travel companions can stay with us at the farm that first night.

When you wake up, you’ll see a wonderful view, enjoy a tasty farm-fresh breakfast, with ingredients from the farm, and we’ll plan out that first day. There are lots of things to do in the local area, colonial towns, big lakes, crater lakes, volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, etc., so you can easily spend a couple of days partaking in that and getting your feet wet so to speak.

Then we can figure out what your particular interests are and make sure those fantastic travel experiences happen for you. Here are some possibilities:

And ideally you will plan to have the time to do a number of the above listed items or we can discover even more, this is only a partial listing!

visit Nicaragua

Swimming pool, tranquility and volcano views guaranteed!

Easiest nice beach to reach by bus from Managua for a weekend – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

Vancouver Island…
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Easiest nice beach to reach by bus from Managua for a weekend

Jan 13, 2016, 4:45 PM
Good day. The headline says it all. Looking for recommendations for a nice beach close to Managua suitable for a weekend break and reachable by bus without too many hassles.

Thanks in advance.

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Managua, Nicaragua
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1. Re: Easiest nicebeach to reach by bus from Managua for a weekend

Jan 13, 2016, 9:06 PM
Greetings wix:

Two come to mind. The easiest and closest is Masachapa/Pochomil and the other would be La Boquita in Carazo department.

The first you would take the bus from Israel Lewites market. The second you would take an expresso from la UCA to Diriamba, then a local bus from Diriamba to La Boquita. Both have restaurants, hotels, and a tourism infrastructure.

You’d probably actually get to the beach quicker going to La Boquita as the Pochomil bus is a real “Ordinario” chicken bus that takes at least two hours to get there! The bus from Diriamba continues onto Casares after stopping in La Boquita, so that’s another option for you.

Cheers and enjoy!

Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

Source: Easiest nicebeach to reach by bus from Managua for a weekend – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

Yes there are definitely some nice beaches just an hour or a bit more from Managua that are easily accessed via public bus. This post lists Pochomil/Masachapa and also La Boquita. I remembered at the end there that the same bus that goes from Diramba to La Boquita also continues on to Carares beach, which is another nice beach to go to from Managua.

Your golden sand colored beach awaits!

Your golden sand colored beach awaits!


10 destinations that are more popular with travelers to Nicaragua than ever, according to my opinion :)

From white-sand beaches on Caribbean islands to bustling cities on the Pacific side of Nicaragua, here are the up-and-coming destinations travelers are putting on their radar for New Year’s Eve.

Where are travelers to Nicaragua going to ring in the New Year?

10. JIQUILILLO, CHINANDEGA – Northwest of Chinandega, in the most northerly village on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, visitors will find a delightful community of fisherman, expats, and travelers that are incredibly friendly and giving (with wonderful volunteer projects you can join in on). With glistening beaches, surfing and diverse mangrove forest ecosystems, there’s plenty for travelers to explore.

Click here to learn more about Jiquilillo –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

9. SAN JUAN DEL SUR, RIVAS — The beach resort of San Juan del Sur is located near Rivas and Ometepe Island and is known for its stunning beaches that are ideal for surfers of all types. With a variety of bars and clubs that line its beaches, party lovers will enjoy the atmosphere here.

Click here to learn more about San Juan del Sur –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

Bay of San Juan del Sur. LA PRENSA/ARCHIVO

Bay of San Juan del Sur. LA PRENSA/ARCHIVO

8. SELVA NEGRA, CHINANDEGA — Chinandega’s Selva Negra (or Black Forest) is a mountainous area in north central Nicaragua near Matagalpa that is filled with dense forests, coffee plantaions and picturesque towns and villages. Named by German immigrants, Selva Negra is an environmentally sound and sustainable coffee farm with delightful cabins set in the woods with an amazing virgin mountain where one can hike and see amazing birds, monkeys and other forest animals.

Click here to learn more about Selva Negra –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

Serenity of Nicaragua (

Serenity of Nicaragua (

7. EMERALD COAST, TOLA, RIVAS — Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast (Costa Esmeralda) has miles and miles of sandy beaches, cliffs, and wild coasts. Visitors will feel like they’re in a seaside paradise as they explore new surf spots and the quaint towns along the way. Places like Playa Gigante, Iguana and Rancho Santana are rapidly becoming “don’t miss” spots along the Nicaraguan coastline.

Click here to learn more about Emerald Coast –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

Costa Esmeralda Airport

Costa Esmeralda Airport

6. GRANADA, GRANADA — Granada is a destination in Nicaragua that is popular for the New Year. The colonial town is filled with churches and classic Colonial sites, with brightly colored homes throughout its streets. As the number one visited town in Nicaragua, you are sure to encounter lots of other folks looking to have a good time. The Calzada should be a real street party!

Click here to learn more about Granada –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

Granada is built around a bustling town square anchored by a neoclassical cathedral.

Granada is built around a bustling town square anchored by a neoclassical cathedral.

5. LEON, LEON — Voted the best city in Nicaragua two years in a row by, Leon is home to an incredible cathedral, charming markets, world-class museums, and plenty of history to boot. Besides its gorgeous scenery being nearly surrounded by smoking volcanos, yet near to beautiful beaches, Leon also has a booming university and food scene, where you can sample everything from traditional Nicaraguan cuisine to French, Italian, and Chinese restaurants, all with a Nicaraguan twist.

Click here to learn more about Leon –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

Catédral de la Ascunción de María (Mary's Assumption Cathedral)

Catédral de la Ascunción de María (Mary’s Assumption Cathedral)

4. MUKUL RESORT, TOLA, RIVAS – Mukul has been a favorite travel destination for celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones. Situated in a natural bay within the private develoment Guacalito de la Isla, Mukul’s stunning setting of soaring cliffs and coves makes it an ideal place to enjoy water sports, play golf, or embark on a relaxing day at the spa.

Click here to learn more about Mukul Resort –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

The spectacular Mukul Resort in Nicaragua (photo by Ryan Forbes)

The spectacular Mukul Resort in Nicaragua (photo by Ryan Forbes)

3. MANAGUA, MANAGUA – Yes Nicaragua’s capital city gets a bad rap, but it is a much-improved destination. As far as holiday celebrations and decorations go, nothing beats the scene on Avenida Bolivar, the main street of downtown Managua. It is lined with Nativity scenes, lights, vendors selling snacks, and lots of people watching. The midnight fireworks will convince you that the next revolution has begun!

Click here to learn more about Managua –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

sustainable tourism Managua Nicaragua

Managua, Nicaragua

2. OMETEPE ISLAND, RIVAS – Ometepe is a true adventure paradise and is just becoming known to travelers. With its hidden petroglyphs, deserted beaches and eco-lodges, this is a place where the visitor can kayak, hike and swim, all located in the shadow of two volcanos.

Click here to learn more about Ometepe Island–>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

Reuters \ Oswaldo Rivas

Reuters \ Oswaldo Rivas

1. CORN ISLAND, RAAS – Both Little and Big Corn Islands are hard to beat during the end of year holidays. Not so much for any particular traditions but because these islands are a little paradise! Try the Yemaya Resort for an upscale experience.

Click here to learn more about Corn Island –>
Click here to check out Airbnb listings –>

Sunset on the beautiful Corn Islands

Sunset on the beautiful Corn Islands

Day Trips Managua: 3 nights in MGA – day trips? – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

3 nights in MGA – day trips?

Hey Fellow TA peeps,

Heard so much(positive) about Nicaragua during my trip to CR and El Sal, that I found myself booking the tickets as soon as I got back 😛

MGA would be my base for my 3 night trip. Any recommendations on day trips?

Some casual research puts volcano boarding on top along with Ometepe and Granada.

Love nature/hiking(2-3 hrs), plus any adventure sort of stuff and most importantly, food!

Recommendations/suggestion/help is much appreciated!

Also, can Ometepe and Granada be done as day trips from MGA?

Have a great one!


2. Re: 3 nights in MGA – day trips? Dec 16, 2015, 12:42 AM Greetings SK_Kris14: To actually answer your question, yes, several great day trips can be done from the Managua area. Here’s a partial list: Granada, Las Isletas, Laguna de Apoyo, Mombacho Volcano, Masaya Volcano, Masaya Artistan’s Market, Pueblos Blancos (including visiting with a master ceramics artist at his studio), beach day including surfing, Managua city tour, Leon city tour, Leon Volcano Boarding, El Chocoyero/La Bruja wildlife refuge/waterfalls, Activities include: kayaking, standup paddling, motorboating, canopy zip line, surfing, hiking, birdwatching, volcano visits, history, art, culture, etc. Here’s an article I wrote awhile back: “Top Five Managua Day Trips for Adventure Travelers”… Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

Source: 3 nights in MGA – day trips? – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

Day Trips Managua

Of course there’s always someone (well one or both of two specific posters) on the Nicaragua TripAdvisor forum that always want to poo-poo Managua and act like anyone wanting to stay or do anything around the capital city are idiots or somesuchthing…so now that I’ve had my mini-rant (thank you for humoring me btw…) I read this poster’s question and noticed that the only other reply actually didn’t answer the person’s question, namely, are there any cool day trips that can be done from Managua.

So the poor guy or gals asks Day Trips Managua ??? and the answer is go and stay in Granada, Ometepe, Leon, etc. Really? The person for some reason is staying in Managua. That’s clear from his questions. He might have points at the Hilton or something, so give the guy/gal a break already, whydontcha?

Life's too short, right?

Life’s too short, right?

I’m not sure what these two frequent posters have against me (well, one is worse than the other…), but I just try to stay positive and not get down about why someone in Granada or Leon would always make it a point to try to say I give bad advice or some other dreck. Just ain’t true my little turtle-dove! How’s that, use the old “kill ’em with kindness” routine hehehehe!

Available for Christmas & New Years: Beachfront House, Great Deal!

NIO75 / 2br – Available for Christmas & New Years: Beachfront House, Great Deal! (Masachapa/Pochomil)

24 Steps to the Sand! Pochomil

Available for Christmas

2BR / 2Ba available now furnished no smoking wheelchair accessible house carport Casa Ayers in Pochomil

24 Steps to the Sand!

If 24 short steps to a golden sand tropical beach sounds like a good location for your upcoming Nicaraguan vacation, consider booking a stay at this beachfront home which offers two bedrooms and two baths. Perfect for accommodating a couple or family,

Casa Ayers is located in the beach town of Masachapa/Pochomil and offers easy access via paved roads; it is an easy one-hour drive from the Nicaraguan capital of Managua and the international airport.

This home offers good value for your hard-earned vacation dollar. Both bedrooms are air conditioned, there is a nice palm-thatched rancho structure that affords a fresh breeze and sunset views. Imagine yourself in your chaise lounge with a cool drink enjoying a lovely tropical sunset every night of your stay!

The Space

True beachfront, with modern amenities and a great airy rancho with awesome sunset views. Whether on a romantic getaway or a fun family vacation, the sounds of the Pacific surf will lull you to sleep and the sunset views from the upstairs Rancho will provide many hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

Guest Access

Whole house, rancho, beach. Onsite secured parking. Interaction with Guests Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde will normally be the one to take you from either the MGA International airport, or from our other listing, Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua, so we can get to know one another and have a chance to pick up groceries and change money when in Managua. I’ll show you how everything works, introduce you to the onsite 24 hour caretakers/security, and in general make sure you are oriented on what you need to know to have an enjoyable vacation.

The Neighborhood

Casa Ayers is located within walking distance of local restaurants, discos, and bars. A variety of types of food offerings are available, including pizza, seafood, Nicaraguan and international cuisine. Both swimming and surfing beaches are nearby. Just to the north of Casa Ayers is a channel naturally cut into the reef affording a safe sandy swimming area suitable for children and toddlers during the lower tides. Just south is the surfing beach of Pochomil Viejo. Nearby are several other attractive destinations. In the early mornings, you can walk up the beach to the fishing village of Masachapa to meet the fisherman as they come into the beach with the day’s fresh catch. A local public market, supermarket and other amenities are on offer at the nearby town of San Rafael del Sur and right in the village are basic stores offering groceries, clothing, etc. For $2 per person, the taxi will take you into town. The Barcelo Montelimar resort is also located nearby, where there is a gaming casino and all-you-can-eat and drink restaurant.

Getting Around

Buses run daily every half-hour to both the nearby town of San Rafael del Sur (banks, grocery stores, etc.) and to the capital city of Managua. There are taxis and bicycle taxis to take you to bars, restaurants and discotheques. Other Things to Note Casa Ayers is located one hour away from the capital city of Managua, where the international airport is located. Transport via bus, private shuttle, or taxi is readily available. For those arriving at the Managua (MGA) airport late or departing extra early, see my other listings for Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua, where we offer our famous “soft landing” service, which is specially designed to take the hassle out of the arrival process and is great for first-time visitors to Nicaragua. We can provide transportation between the airport, Farmstay and/or Casa Ayers. Also local tours can be arranged to visit volcanoes, Colonial towns, lakes, and artisan’s markets.

House Rules

Have a great time! Be respectful that this is a vacation home for the owner, so try not to break things 🙂 We have pets onsite, so your pets are best left back home. Outdoor smoking is okay. Security There is 24 hour onsite security and the property is fenced. You’ll have the keys and it’s perfectly safe to go walking in the area.

Source: Available for Christmas & New Years: Beachfront House, Great Deal!

This could be you!

This could be you!

Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.

Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.

Ask about our surf and turf package deal!

Ask about our surf and turf package deal!


Roomy living area.

Roomy living area.


The rancho is a great place to relax in your chaise lounge and enjoy the sunset!

The rancho is a great place to relax in your chaise lounge and enjoy the sunset!

Nicaraguan Surf Spot: Name ’em

Name that Nicaraguan Surf Spot!

There are lots and lots of really good surfing spots in Nicaragua. The Pacific coast receives lots of swell, primarily from the southwest direction. The best surf season is from April through October. Even in the off-months there is usually some swell in the water. For example, this November 2015 it has been really excellent surf.

If you are interested in actually surfing any of these spots, just contact us! We manage three different beach front homes that you can rent for a week or longer, including spots where you and your friends will be the only people out, surfing excellent waves!

So let’s see if we have any takers, shall we, in the comments section name any one of these four surf spots or give a try for all of them!

Surf spot number one: Here are some clues for you…

This spot is accessible only by boat. It is located about one hour from Nicaragua’s fifth largest city. A nearby town is known for its production of the best rums in Nicaragua. Can you guess the town at least?

Surf spot number two: Here are some clues for you…


This surf spot is an excellent beginner’s spot and surfcamps often take advantage of the fun waves, sandy bottom, and lack of serious riptides in the bay. This locale provides a great place to start out your surfing experience and is near a booming beach break where tubes are almost guaranteed! A former professional woman surfer also frequents this surf spot with her amigas.

Surf spot number three: Here are some clues for you…

This surf spot is a sand-bottom left point break accessible only by boat near a port. I think I just said too much… 🙂

Surf spot number four: Here are some clues for you…


This Pacific surf spot is on the grounds of a residential and vacation community that is “gran” and if you go surfing here, you’d better make sure you go out on the high tide!


Surfing beaches near Managua or Granada – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

Gazelle1 London Level Contributor 100 posts 29 reviews

Surfing beaches near Managua or Granada

Sep 13, 2015, 7:22 AM

Hi there, Can anyone tell me the easiest good surfing beach to get to from Managua or Granada? Thank you

Re: Surfing beaches near Managua or Granada

Sep 16, 2015, 12:09 AM

Greetings Gazelle1: The best surfing beaches near Managua are Pochomil, San Diego (Gran Pacifica), and Playa Quizala. More here, “Top five Managua-area Vacation, Surfing, and Fishing Villages”…

From Managua, the beaches are about 1 hour away while from Granada, the beaches are about 1 1/2 hours away, plus they aren’t really that great for surfing with possibly the exception of La Boquita.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

Source: Surfing beaches near Managua or Granada – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

Mundial de SurfSurfing is definitely more accessible and with better quality waves from Managua than Granada IMO. There is one world-class surf spot and three or four other good surfing beaches near Managua. Granada on the other hand, is further away from the ocean and the only real surfing beach is La Boquita, which is okay but definitely neither world-class nor is is it a good beginner’s beach.

I replied later on to the same thread on TripAdvisor that if they are leaving from Granada, they’d be better off going down to the Tola beaches, which are lovely and have fantastic surf! They’ve even held World Surf Championships in Tola!

Overall, there’s an embarrassment of riches as far as surf spots go, as you can see illustrated in this post. I posted there four different Google maps images of just a handful of the known surfspots in Nicaragua. But there’s probably a good twenty or thirty more spots besides the ones I’m posting.