Airbnb sees opportunity to promote another type of tourism in Nicaragua • El Nuevo Diario

Approximately 50% of tourists coming to Nicaragua through the Airbnb application are looking to stay in shared spaces, said Carlos Muñoz, Public Policy and Government Relations Manager for Airbnb for Central America and the Caribbean.

That means, according to Muñoz, that this type of tourist shares the lodging with another person who lives in the house, which in his opinion “creates an immense possibility of a very strong and rich cultural exchange, which promotes the possibility of that person wanting to return to Nicaragua.”

According to the official of Airbnb, the tourist agencies could take advantage of that characteristic to attract more tourists to the country.

“Normally in the region where I work, the Caribbean and Central America, 70% of tourists rent a whole house, that is, do not cohabit with a family or another person. They rent the whole house to go and spend with the family, “he said.

“In Nicaragua I see it as a great opportunity to develop this type of tourism that I mentioned, which is a tourism with a very cultural experience, well personalized, that differentiates this country from others in the region. And it should be noted that many of the tourists who come to Nicaragua are looking for this type of experience and it is an experience that is not achieved in the traditional tourism market,” he said.

“Collaborative Economy”

Airbnb, the world’s premier hosting business that has no place physically speaking, emerged in 2008 in San Francisco, United States, as an idea of ​​two young college students.

According to Carlos Muñoz, the application has more than two million properties registered, in more than 34,000 cities in 191 countries. It is a company valued at US $ 30 billion.

In Nicaragua there are over 1,000 properties active on Airbnb.

Currently Nicaraguan lodgings registered in Airbnb are concentrated in the Pacific of the country. “There are a lot of holiday homes, beach houses, but at the same time there are houses in Managua, in the mountains and some other offer on the Caribbean coast,” said Carlos Muñoz.

For Muñoz, it is difficult to predict the growth that the use of the Airbnb system of business in Nicaragua could have during the next years.

“Airbnb is an open platform. It is not that we buy hotels or buy properties and that way we can predict what supply we can have in the country. It is an open platform and everything depends on the free market, and how many people want to enter,” said Muñoz.

Airbnb’s Public Policy and Government Relations Manager for Central America and the Caribbean participated in the Nica Tech Summit 2017, held last Saturday in Managua, and said that they are starting to socialize a little about what is the “Collaborative economy” and publicize the Airbnb platform, so that more people can participate and enjoy the benefits of the tourism sector.

Democratize tourism

“We see this platform as a way to democratize what tourism is, because it allows people who have traditionally not been able to participate to participate and receive benefits from that sector,” said the manager of Public Policy and Government Relations of Airbnb for Central America and Caribbean.

Muñoz pointed out that one of the characteristics of the “collaborative economy” is that it does not require a big investment.

In the case of Airbnb the idea is that a person who has a property, whether a whole house or a single vacated room, can enable and offer it through that application to more than 100 million users worldwide, and so generate income for the family.

Source: Airbnb ve oportunidad para promover otro tipo de turismo en Nicaragua • El Nuevo Diario

As part of the recently held Nica Tech Summit 2017 (21 January in Managua), the person who heads up Airbnb’s efforts in Central America spoke and had some interesting things to say, namely that more people using Airbnb to book their lodging in Nicaragua look for shared spaces, i.e. not a whole house but a room or two in a house with other occupants, be they Nicaraguan or foreigners.

The point Mr. Muñoz is making is that this is a higher percentage than other countries in the region and that it is a good thing because this means that, especially for first-time visitors to Nicaragua, they can get a more locals perspective and experience than they would if they didn’t interact with actual Nicaraguans or expats at their rental properties.

Here at El Porton Verde, we certainly believe that, especially for your first and/or last night in Nicaragua, it’s good to get a very comfortable experience and one that is much more personalized than one that you might get just staying at a regular hotel or hostel.

When you are living with a family you get to eat the food they eat, listen and learn about what their lives are all about, and have a chance to ask questions as a visitor that just doesn’t happen in a more corporate or chain hotel type of situation.

As I’ve posted before, I think it’s completely legit to ask the first-time visitor, “why stay at a chain hotel when you can stay with us?” Not only does the visitor get more value for their dollar, yen, euro, pound, etc. you get the experience that totally supersedes having a room at a chain hotel that is pretty much like any other hotel room in that chain. I mean, a Holiday Inn is a Holiday Inn, amiright? 🙂

Another benefit of staying with a place like El Portón Verde is that you get to ask about things like relocation, medical tourism, local tours, beach house rentals, rental car tips, driving tips, and a bunch of other topics that you won’t get any exposure to in a more traditional lodging option like a big hotel chain.

If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will? If you have a question about the value proposition that places like El Portón Verde offers, please comment below!

NICA Competition Gaining International Support – Still Time to Participate…

An example of the awesome ceramics art being produced in San Juan de Oriente.

The NICA Competition is in full effect!

On December 5, 2016 I announced the Nicaragua International Ceramic Art Competition in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua…..
By the end of the registration period on December 24th we had 95 entries to participate!
The rules were simple one masterpiece entry per artisan delivered by January 18th, 2017.
I set up a award schedule (listed on the graphic at the bottom of this email) that includes 10 awards valuing over $8000….
The pueblo went nuts….  There has never been a competition that has offered such robust award values and access to a world wide audience.
When I added it all up there were 95 total artists, 25 women artisans and 16 youth artisan under the age of 21!  Staggering numbers for a small traditional village.
Over a three and a half day period I went to each small house and interviewed each artisan, every registered participant of the 2017 NICA Competition.
Although I have been working in the San Juan de Oriente pueblo for over 21 years I met people and learned things I never knew.
Maybe half of the participants, or more, have never participated in a competition.
I announced the awards to the NICA Ceramic Art community and got great support and results!

$2500 Best in Show – Sponsored!  Thank you
$1500 Oro Award – Sponsored! Thank you
$750 Plata Award – Sponsored! Thank you
$750 Plata Award – Still Available Click Here 
$750 pre-Columbian – Sponsored! Thank you
$500 Honor Award – Available Click Here
$500 Honor Award 2 – Available Click Here
$500 Honor Award 3 – Available Click Here
$500 Women Artisan Award – Sponsored Thank you!
$500 Youth Artisan Award – Sponsored Thank you!

By sponsoring one of the final available awards listed above you will choose the award winning sculpture with a cash prize for the artisan baring your name….in exchange you will receive the award winning sculpture for your private collection.
I am preparing to show the close to 90 participants in the NICA Competition – with their photo, a intro video and images of their entry sculpture to the NICA Competition.
As a sponsor you will have access to all of the pieces and artists profiles starting on January 23rd.  On January 26th we will have the awards ceremony in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua and video the awards being presented in your name to enjoy the moment and interaction.
As of right now this has turned into a true international celebration of support with awards coming from all over the United States, Finland, National support and Local Support with the Mayor of San Juan de Oriente sponsoring the Youth Artisan award.
It has been both an honor and a heck of a lot of work putting this together and I am now pointing to the last few awards available for a few more people to step into this opportunity to participate in this unique cultural event.
The graphic below will help express and explain more.  I am always available to answer questions or give further information.
Those who have sponsored awards will receive the first update the end of this week.
Please consider being a part of the first annual NICA Competition by supporting one of the last awards – have an award issued in your name – and enjoy that winning sculpture in your home for ever…..
Thank you,
Paul H Devoti  – best contact via email!

Veteran, Women and Youth Artisan Coming Together to participate in the first annual Nicaragua International Ceramic Art Competition

Source: NICA Competition Gaining International Support – Still Time to Participate…

Now this is a great thing this gentleman is doing…sponsoring (and you can sponsor it too, see link!) a competition in the local ceramics village, San Juan de Oriente, on the best ceramics art in the area. I sure hope my friend Pedro Guerrero is in this, as I think he’s one of the best!

14 stunning photos of exploration in the Masaya volcano • El Nuevo Diario

The images shared by Sam Cossman after the first week of work in the active volcano

Source: 14 stunning photos of exploration in the Masaya volcano • El Nuevo Diario

Photo: Alejandro Sánchez
The Team of Sam Cossman installs 80 sensors in the interior of the Masaya Volcano.

You say Cuba. I say Nicaragua. Let’s call the whole thing off | IOL

With the demand for Cuba extremely high at present, there are other alternatives to consider, writes Simon Calder.

 / 28 October 2016, 8:00pm
Jesus del gran poder

Penitents carry a statue of Jesus Christ during the ‘Jesus del gran poder’ procession in the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua.

Question: We tried to book for Cuba for a week’s holiday post-Christmas, but the travel agent said it was full to bursting and suggested Nicaragua instead, flying in and out via Miami. Would you agree it’s a good alternative?

Name withheld


Answer: Demand for Cuba is extremely high at present, with such limited tourism infrastructure relative to demand, it’s not unreasonable to describe it as full – especially in the capital, Havana.

Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, doesn’t do 1950s American cars and music in quite the same way as Cuba, but it is a superb destination in its own right. The scenery is dramatically volcanic; there are a couple of beautiful Spanish colonial cities in the shapes of Leon and Granada; and an indulgent Pacific beach resort, San Juan del Sur.

You might notice I have not mentioned the capital, Managua; that’s because it was flattened by an earthquake and resembles a scattering of scruffy suburbs rather than a proper city. There are, though, some colourful markets.

My one concern is the length of the journey. In the absence of direct flights from the UK to Nicaragua, the connections are gruelling – and involve the daunting prospect of US immigration.

With only a week, you might consider flying non-stop on to San Jose and driving up the Pan-American Highway from the Costa Rican capital.

Source: You say Cuba. I say Nicaragua. Let’s call the whole thing off | IOL

We get a lot of Canadian visitors to El Porton Verde, and when I mentioned something about how “Americans” from the USA can finally begin to travel to Cuba, I wondered out loud if that will affect the number of visitors from the USA. She said to me “Don’t worry, because more Americans in Cuba means more Canadians in Nicaragua!” 🙂

So yes, folks, if everything is booked in Cuba, take a look at coming to Nicaragua instead. You can always go to Cuba after the rush is over!

El Portón Verde Tours Visits the Masaya Volcano at Night, Sees Lava! (VIDEO)

Night Tour of the Masaya Volcano with Active, Jumping Lava!

Masaya Volcano Night Tour

Same spot, at night.


Masaya Volcano in day

Masaya Volcano in day

Hello kind reader(s) and robots:

With our group of three brothers and one cousin all visiting Nicaragua together, we went during the daytime and again at nighttime to visit the Masaya Volcano National Park yesterday. Here is my report:

I was there last night (23 June) and yes you can see the lava quite well. It’s pretty well down in the Santiago crater but very visible, especially from the main promontory and also on the left side of there.

Access is quite well controlled and they do limit your time. My group and I went during the daytime too so we could visit the visitor’s center, well worth it IMO. During the day they weren’t all that strict about the time limit. There was only one park ranger and he couldn’t really keep track of all the people. However, it is officially forbidden to walk the trails. The bat cave tours also are suspended.

So back the the night tour, you can start queuing up in your vehicle beginning at 5:30 pm but I would recommend waiting like we did until about 6 or 6:30 so it is totally dark when you get up to the top. You pay $10 per personl it doesn’t matter if you are a national or foreigner. You drive up to the visitors center, which is closed after 4:30, but there is a gate there and they use that to queue up perhaps twenty vehicles at a time to allow a cohort of vehicles to drive up together.
When you get up to the parking area of the crater, try to maximize your viewing time as they are limiting the time up there to fifteen minutes. I could have watched the lava for hours as it is incredibly mesmerizing. You can also hear the sounds of the lava and it appeared that there are two currents coming in from the west and east and when the pulses coincide there is a wave of sorts…as I say, mesmerizing.
There are maybe two or three park rangers up there at the crater at night and they are in communication with the other rangers at the gates, so when time is up they use a whistle to implore everyone to get back in their cars and go back down. As you’re going down, the next cohort of vehicles is making its way up.

I hope that helps and I know for a fact you will enjoy what you see! I believe there are only three places in the world where you can see something similar, Kileaua (sic) in Hawaii, someplace in Africa, and good ‘ole Nicaragua!

Cheers, Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

Link to video

To My Friends and Family: Please come visit me in Nicaragua

Cordial Invite? Friends and Family, Please Visit El Porton Verde and Experience Nicaragua!

To my friends and family: I am officially inviting you to come and visit Nicaragua this year. Maybe Nicaragua isn’t for…

Posted by Mike Quinn on Saturday, March 26, 2016

What’s this all about anyway?

I want you to visit Nicaragua. It’s time, really, like this year, 2016 let’s make this happen! I can customize your travel itinerary for you based on what you want to do and with whom you would like to do it! Just contact me and even if I’ve never met you, you’ll still get the “friends and family” treatment!
Partial list of what’s on offer:

Give me an idea, what’s a “typical” Nicaraguan vacation include?

You will fly into Managua International Airport where as soon as you get out of customs, heading towards the area of the rental cars, you will see my smiling face! A lot of flight arrive sort of late at night, so you and your travel companions can stay with us at the farm that first night.

When you wake up, you’ll see a wonderful view, enjoy a tasty farm-fresh breakfast, with ingredients from the farm, and we’ll plan out that first day. There are lots of things to do in the local area, colonial towns, big lakes, crater lakes, volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, etc., so you can easily spend a couple of days partaking in that and getting your feet wet so to speak.

Then we can figure out what your particular interests are and make sure those fantastic travel experiences happen for you. Here are some possibilities:

And ideally you will plan to have the time to do a number of the above listed items or we can discover even more, this is only a partial listing!

visit Nicaragua

Swimming pool, tranquility and volcano views guaranteed!

Tourism in Nicaragua received 18.7% more foreign exchange – La Prensa

Tourism in Nicaragua received 18.7% more foreign exchange

Yohany Lopez 03/22/2016
Tourism in Nicaragua received 18.7% more foreign exchange

The Central Bank of Nicaragua, through its official Twitter account, confirmed that the tourism sector in Nicaragua received $528.6 million dollars during 2015, According to the organization, growth was 18.7 percent as compared with $445.4 million dollars the country received during 2014. Indeed, Tourism in Nicaragua is growing quite a bit!

See:For Lucy Valenti, president of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), this data reflects the efforts of both the private and public sector, who have sought to stabilize and raise quality levels.

“That figure lets us know that tourism generated more revenue Nicaragua that the main export products in 2015,” said Valenti, who acknowledges that with a strategy better focused to attract tourists to spend more, the country will exceed $1 billion dollars in a short term.
“With just the average daily tourist spending increasing by $ 30, we can see how the sector will continue to contribute to economic development and job creation,” said the president of Canatur.

According to data from BCN last year the average tourist spending in Nicaragua was $ 41.5, down a bit from 41.8 dollars in 2014.While the average stay increased from 7.7 days to 8.7 days.Read: Tourists spent less in 2015 in Nicaragua

La Prensa / FILE

So far the data that the BCN has pending is the number of tourists who entered the country. However, the co-director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur), Anasha Campbell, said that during 2015, 1.45 million visitors entered the country, of which 1.38 million were tourists, 23.473 cruise passengers and  46.235 tour participants.

According to Campbell, housing increased in 2015 compared to 2014 by 654 rooms, when Intur statistics reflected 13,242. You can also read: holiday accommodation in Nicaragua must grow

related notes

Source: Turismo en Nicaragua percibió 18.7% más en divisas – La Prensa

Hey hey! More good data points coming out of the tourism sector of the economy. It is interesting to read that tourism now accounts for more spending than the income from the country’s largest exports. While the article doesn’t say what those exports are, presumably they are cigars, cattle, and other agricultural products.

One other small note, the president of CANTUR, Ms. Valenti says that if the daily spend increases by $30 we can see the sector continuing to support economic development and generation of jobs. Well, I’d like to see the plan on how that is happening, because the daily spend by tourists is currently a little over $40, so how are you about to increase that by 75% with another $30?

There needs to be a study of perceived value for lodging, tours, and other services rendered to visitors, a comparison of prices for said items in Nicaragua, and how much the same types of services and products cost in neighboring countries.

Then, let’s see what the quality is compared to these other places and see if Nicaragua needs to increase the quality of the offerings, and in what respect? Better quality beds? Better trained tour guides? Transportation? Infrastructure? Exactly what needs to change to get that average spend up? I for one would be interested in participating in any studies done!

The obvious “wins” to increase the spending would be from an increase in:

  • cruise passengers
  • luxury spas and other five-star resorts
  • luxury tours

We are using the minimum of the tourist potential we have • El Nuevo Diario

  • |
  • |
  • Print edition

The opportunities offered by tourism in Nicaragua are extraordinary, each year the sector has recorded growth, but for this growth to be sustainable in the long term, it is necessary to make adjustments in the concept of tourism development and growth.

All countries are doing this, and preferences of travelers also change, so we are faced with a competition with similar products that are currently offered by the country. In this context there are many options to take advantage of the growth of world tourism, which even also involves changing paradigms.

Ian Coronel Kinloch, project manager of tourism of the Pellas Foundation Business Center, makes a quick analysis of the situation of the sector and the challenges to be faced and overcome.

We are a tourist country where tourism revenue grows, what is the potential we have and how we are taking advantage?

First of all it should be noted that we are beginning the expansion phase, so we have to ask: what do we want? It has barely begun work on the tourist corridor of the Pacific. Most regions do not enjoy permanent attention with its tourist flow because of this, the Pellas Foundation Business Center (acronym FCEP in Spanish) has been specializing in tourism as a tool to improve opportunities and to be sustainable. Sustainability is a term we give to entrepreneurs that generate their own abilities and not rely on permanent cooperation, they learn to improve over time not only economically, but also environmentally and socially.

A change in welfare mentality by a business person?

We are born with the view that cooperation is paternalism. That is, not only want to see results from use of the funds, but the continuation of these funds. Cooperation previously, I think, did not fit sometimes the needs of the country or was not impinged on by the country and that meant that many resources are lost.

It is this government that a combination of elements where cooperation is starting to raise the logic of those funds, where there is more interest from these results, the government is concerned that the real needs of Nicaragua are not being addressed from the perspective of the nation as a given country, because previously they came prepackaged, and as it was free money, that they received and perhaps not what we needed, and such cooperation did us more harm than benefited us. Thus we see how much infrastructure is abandoned or how many projects were closed the same day that cooperation ended because there was a marked paternalism.

In this context, how then you see the relationship of cooperation, the government and the private sector?

Here are two things, we understand and improve the capabilities or we destroy ourselves with vain ideologies and perspectives, when what matters is that we begin to build a country of opportunities. How this is achieved with the consensus of all parties. We never before have we had an opening like we have with this government in tourism. Not only because we receive, but things are done, opinion and things are resolved in an easier, softer way towards the benefit of tourism is requested.

In so far this year there have been strong volcanic eruptions, which scare away tourism rather seems that attracts more, it’s almost crazy.

I think about this situation, there is an interesting reference, is in Costa Rica, El Arenal volcano, around which a pole of tourism development with almost 800,000 tourists who visited was created. a whole tourism development first world around the volcano, the hot springs and volcanic entire force was created. And what happened? The volcano went off and with it went its flagship product.We are being blessed by four volcanoes that are erupting there, especially the Momotombo, which has been active, but has not harmed or hurt anyone, but is doing a wonderful natural show that it is a volcanic eruption. We did emphasis on the surrounding communities to prepare before eventualities, but also have conditions for people who want to reach. Tourism companies start making packages (tours) because instead of scaring away visitors, the volcanoes create magic for visitors and every time a volcano erupts, visits increase, why? By the overflowing of the uncontrollable force of nature.

Our tourism has developed around the same destinations in the Pacific, but we have many more, the Caribbean, lakes

Look, it is logical because the tourism incursion began belatedly, in the late 90s, there was a flash of development, it means something to the country’s economy, that’s logical. But we have been quite there, you have to make great efforts in diversifying the country, most investments are hotels, restaurants, bars and that sort of thing. You do not have another area you need to visit and complementarity for your main products. How is this? For example San Juan del Sur offers fishing, surfing, sun and beach, while in other Central American countries offer up to 30 different activities. Allowing more you stay, the more expense. We need to incorporate other regions, such as the center of the country. Chontales, one of them, which with the opening of the road are no longer isolated those areas, and especially because all the flow of people coming through Peñas Blancas, Las Manos and other known places. Now we have put Las Tabillas, Chontales on the map. As you get to Chontales, you are in an area about equal to the second richest area of ​​Costa Rica, which are the northern plains, San Carlos, Ciudad Quesada, you have an economic impact.

Boost rural tourism

There are many farms in Nicaragua with enormous potential and are not used by the mentality of the owner. We also need the complementarity of the Caribbean. It’s like a painting without glass, without frame, if we fail to file a multicultural identity, we are failing in Nicaragua because we are not integrating the country as a destination, we are not posing as a unique destination of Nicaragua and can not be and you can not charge you all to the same destination. We have beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, Pearl Lagoon, Pearl Cays, there are many places on the coast: the idiosyncrasy, dances, food, the cultural wealth not’re taking advantage of a series of factors, not seize it as we should.

Of all the tourist potential we have, how much is taking advantage?

I think we’re not using 25 percent of the country’s potential. View here we have spelunking, paragliders, permanent balloon rides, the uses of rural tourism, as in Argentina or Spain. Because the concept that wanted to sell and has been blamed for many foreign consultants is that exploit poverty, because that receive funding. Many NGOs have profited presenting poverty from rural tourism, in almost an animation of poverty. And that no rural tourism. It is to promote rural tourism, cultural performing capabilities of a rural specific area for the enjoyment of residents and tourists there.

In Costa Esmeralda, an airport was built, we speak of other types of tourists, another segment?

Costa Esmeralda, Guacalito, Iguana, Rancho Santana and Bucanero is an area of ​​greatest potential for growth at the end of the highest line had the problem was that tourists do not like to travel two hours on a road that is half bad. These things not only done to potentiate the area but it is a very interesting move, because it connects the Oduber Quiroz (Costa Rica) airport with more flight frequency Augusto C. Sandino Airport. So now you can make direct connections with Europe and the United States before or dreamed as a traveler. Now I as a traveler I go to the airport and go to certain parts of Europe directly. What is important not only that the top level of tourism development, but also access.

Has Cuba is an emerging destination, there are risks to the national or regional tourism?

The main risk is to the Caribbean islands: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Vincent, all those islands that depend on tourism are seriously concerned about the increasingly realistic approach and will give. Because yes strikes you immediately. First because America is like Girlfriends and will see and you can not touch. That was the romance with the Caribbean, all the stars and celebrities, who missed politics.

Then come the more established destinations such as Costa Rica in certain areas, as in others have greater positioning as sustainability and can withstand the onslaught. And then come those who want to climb into the fray. What is important? We do not use a single product to let us know. Sun and beach where there is more market and more market where there for more years, where there is more competition, price, scenic beauty, they have more than us.

Source: Estamos utilizando el mínimo del potencial turístico que tenemos • El Nuevo Diario

Transportation to Granada: Late flight to MGA, best way to get to Granada at midnight? – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

elportonverde Managua, Nicaragua Level Contributor 739 posts 22 reviews

4. Re: Late flight to MGA, best way to get to Granada at midnight? Feb 03, 2016, 1:09 PM

Greetings Amen9: You are saying things that aren’t so, it would be nice for the readers of this forum to know why…of course I already know why! Anyway…


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify for you and the readers El Porton Verde’s location and ambiance.


We are at 1,000 feet elevation so the nights are always cool. Views of two volcanoes, forested hills and plains. On a working eight acre farm full of fruit trees, plantains, bananas, pineapples, etc. Location is 10 minutes to a fancy Managua shopping mall, five minutes to the best hospital, 15 minutes to Masaya Volcano, 20 minutes to the town of Masaya, 25 minutes to MGA.


We are less than an hour from 4 of the top 10 things to do in Nicaragua. And none of those places are in the city of Managua!


Plus, Managua has improved considerably and there are world-class things to do and see in the city now. So thanks for asking! Take a look at my website and you’ll see I’m not stuck anywhere. We already know you have a hidden vested interest in promoting Granada. (Speaking of stuck!)


Just because you don’t like to hear that there are really nice options besides just going straightaway to Granada doen’t mean that they don’t exist. At least I am transparent with the readers of this forum. It’d be nice if you did the same…have a great day!


Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

Source: Late flight to MGA, best way to get to Granada at midnight? – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

Either way is cool, but ask yourself, do you want to wake up to this:

Transportation to Granada

Panoramic view from the porch of El Portón Verde

Or this for your first morning in Nicaragua, your choice!

Late flight to MGA

Expat central, La Calzada, Granada at night

Avid Birdwatchers See 45 Species in and around El Portón Verde!

Birdwatchers Rule! Big-Time Birdwatching at El Portón Verde and El Chocoyero

Hi dear reader(s) and birdwatchers:

EPV recently hosted a very lovely couple, John and Bonnie, who came to us from Minnesota and are active & avid birdwatchers! They stayed with us, as do many of our visitors, on their first and last nights (2 nights at first, fthen three nights at the end) in Nicaragua. I wanted to share some photos and videos of them enjoying their fantastic hobby of birdwatching.

Usually when we go to Chocoyero/El Brujo Natural Reserve, the hike to the falls is only 15 or 20 minutes but not so in this case; it took the better part of an hour! And why? Because we were seeing so many bird and butterfly species that it took longer to walk the kilometer or so from the Visitor Center to the El Chocoyero Waterfall.

We also had an excellent guide, which of course helps as he knows the local birds and has a keen eye for seeing them!

birdwatching El Porton Verde

Waterfall and cliff face with hundreds of Pacific Parrots nesting.

birdwatching El Porton Verde

El Chocoyero Nature Reserve

birdwatching El Porton Verde

Partial List of Birds found at El Portón Verde

birdwatching El Portón Verde

More birds, including those found at El Chocoyero and Masaya Volcano National Park

birdwatching El Portón Verde

Our visitors, avid birdwatchers, enjoyed their visit to see El Chocoyero



El Chocoyero Nature Reserve, Ticuantepe

More on Avid Birdwatchers

I hope you enjoyed this post about Avid Birdwatchers and if you are an avid birdwatcher, please consider coming to stay with us so you can add to our list!

From Wikipedia:

Chocoyero-El Brujo Natural Reserve (Spanish: Reserva Natural El Chocoyero-El Brujo) is located in the municipality of Ticuantepe in the Managua department of Nicaragua. Chocoyero-El Brujo is one of 78 protected areas in Nicaragua, and at just 455 acres (1.8 km2) this tropical forest is one of the smallest in size. Chocoyero-El Brujo was declared a natural reserve in 1993 is managed by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA).[1]

More at the link!