Frequently Asked Questions (a work in progress)

House Rules

We’ve got some very simple, but straightforward, house rules, and these rules must be observed.
  • No disturbance of other guests.
  • No loud noise.
  • No pets (Maybe we can take your dog, but please arrange that with us in advance.)
  • $5 entry fee for all visitors who use the swimming pool. No charge if just visiting.
  • No Visitors after 10PM.

You’ll appreciate that we have to care for all our guests, so there are no exceptions to any of these rules.

Where are you located?

The above is the intersection where our road meets the Carretera a Masaya.  This is at kilometer 10.5. The highway has kilometer markers. So come in here and follow the rest of the directions you will find on our Location page.

We have a car and/or a driver.  How do we get to your place?

Take Carretera a Masaya to kilometer 10.5.  Turn South (right if going towards Masaya, left if going towards Managua) at the stoplight by the UNO gas station. On the other side of the highway will be the big yellow building which is the Police Criminal Laboratory. Go South on the road (initially there is an intersection where you can go forward or go to the right, go forward) until you get to the San Antonio Sur Elementary School.

There is an intersection just past the school but DO NOT TURN, continue going South where the road turns from a paved road into a dirt road. Go one long block until you see a narrow dirt road on the right.  Turn right, going up the hill 300 meters, pass two concrete ramps and we are the green gate on the left just after the second concrete ramp. Honk and we’ll open the gate for you!

We don’t have a car, how do we get to your place?

That depends on where you are coming from. The directions are slightly different.

If you’re coming from points South, how do I get to Farmstay El Portón Verde: To get here, for you guys coming in on bus from I’m assuming places south like San Juan del Sur, Ometepe, Rivas, Granada etc. you will enter Managua on Carretera a Masaya.  You just tell the driver’s assistant to let you off at the diez y medio and then cross the road to the UNO gas station and right there are the caponeras that drive the mototaxis.

You are coming from points North or East, how do you get to Farmstay El Portón Verde?: For folks coming in from the Occidente of Nicaragua (Leon, Chinandega) or the Northeast (Esteli, Matagalpa, Jinotega), call and ask us to come and pick you up, or take a taxi from your bus stop to “kilometer 10.5, Carretera a Masaya.” If you have your luggage and things with you, tell the taxi driver to go, “2 kms al Sur. De la escuela San Antonio Sur, una cuadra al Sur, 300 metros al Oeste.” If you just have a backpack and are traveling light, take one of the mototaxis to our place. Tell the driver “Callejon de los Briones, Finca El Portón Verde.”

If you’re coming from Managua: Any bus leaving from Mercado Huembes goes straight up Carretera a Masaya and you can ask the driver to let you off at the 10.5, then go and get yourself a caponera in a mototaxi to take you to our place.

Once you get to the gasolinero UNO at kilometer 10.5 of Carretera a Masaya, tell any of the caponera guys “Callejon de los Briones, Finca El Portón Verde” and they take you to our door in about six minutes for 20 cordobas. Or better yet, call us when you pass km 14 (if coming from points South) and Galerias Santo Domingo mall approx. km 8 (if coming from Managua) and we’ll drive down to the gas station to pick you up, not a problem.


Breakfast: Your breakfast is included in the rate you paid for your room.  We normally serve a delicious and filling Nicaraguan breakfast which typically includes gallo pinto, eggs, and either fresh tortillas or plantains.  We vary the breakfast menu depending on the season and usually include either fresh fruit and/or a fruit juice. Cereal with milk or yogurt is also available. Nicaraguan coffee is also included.  Just let us know how you like it!

Lunch and Dinner: Lunch and dinner are available upon advance request. Please let us know at least two hours in advance that you and your group will be dining with us. Lunch is served between 12:30 and 1:30 and dinner is served between 6:30 and 7:30. We charge a nominal fee of $5.00 per person per meal. The lunches we serve are usually a bigger meal then dinner, but always include fresh healthy ingredients. If you have any special dietary requests, please let us know that too!

Are there any restaurants within walking distance of your farm?

No not really.  There is a comedor near the San Antonio Sur elementary school but that is only for lunches and on the weekends they have good nacatamales. For dinner, we have noticed a fritanga that is open sometimes that is also near the elementary school.

But you always have the option to eat with us at the farm. We offer lunch and dinner meals for an additional cost of $5 per meal. Just let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to make a little extra for you! These are always healthy meals that are part of our pre-planned menu located on the refrigerator of the kitchen upstairs.

Let’s say we wanted to go out for a nice dinner, what would you recommend?

I would recommend going to Hotel Contempo, which is either a long walk or a short mototaxi ride. Hotel Contempo has a French chef and the food is excellent!

Also close by with a good variety to choose from is Galerias Santo Domingo, which takes only about ten minutes to get to from the farm.

What if we don’t have our own vehicle and we wanted to go exploring the local area?

There are local transportation options such as mototaxis that can take you to the main highway, to the Galerias mall, one or more supermarkets, etc. Buses going to points South pass by on Carretera a Masaya all day and into the early evenings. Note: If you go anywhere at night you should take taxis.

What is travel without a private vehicle like during the daytime?

During the daytime, we usually just walk down the hill from the farm to the Camino a Cuatro Esquinas (300 yards). If a mototaxi isn’t right there, we start walking east towards the Centro Escolar San Antonio Sur (the local elementary school). From early morning to about 7 pm the caponeras come by fairly often.

Caponeras driving mototaxis are available to take you to the main highway (Carretera a Masaya) and from there you can find taxis and buses to take you to downtown Managua or to points South such as Ticuantepe, Masaya, Granada, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, etc. They can also take you to the bus stop (not as far as the highway), or they can take you to the Hotel Contempo if you want to enjoy the ambiance there or a gourmet meal.

Let’s say we wanted to go to the local entertainment, shopping, and dining zone nearby, Galerias Santo Domingo.  How would we get there without our own vehicle?

For someone without a vehicle, first off we go out quite often and of course would take you and drop you off at Galerias or wherever you needed to go assuming its not too far out of the way for us. Besides that, there are local caponeras whom we can call. I call them “motitos” these are the three-wheeled mototaxis that can take you all the way to the mall (probably going the back way to avoid the highway) or they can take you just to the km 10.5 entrance on the highway, where you can flag down a real taxi or a bus. If you walk down the hill to catch the motito, it is 5 cordobas to the entrance on Carretera a Masaya and a taxi from there maybe 30 cords to Galerias. Galerias is at about km 8 so its less than 3 kilometers away from our entrance on Carretera a Masaya. It takes maybe 15 minutes to get there this way.

You can also go even cheaper (at least to the mall) via bus. Local buses go directly to Galerias (the motito drops you on the corner where the bus comes by) via Santo Domingo. That would be 5+3=8 cordobas each way.

This is the overview of the route from kilometer 10.5, Carretera a Masaya

Does local transportation come right by the front door of Farmstay El Porton Verde?

Yes, but not very often unless we arrange a motito or taxi pickup for you at a certain time. While we can call one of the drivers to pick you up at the farm, most often we just walk down the hill and usually a motito is coming by in a minute or two.

How do I get back to Farmstay El Porton Verde?

If it is daytime you have options: bus, taxi, motito.

If you are going out in the evening: we recommend you leaving in the late afternoon no later than five p.m. so you can get to your general location before it gets too late, as the caponeras do not run in the evenings past seven p.m. You will need to take a taxi back

The motitos don’t run after seven p.m. so if you were out at nighttime you’d need to taxi back at least to km 10.5 of Carretera a Masaya, then call us to pick you up from there. If you have don’t have a phone, tell the taxi driver that from km 10.5 of Carretera a Masaya the directions are: “2 kms al Sur. De la escuela San Antonio Sur, una cuadra al Sur, Callejon de los Briones, 300 metros al Oeste.”