Driving or Taxi Directions

When driving or having a taxi drop you off at Finca El Portón Verde, you will arrive safely and with minimum hassle if you follow these general directions.

Driving or Taxi Directions

1. Especially if you are traveling at night, best to just call us to come and pick you up from the UNO gas station, 505-2278-9014 or 505-8861-7254 (Movistar).

Taxis will charge you extra to come in off of the highway, and they won’t like our steep road at the end.

This is the overview of the route from kilometer 10.5, Carretera a Masaya

The first step is to get to KM 10.5 of Carretera a Masaya.  This is easily done as it is the main road between two important cities, Managua and Masaya.

2. If coming from Masaya or other points South

If you are coming from Masaya (or other points south such as the Costa Rica border, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Ometepe, Granada, Masaya, or the Pueblos Blancos,  and headed north towards Managua then look for the UNO Gasoline Station on the left-hand side.  On the right-hand side of the road is the National Crimes Laboratory which has a big sign and is painted a bright yellow color.

3. If coming from Managua

If coming from Managua you will get to about km 9 (after passing the entrances to Las Colinas on the left). You will see three stoplights on the right, one after the other.  The first is for Santo Domingo and has the Stop’nGo market and a couple of banks. The second is the entrance for the Vivian Pellas Metropolitano Hospital. The third stoplight will have a sign for AUTO HOTEL 10 1/2 and will have an UNO gas station. Across the street is the new crime lab.

National Police Criminal Laboratory is across the highway from the entrance for km 10 1/2.

National Police Criminal Laboratory is across the highway from the entrance for km 10 1/2.

Above is the Police Crime Lab. Across the street is the UNO gas station.

Just turn at the UNO, and keep going forward. Do not turn right at that first intersection!

If coming from points south, you can also turn left just before the 10.5, at km 11, where you will see a sign for Hotel Contempo. Keep going on that road until it ends and you have to to either right or left. Turn left at the corner past Casa de España.

After leaving the area of the UNO gasoline station you are heading south. The next landmark is the Casa de España.

Either way (from km 10.5 or km 11, you will either go past this intersection called Casa de España or turn left just after passing it. Once going south, keep going forward.

Almost there, now just keep going South past the elementary school which will be on your right. Then pass that first street on the right after the school, proceed south onto a dirt road. Continue one (long) block and turn right at the next little dirt road alleyway you see on the right. You will pass two condominium projects that are on the right behind huge gates.

Once you start up the alleyway, it will get steep and bumpy for 300 yards. We actually just put a whole house-worth of material (broken up bricks and concrete blocks) on the road so it is much better then it was!

So going up the hill you will pass a paved ramp, just after that ramp on the left-hand side you will see a big green gate. Beep your horn and we’ll open the gate so you can park your vehicle securely inside the property. You’ve made it!

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