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First Luxury Countryside Resort Opens in Nicaragua

Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat, an Intimate Eight-Room Nature-Driven Property Located on Expansive 1,300-Acre Reserve, Fosters a Spirit of Exploration, Adventure and Wellbeing

Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat (Photo: Business Wire)

Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat (Photo: Business Wire)

NANDAIME, Nicaragua–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat, an intimate eight-room property located on a 1,300-acre nature reserve in Nicaragua, today debuts as the country’s first luxury countryside resort. Located 30 minutes from the historic colonial town of Granada, Nekupe fosters a spirit of exploration, adventure and wellbeing through its understated and culturally sensitive design that was influenced by Feng Shui principles, immersive activities, and indoor, outdoor living that provides guests with a rich sense of place.

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Experiences at Nekupe are rooted in an active-outdoor lifestyle ideal for multi-generational families, groups of friends or adventurous retreats that include exploration, hiking, tennis, horseback riding, sporting clay and target shooting, and more. These activities are complemented by opportunities for thoughtful inner reflection through mountain-top yoga overlooking majestic views of Mombacho Volcano, outdoor spa treatments utilizing native ingredients, meditation and nature walks.

Nekupe was conceived as a private family retreat by Nicaraguan philanthropists Don Alfredo Pellas and Doña Theresita Pellas, avid travelers and adventure enthusiasts whose commitment to nature is exhibited through the resort’s core principle of respect for the environment. They created a sanctuary, reforesting more than 14,000 trees, building water reservoirs, and nurturing local wildlife, with the desire of cultivating a destination where guests may enjoy shared experiences in a meaningful way.

“Nekupe, which means ‘heaven’ in Chorotega – the indigenous language of a native tribe in Nicaragua, has been a true passion to bring to life, driven by the love for our country, its breathtakingly raw beauty, cultural heritage and kind people,” said Don Alfredo Pellas. “We are excited to see Nekupe and Nicaragua evolve into destinations where guests will reconnect with nature and each other through relaxing and invigorating experiences.”

  • Accommodations – Guests may buy out the entire eight-room resort or book any of the following accommodations individually. Each room comes with a luxury ATV to navigate the miles of natural terrain.
    • La Residencia de Doña Theresita – Perched atop a hill to allow for views across the reserve and out to Mombacho Volcano is the 24,000-square-foot main residential compound, La Residencia de Doña Theresita. The residence houses two grand suites, each measuring 1,300 square feet, which overlook a 1,900-square-foot deck that includes an infinity plunge pool with grand vistas of the deep forest. It also houses two standard 870-square-foot suites, a full kitchen and recreational pool.
    • Villas – Four standalone villas that range from 700-1,000 square feet, each with an open terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows, are nestled along the countryside offering guests an immersive indoor/outdoor experience. Guests will enjoy access to the neighboring dry river outlined with giant bromeliads and impressive rock fountains.
  • Central Lobby – Nekupe’s central lobby, Casa Club, is a communal space with airy living and lounge options to enjoy a cocktail or convene to coordinate the day’s activities. The 10,800-square-foot lounge also houses the resort’s restaurant, Don Alfredo’s, a gift shop and pool court where guests may take in panoramic views of the Nicaraguan landscape, including a stunning view of Nicaragua’s majestic Mombacho Volcano.
  • Outdoor Pursuits – Nekupe’s incomparable setting is highlighted by its roster of extraordinary outdoor experiences taking advantage of the varied terrain full of trails, manmade nature pools and babbling creeks. A designated Ranger Center will guide guests through on- and off-site activities including:
    • On-site: Horseback riding, sporting clay and target shooting, ropes course, fully equipped fitness center, tennis, butterfly and birdwatching, stargazing, marimba classes, swimming in the recreational pool and folkloric dance lessons.
    • Off-site: Day tours to Granada and the Islets, volcano hiking and sandboarding, surfing, golfing, cultural tours and coffee plantation tours.
  • Culinary Offerings – Guests will enjoy traditional Nicaraguan dishes with a modern interpretation using a bounty of native ingredients, inspired by Doña Theresita’s own cooking and sourced from the on-site garden and local purveyor. For those in search of more bespoke menu items, the resort’s chef may customize any meal to suit culinary needs. An outdoor chef’s table and exhibition kitchen serves as the backdrop for cooking classes and bespoke dinners. Hand-crafted cocktails and cigar and rum tastings complement the culinary delights.
  • Wellness – A sanctuary for the soul, Nekupe’s peaceful and intimate reserve serves as a restorative destination that invites guests to benefit from the area’s healing energy and attributes. Travelers are invited to embrace the calm and inner peace afforded by this natural countryside oasis through meditative practices on the resort’s expansive yoga deck that overlooks the rolling reserve out to Concepción and Maderas Volcanos.
  • Chapel – Perched atop one of the highest points in the nature reserve and surrounded by trees that bloom the fragrant sacuanjoche flower, lies the resort’s Chapel San Francisco de Asis. With stone walls and wooden trim, the stately venue immediately impresses with its simple, yet elegant nature; thoughtful design, including an Italian bell customized for Don Alfredo and Doña Theresita; and breathtaking fountain that streams water to the baptistery. Whether guests opt for a leisure stroll or ride up the hill, they will take solace in the calming energy of the journey. The chapel is available for guests to meditate and use as a venue for intimate weddings and events.
  • Spa – A cornerstone of the resort, Nekupe Spa gives more than a nod to its inspired location set amidst lush vegetation. Embracing all energy points of the property, select native-based treatments utilizing natural ingredients will be available in the Casa Club and designated meadows within the reserve starting November 2016. The spa’s full concept will debut in 2017. Guests will enjoy views of the sprawling locale and hear nature’s meditative soundtrack while experiencing restorative treatments created to nourish and restore in this unspoiled setting.

Nekupe, an hour-and-a-half drive from Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport, will offer rates beginning at $750 per night. Rates include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; non-alcoholic beverages; one ATV per accommodation; and select activities on property. For reservations and additional information, visit

Nicaragua, known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, is Central America’s hottest travel destination. It offers travelers one-of-a-kind experiences due to its vast natural beauty – all set amidst a backdrop of striking colonial architecture, charming culture and the warmth of its people.

About Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat

Nicaragua’s first luxury countryside resort, Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat, is an intimate eight-room property located on a 1,300-acre nature reserve. Offering a seamless confluence of sustainable nature-based design with Feng Shui influences, rich Nicaraguan culture and warm hospitality, the property effortlessly blends with the environment to nurture exploration, adventure and wellbeing. Nekupe is the vision of Nicaraguan philanthropists Don Alfredo and Doña Theresita Pellas, avid travelers and adventure enthusiasts whose commitment to nature is exhibited through the resort’s core principles of respect and stewardship of the environment.


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Source: First Luxury Countryside Resort Opens in Nicaragua | Business Wire

10 places in Nicaragua that you should visit in 2016 • El Nuevo Diario

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In 2015, Nicaragua, the land of lakes and volcanoes was inaugurated as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Central America, that, thanks to its natural beauties, and the promotion and development of new options for recreation and tourism infrastructure works they are opening across the country.

El Almendro

Three mighty waterfalls and wide on the bed of the Rio Tepenaguazapa that flows around the town of El Almendro, are the main attraction of this cattle town in the department of Rio San Juan.

Three mighty and wide waterfalls on the river bed Tepenaguazapa circulating around the town of El Almendro form the main attraction of this town.

Three mighty and wide waterfalls on the bed of the Rio Tepenaguazapa that flows around the town of El Almendro, are the main attraction of this cattle town in the department of Rio San Juan.

San Cristobal volcano

On the slopes of this giant of fire and sand is a growing amount of tourist activity including hiking, climbing to his smoking cone, bird watching and wildlife, and other recreational activities organized by the community, in addition to accommodation in environmentally friendly hotels.


At the top of the Loma de Tiscapa, the highest hill of the old town of Managua, rises majestically the silhouette of the General of free men Augusto C. Sandino, illuminated at night by a halo of streetlights that contrast with the gray sky and one of the “Tree of Life”, similar to those the government installed along the Avenida Bolivar and several roundabouts.


Nicaragua has one of the richest natural resources in Central America, including one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes and some of the longest rivers in the Isthmus countries, therefore, along its rugged geography, massifs top of dozens of rivers are born that supply the valley and surrounding cities in their eternal journey to the sea or the Great Lakes.


Just 26 kilometers from Managua is Nindirí ,, picturesque town of Masaya.– Just 26 kilometers from Managua is Nindirí ,, picturesque town of Masaya. –

Just 26 kilometers from Managua, capital of Nicaragua, is Nindirí, a picturesque town located in Masaya department. In the last 20 years the town has transformed its urban landscape into a growing tourist attraction site.The city counts among its attractions, two museums, the Archaeological Museum and Tenderí Nacudari ethnographic museum.


It is a village of fishermen who lived its time of splendor when large logging companies used it as a lake port to ship the precious woods that abounded in the forests of southeastern Nicaragua. Morrito is a new tourist destination to discover; for its history, scenic beauty and its high potential for water sports like kayaking, artisanal fishing and boating.

Hacienda Los Malacos

A walk in true harmony with nature. Rowboats on placid waters of three indoor canals bordering lush tropical islands; guises, magpies, gray herons and welcome you to enjoy the new tourist option provided by Hacienda Los Malacos Ecological Park, located on the outskirts of the colonial city of Granada.

Community tourism in LAS ISLETAS

The 360 ​​islands that has the largest freshwater lake water of Central America, Nicaragua or Lake Nicaragua, invite an encounter with nature and relax in community hostels that the inhabitants of this earthly paradise have created.

Islets of Granada.– Islets of Granada. –

Hacienda Santa Lastenia

The Santa Lastenia offers visitors a unique experience, as well as letting you know about the process of production of rice, invites you to enjoy a picnic and walking on forest trails to the river where you can go kayaking, paddle- or motor-boating; either way, you are sure to enjoy your visit and the scenic beauty of the area.

Puerto Diaz

The first news about the existence of this chontaleño town dates back to the beginnings of the Spanish colonization, when the Spanish captain Diego Machuca and Alonso Calero, in his journey through the drain looking for the “sweet sea” –as told him the Spanish Nicaragua– the Great Lake called at these shores in April 1539.

Source: 10 lugares de Nicaragua que debes visitar en el 2016 • El Nuevo Diario

These are truly some of the “off-the-beaten-path” places to visit in Nicaragua! Quite a few of them I had never before heard of…not that I’m some kind of expert but it just goes to show you that there are so many lovely out-of-the-way spots to visit in this country that the list seems to never end!

Center for Extreme Tourism Opens on Nicaragua’s Tallest Volcano

Center for Extreme Tourism Opens on Nicaragua’s Tallest Volcano

CHICHIGALPA, Nicaragua – A new attraction for fans of extreme tourism has been inaugurated at the foot of San Cristobal Volcano, Nicaragua’s tallest, in the northwestern region of the Central American country.
Volcano San Cristobal in Nicaragua, taken from an upper level of the sugar mill at the Ingenio San Antonio in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. Ryan Ballantyne --ryos 01:28, 18 June 2006 (UTC) - Own work

Volcano San Cristobal in Nicaragua, taken from an upper level of the sugar mill at the Ingenio San Antonio in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua.
Ryan Ballantyne –ryos 01:28, 18 June 2006 (UTC) – Own work

The site, with its inn, dining hall, visitors center, tourist service facility and trails for climbing the 1,745-meter (5,721-foot) high volcano, was constructed with a budget of 250,000 euros ($276,125), funded 80 percent by the European Union and 20 percent by the Chichigalpa city government.

Its construction is aimed at promoting the comprehensive development of the tourism value chain based on the Route of the Colonial Cities and the Volcanoes, the EU said.

“We used to think that all this volcano could do was erupt, but now it’s on the national route of tourist attractions,” Chichigalpa Mayor Victor Manuel Sevilla told EFE.

Cool story from the LatAm Herald Tribune about the opening of a new tourist center located on Volcano San Cristobal, located near Chichigalpa, which is in-between Leon and Chinandega, Nicaragua. The volcano is consistently active, and is the tallest in Nicaragua at 5,725 ft. It’s part of a chain of five volcanoes in the area.
The funding came mostly from the EU with a portion paid for by the city of Chichigalpa. This new center is expected to boost sustainable tourism.

Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua (video in Spanish)

The above video is well done, has good production values and I like the focus on the northern Nicaraguan area, the “Ruta del Cafe” or Coffee Route is one of these ideas that the national tour agency gets to promote an area and/or activity/interest under one umbrella, that is for sure, but if I can put on my critic’s cap here, the presentation, while nice, does not mention a webpage where one can actually find out more and possibly book a tour! The title of the video is UNICOOTUR and the logo on the video says UNICOTOURS. Neither of which appear to be connected with a sustainable tourism organization located in Northern Nicaragua. So sorry but I couldn’t find any actual links for you. But, again, pretty video. Enjoy!

I wanted to share with you some actual links to Sustainable Tourism in Nicaragua for you to take a look at, but there really aren’t any, either in Spanish or English! I do know about a few, but they are not really any sort of organization of sustainable tourism in the country, just listings and some general information. Well, here’s what I have:

There are several properties that are self-described “sustainable tourism” destinations, and most if not all of these tend to be legit as far as the eco-friendly standards such as trying to save electricity, water, promote ecological practices in general, including permaculture and other sustainable farming techniques.

Some of these are listed here:

There are a bunch more, most of which are new that I haven’t really heard or know anything about. If you know of anymore and can personally recommend them, please comment here!

Sadly, that’s about it!

Chocolate Gives New Impetus to Nicaragua’s Economy

Nicaragua wants to capitalize on this voracious appetite with a gourmet, organic and top quality product that is better than that of its direct competitor

via Chocolate Gives New Impetus to Nicaragua’s Economy.

Here at the Farmstay, we have a few cacao trees going and producing the pods from which ultimately comes lovely tasty CHOCOLATE! From an eco-tourism perspective, having visitors and guests be able to experience what it is like to grow and process the cacao pods into chocolate would be of interest, would you agree?

For first-time visitors to Nicaragua, you should know that we have a delicious drink called cacao, which is a sort of chocolate milk with some hints of clove and cinnamon. Since we love cacao here on the farm, I thought, “why not plant some?”

Its been about four years since we started planting a few cacao trees. They like a shady area, preferably with a “nurse tree” nearby to fix nitrogen into the soil. Ours have done pretty well, although one was planted in an area that is not as shady as it should be, so it is surviving but not flourishing. The ones doing well are under large trees that provide shade almost the whole day.

Lo and behold, we find that there is a worldwide shortage of chocolate coming up here shortly, and that Nicaragua is perfectly situated to take advantage of the increased demand.

Let us know if you tried cacao and if you think it is as tasty as we do! Also, if it would be of interest to you to come and learn about how to make chocolate from scratch!

A vigorous land –

A vigorous land –

By Henry Shukman

Explosive scenery and teeming wildlife make Nicaragua the ideal destination for a family holiday

Smoke drifts from Concepción volcano on the island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua

Good article that discusses ecotourism in Nicaragua; mentioning Totoco Ecolodge on Ometepe, Selva Negra in Matagalpa, and Morgan’s Rock near San Juan del Sur, but strangely enough, NOT Farmstay El Portón Verde. 🙂