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Tourism must diversify

 By: Yohany Lopez

INTUR presents a proposal to the government

This morning, the president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Medium and Small Enterprises Tourism (Cantur), Leonardo Torres, will present a strategic proposal that contributes to the diversification of tourist circuits and helps increase the average daily expenditure of foreign visitors.

The initiative aims to be harvest sustainably productive farms in the country and thus push community tourism and agro-tourism.

“This is to exploit all available resources in the country, which are not only the beach but also the mountains, volcanoes, lagoons, colonial history and styles of some of the cities,” said Torres.

Currently the Nicaraguan Tourism Board (Intur) together with employers promote the routes of Coffee, Water, Colonial and Volcanoes, Haciendas and the South Pacific. But according to Cantur, this new initiative is expected to further exploit the attractions.

At the close of 2014t Intur reported 8,693 companies in the country that provide different tourist services, of which 59.9 percent were for local food and beverages, 17.8 percent to lodging and 22.3 percent to other tourist activities such as: night clubs, discos, travel agencies, businesses, land and water transportation, among others.

They aspire to US $ 75 DAILY

One of the expectations that is not lost on Cantur is that the average foreign tourist spending will rise to between 70 and 75 dollars a day and it considered two aspects: “First diversify the options and (second) provide overall complete tourist packages. Do this without neglecting the Central American visitors. Then, look a little closer at the foreigners who come from North America and Europe, who are the biggest spenders during their stay in the country.”

Intur published data by the Central Bank of Nicaragua and updated until the fourth quarter of 2014 which placed the average daily spending at $ 43.40 for foreigners, and to reach the seventies, a further growth of fifty percent would be required.

Torres is aiming the proposal primarily at the executive president of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur), Mayra Salinas, and presidential adviser for economic affairs, Bayardo Arce. The presentation will be heldduring the implementation of the National Tourism Forum 2015 for MSMEs, which is to be held  today at the Holiday Inn.


The department of Managua has the largest number of tourist establishments and contributes 30.7 per cent of total economic activity according to the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism. Secondly the Autonomous Regions of the North Caribbean and South Caribbean have a stake of 9.1 percent and Leon with 6.8 percent of the total.

Source: Turismo debe diversificarse | La Prensa

This is the latest scheme by CANTUR, which is basically the chamber of commerce for the tourism industry here in Nicaragua, to propose to INTUR, which is the Nicaraguan  Tourism Board. As one reads the story, it appears to be aimed at bringing in more eco-tourism and agro-tourism in Nicaragua, which of course from our perspective at the Farmstay, this is all good as that’s what we are!

This happened today  17 July, 2015, so the results are not exactly in yet, but I would be surprised if INTUR really supports something like this because they appear to myself and many other small lodging operations that they don’t particularly do much for the little guy who actually has or had some capital, developed or is developing a small hotel or b and b at present.

Of course that would be great if they could get it together a little bit more to somehow get farms in pretty locations of Nicaragua to start learning about customer service, maintenance and cleaning of facilities, marketing, sales, planning, etc. but I can say that it appears to me to be a huge challenge.

If CANTUR/INTUR can put together or partner with an existing simple reservation system with a website featuring a searchable database of properties, a way to rate the properties, view calendars, make reservations, and pay for your stay electronically, then we’d be talking. Lacking that, this proposal will go into the dustbin along with several other equally needed initiatives that never got off the ground.


Why Vacationing on a Farm Isn’t as Weird as It Sounds | TakePart


“People are looking for ways to connect with the land, that are interesting places, where they can learn something,” Stewart says. “If you can add to that a culinary angle where they’re actually getting to taste and experience the wonderful, fresh foods from those farms—it’s a winning combination.”

via Why Vacationing on a Farm Isn’t as Weird as It Sounds | TakePart.

Farms Masatepe | venta | farm attraction 24 mz : USD 30000.00

Farms Masatepe | venta | farm attraction 24 mz : USD 30000.00.

farm attraction 24 mz

Property Information

Location: Masatepe
Price $30,000.00
Price/m2 of land $0.17
Construction size m2 0
Lot Size in m2 168000
Benefits Near Transit, Lake View, Mountain View, Water system, Electrïcity, Easy Acces


farm 24 blocks, with adjoining tourist attractions with the viewpoint of Nandasmo, hotel and spa gates of heaven, nimboja hills, house 7 x 12. 82 m in good brick with iron frame and zinc drinking water energy all-weather road stone, cultivated with pineapple, it has, dwarf banana, Hawaiian papaya plants at harvest two years guapinol cedar, mahogany, kapok, melina teak, cashew, mango, narajas, avocados, new fences, water well d sources. negosiable pressures

Wow, this looks to be a really nice property with a nice price! I really like the Pueblos Blancos area of Nicaragua. Close enough to Managua to visit easily for shopping, health care, education, etc. but up in the elevation a bit so the area has good weather. As usual, I have no connection with this property, do not know any more details, so on and so forth. Just click the link above and ask away there!

Someone looking to relocate to Nicaragua and perhaps build their own home and do some “gentleman farming” could do worse then to hang their hat here! Its a lot of fun having a farm in Nicaragua. Especially in this area of Masatepe, the land is very fertile so whatever you wanted to grow would most likely do very well. Setup your permaculture farm here!

Masatepe is known for its furniture making workshops. They have converted their old railroad station into showrooms for the furniture. It is worth the drive to go and see what they have. Some really nice quality and fair prices. I just went a few week ago to have some chaise lounges made. We’ll see tomorrow how they turned out!


Our pineapples are coming along nicely!

Don’t mind the look on Don Chalillo’s face 🙂

Our pineapple patch is looking good. The pineapples we planted about four or five months ago are already almost ready to start getting picked. So when you come and visit, if you like sweet pineapples, these are what you will be eating for your fruit during breakfast!