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Stratus Video expects to hire 250 video interpreters in Costa Rica in the next two years to help doctors in the U.S. communicate with non-English speaking patients. (Via Stratus Video)
Stratus Video expects to hire 250 video interpreters in Costa Rica in the next two years to help doctors in the U.S. communicate with non-English speaking patients. (Via Stratus Video)

Wanted: video interpreters in Costa Rica


U.S. company Stratus Video is hiring Spanish-English interpreters in Costa Rica for its real-time video interpreting service for doctors and patients in the U.S.

On Wednesday, the Foreign Trade Ministry confirmed that the company will begin operations in January with an initial staff of 120 interpreters who will work from home. Stratus plans to expand its staff to 250 workers by 2017.

The Costa Rica operation will help English-speaking doctors communicate with non-English speaking patients through a video chat system that can be loaded on to any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Interpreters will all telecommute, therefore jobs are open to people all over the country.

Stratus recruiters are seeking Spanish–English bilingual staff, preferably with interpretation experience and with a broad command of medical vocabulary in both languages. Applicants must have a private and quiet workspace at home as well as a computer with Internet access and a webcam.

Source: Video interpreting firm hiring in Costa RicaThe Tico Times

There is a need for real-time translation and interpreting services between doctors who speak English and “low-English” patients; there is a technology app/platform for this, and while the conversations may take place primarily in the United States, there is no reason why this type of work might as well be done in Costa Rica. It presumably could take place in a country like Nicaragua too.

Most if not all of the above, I did not know. Now I do. You do too!

The only medical jobs in Nicaragua that have to do with translation services that I know of would be Arlen Perez and her crack Medical Tourism team at the Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas. This regionally-accredited hospital is located just five minutes away from the Farmstay and on ocassion we receive visitors who are recuperating from a surgery or have something going on with the hospital that require regular visits.Hospital Metropolitano

If a

Medical Tourism Nicaragua: Quality work can pay for your tropical beach vacation!

Medical Tourism Nicaragua

Looking to get some medical work done, save a ton of money, and pay for a great Nicaraguan vacation?Hospital Metropolitano

Due to its world-class, high-quality hospitals with regional accreditation and low cost, many searchers for medical tourism services choose to visit Nicaragua as their destination of choice. For some, that means staying before and after your surgery or other treatment/procedure in the Managua area.


But most people do not come to Nicaragua to stay at a chain hotel similar to what you have in your hometown. You would prefer to stay in the best-TripAdvisor rated lodging in Managua that has a true Nicaraguan flavor with first-world comforts and customer service.

Farmstay El Porton Verde is a small bed and breakfast located five minutes drive from Hospital Metropolitano Las Pellas, the best-run and most modern hospital in the country. The Farmstay is nested in the breezy hills south of Managua approx. 2 km off of kilometer 10.5 of the Road to Masaya (Carretera a Masaya). With our outstanding views, four-star quality guest rooms, and gorgeous swimming pool, we offer a quiet and fresh alternative to the airport- and downtown-area chain hotels and small inns. Our motto is: “we are located in Managua, but being here feels like a world away…” but the only way to really appreciate it is to be here for yourself. We invite you to visit and stay with us at the farm.

Your host Mike, in addition to welcoming you with personalized service and attention to detail that the most discerning travelers can appreciate, can help you arrange a wide range of health care services, from elective cosmetic surgery to a much-needed hip or knee replacement. (Basically any treatment or surgery done in Nicaragua costs nor more then 1/3 the price of what it would cost back home!)

As an example, the Farmstay recently received a visitor who is living in Costa Rica and he saved over $3,000 in his gall bladder removal compared to the price he would have paid in the neighboring Central American country! And he was thrilled by the quality of care, the concierge service, and the English-speaking doctors and other health professionals with whom he was in contact.

For those a bit nervous due to this being your first visit to Nicaragua, much less a visit to a foreign hospital, we hope to help you have a relaxing stay here in Nicaragua from the moment you leave the customs area at MGA airport to the moment you pass through security on your way back home. For those first-time visitors, here is a link to my blog about What’s the drill? What to expect when arriving at MGA Managua’s Augusto Sandino International Airport

We work and live on a small (eight acre) organic permaculture farm located in the breezy hills south of Managua, overlooking Ticuantepe and Masaya, Nicaragua. We enjoy the views, peace and tranquility here so much, we decided to share it with a select group of travelers…if are you one of those who want a unique Nicaraguan vibe from your first to your last night in-country, then we are the right place for you!

As part of the medical lodging and transportation services we offer, we can take you to and from doctor’s visits, tests, and consultations, surgeries, treatments, physical therapy, etc. As needed, on-site aftercare by nurses or other health professionals can be arranged.

Need quality medical work done? Like a “free” vacation in Nicaragua?.

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The US Healthcare System: Most Expensive Yet Worst In The Developed World | Zero Hedge

United States health care system is the most expensive in the world, U.S. fails to achieve better health outcomes than the other countries, and as shown in the earlier editions, the U.S. is last or near last on dimensions of access, efficiency, and equity.

healthcare ranking 2

via The US Healthcare System: Most Expensive Yet Worst In The Developed World | Zero Hedge.

If this post from Zero Hedge and the accompanying link to the actual report does not for once and for all convince you of the true nature of the health care industry in the USA, then nothing will!

Since coming here and seeing the great options people have in health care, I’ve become more and more convinced that for what you pay for in the USA and the level of care you receive does not add up to a good deal for the majority of the population. In Nicaragua, it’s not just foreigners who have Medical Tourism options, but all Nicaraguans can get health care in this country. Even though the country is so poor, there is a functioning “Universal Health Care” system that at least for most people, works albeit slowly and not always in the best of conditions.

Here at the Farmstay we work with the nearby Hospital Metropolitano Las Pellas to provide mostly transportation, lodging and after care services for their patients who are here in Nicaragua to receive Medical Tourism solutions for their health care problems.

Contact me if you would like to explore your options, which include full concierge services, English-speaking doctors, regionally accredited hospitals, and excellent pre- and post-surgery care.

The most any procedure that can be done in Nicaragua will cost you is less then one-third the comparable cost of the same procedure done in the United States.

So personally, I am all for the growth of Medical Tourism and I hope it strikes fear into the hearts of the AMA and other members of the medical mafias that rule over the system in the USA where you pay the absolute most and get the absolute worst service.

Nicaragua Medical Tourism | Nicaragua Health Care System | Nicaragua Hospitals

Answered by Mike Quinn – Farmstay El Portón Verde

Posted May 21, 2014

Medical Tourism Basics

Medical tourism is people traveling to a foreign country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. While neighboring country Costa Rica receives upwards of 100,000 of this type of tourist, this new industry is just getting started in Nicaragua. Nicaragua receives

via Nicaragua Medical Tourism | Nicaragua Health Care System | Nicaragua Hospitals.

How Facelifts Could Fuel Nicaragua’s Economy | Fronteras Desk

How Facelifts Could Fuel Nicaragua’s Economy | Fronteras Desk.

Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

Your author…

A while back, I was interviewed as part of a story on medical tourism in Nicaragua. It is a fairly good introduction to the subject. You can also search for more Medical Tourism information here. Health care for expats in Nicaragua is a large and fairly complex subject on its own, so let’s address something quite specifically. What about that group of people who are older but not yet on Medicare? As an aside, Medicare cannot be used overseas, even though it would cost the U.S. Taxpayer so much less for Medicare to encourage people to go to Latin America especially for cheaper but excellent health care. I read a good article about that very topic and then blogged about it.

Why The Affordable Care Act Makes Us Want To Stay Abroad | Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

Why The Affordable Care Act Makes Us Want To Stay Abroad | Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher. 

When it comes to health care, we quite honestly don’t know what to think.

Or rather, we don’t know what our health care strategy would be if we ever wanted to or had to go back to the U.S.

We have insurance now… excellent insurance, in fact. And even if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have to get U.S. insurance to avoid the new penalties under the Affordable Care Act. According to the IRS, U.S. citizens who live abroad at least 330 days of the year (like us) will be treated as if they have qualifying insurance coverage and won’t owe any tax penalty… and that’s true regardless of whether they actually have health insurance in the country where they live.

In many places overseas, not only is your health care more affordable, your lifestyle
can be healthier.
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Medical Tourism in Nicaragua

Medical Tourism in Nicaragua.
Medical Tourism Packages to Nicaragua

NicaTour Group provides medical tourism packages for you and your travel companion.  We work together with our partners in Nicaragua with accredited hospitals, clinics, private doctors and dentists to facilitate travel to Nicaragua for medical surgeries, dental work, executive checkups, weight loss surgery, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

NicaTour Group creates custom-made medical tourism packages to facilitate your travel to Nicaragua. These packages combine flight, airport transfers, hotel booking, special dietary menu planning in coordination with the hotel.  We coordinate your meal plan, transportation and doctor’s visits to your hotel. We will also provide short tours and entertainment for your travel companion.  Post-operative accommodations in wheelchair-chair accessible hotels are available to suit your budget.

We have been working with Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas for a couple of years now, and we have sent them lots of new patients. We have hosted folks recuperating from hernia, knee and other surgeries. We’ve hosted folks looking to score some fantastic cosmetic/plastic surgery for a great price.

We are now 100% accessible for wheelchairs, crutches, and folks who just can’t handle stairs too well anymore. Contact me if you would like to get setup for a great service at approximately 1/3 of the price in the USA or Canada!

Plans for Nicaragua to promote medical tourism

Plans for Nicaragua to promote medical tourism.

A new medical tourism hotel in Nicaragua will help it compete with Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama.

In San Juan del Sur, there are plans for a hotel with 61 rooms, foreign chefs, ocean-view rooms, a four-star rating, and a whole floor dedicated to medical treatment for its guests. The owner of the proposed medical resort, Nelson Estrada, claims that his development will be the first of its kind in Nicaragua, “No one else is offering this. If I can get the necessary investment, work will begin on Solest MedResort, Hotel and Spa by August and the project will open in 2015. Once completed, the medical resort will offer clients a boutique hotel and an extensive range of medical procedures all under one roof. The medical resort will specialize in elective cosmetic surgery, but I hope to expand available treatments in the future.”

Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas in Managua is the only JCI hospital in the country. It is a private hospital treating both international and national patients, including some from the USA and Canada. Arlen Perez of Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas says, “There are few hospitals equipped for medical tourism here. Nicaragua has the same elements as Costa Rica to make medical tourism a success: safety, quality of doctors, easy access and experience. But Nicaragua has the added benefit of being less expensive than Costa Rica.” – See more at:

Sort of a cut-n-paste article from other sources, but useful at least in the sense that the International Medical Travel Journal: News has the excellent idea to link to the Farmstay El Porton Verde website!

Nicaragua Trying To Boost Medical Tourism Industry | Texas Public Radio

Nicaragua Trying To Boost Medical Tourism Industry | Texas Public Radio.

Link to MP3 of Fronteras show.

Credit Peter O’Dowd / Fronteras
The Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas in Managua, Nicaragua, is building its medical tourism industry.

Fronteras: A group of powerful investors is trying to build the medical tourism industry in Nicaragua. We also stop in Costa Rica to check out what it takes to retire in the tropics. One community in Hidalgo, Mexico is combating the migration of its residents to the U.S. by offering tours of what it’s like to cross the border illegally. The tour guides have made the real trek, and offer up a close simulation on a fake border.

Check it out! At about 1:20 the story starts and some choice quotes from yours truly start at about 3:30 into the piece. Medical tourism is a growing, albeit nascent industry here in Nicaragua. Our location less then two miles away from the airport, the fresh air, swimming pool, and accessibility design combine to create a great place to recuperate from a surgery or a treatment of some sort. Can’t recommend the Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas enough…contact me if you are looking to save up to 70% on operations, treatments, and other medical services.