You say Cuba. I say Nicaragua. Let’s call the whole thing off | IOL

With the demand for Cuba extremely high at present, there are other alternatives to consider, writes Simon Calder.

 / 28 October 2016, 8:00pm
Jesus del gran poder

Penitents carry a statue of Jesus Christ during the ‘Jesus del gran poder’ procession in the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua.

Question: We tried to book for Cuba for a week’s holiday post-Christmas, but the travel agent said it was full to bursting and suggested Nicaragua instead, flying in and out via Miami. Would you agree it’s a good alternative?

Name withheld


Answer: Demand for Cuba is extremely high at present, with such limited tourism infrastructure relative to demand, it’s not unreasonable to describe it as full – especially in the capital, Havana.

Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, doesn’t do 1950s American cars and music in quite the same way as Cuba, but it is a superb destination in its own right. The scenery is dramatically volcanic; there are a couple of beautiful Spanish colonial cities in the shapes of Leon and Granada; and an indulgent Pacific beach resort, San Juan del Sur.

You might notice I have not mentioned the capital, Managua; that’s because it was flattened by an earthquake and resembles a scattering of scruffy suburbs rather than a proper city. There are, though, some colourful markets.

My one concern is the length of the journey. In the absence of direct flights from the UK to Nicaragua, the connections are gruelling – and involve the daunting prospect of US immigration.

With only a week, you might consider flying non-stop on to San Jose and driving up the Pan-American Highway from the Costa Rican capital.

Source: You say Cuba. I say Nicaragua. Let’s call the whole thing off | IOL

We get a lot of Canadian visitors to El Porton Verde, and when I mentioned something about how “Americans” from the USA can finally begin to travel to Cuba, I wondered out loud if that will affect the number of visitors from the USA. She said to me “Don’t worry, because more Americans in Cuba means more Canadians in Nicaragua!” 🙂

So yes, folks, if everything is booked in Cuba, take a look at coming to Nicaragua instead. You can always go to Cuba after the rush is over!

Nicaraguan Tourism in check | La Prensa

Tourism in check

By: Lucia Navas

Bay of San Juan del Sur. LA PRENSA/ARCHIVO

Bay of San Juan del Sur. LA PRENSA/FILE

Cooperation and investment is at risk because the Intur is headless

The absence of a minister and the dismissal of the principal directors have paralyzed the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (Intur), a situation that risks 3.8 million euros (4.1 million dollars) from the government of Luxembourg because it is not certain if resources will be used correctly.
Leonardo Torres, president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises Tourism (Cantur), who also warned that failing to name a chairperson to the Board of Tourism Incentives has stopped approval of six new investment projects, among these hotels.
Although the official version is that entrepreneur Mayra Salinas is on vacation, it is known that she has been dismissed from her role as the Executive Chairman of Intur on 28 July. They also fired five CEOs.
“We would expect that if there is no minister, there would be a deputy minister, a director, someone who has been named, but for two months in the private sector we do not have communication with Intur and that worries us,” said Torres.
So he asked the President of the Republic to name “as soon as possible” replacements of the Intur authorities “or to tell us if we should coordinate with Gustavo Porras (doctor, union leader and member of the FSLN), but you need to put someone forward, because we can no longer be paralyzed. ”
Porras is in charge of the restructuring of the Institute of Tourism and other entities such as the Ministry of Home Economics.
Private investment in tourism fell in the first half of 2015 by 63 percent over the same period of 2014. Their have been approved only $ 22 million this year. As of June last year investments exceeded sixty million dollars.
Cantur fears that private investment in tourism continues to be inoperative due to the failing Tourism Incentives Board, which chairs Intur together with the Ministry of Finance and Business Chambers. Most urgently, Torres said, it is to define the use of cooperation funds in Luxembourg.
For the August 14th meeting that is scheduled between private chambers, Intur and the representative of Luxembourg to define the projects of International Cooperation Plan for 2016-2017 in that country of around 3.8 million euros.
“That is in standby, do not know whether to give this meeting because we have defined time and place and is donated to Nicaragua,” said Torres. He explained that the meeting was rescheduled after discontinuing the meeting scheduled for June, precisely because Mayra Salinas began to limit meetings with entrepreneurs.
“Until you sit down and work out what we are doing, this is discouraging cooperation and if we are asking for money everywhere and can’t show how to use it, this is harming small businesses in Nicaragua,” lamented Torres.


Cantur met last Friday with the Monitoring Committee headed by presidential adviser for economic affairs, Bayardo Arce, who requested that the President of the Republic fix the Intur situation.
The Committee on Development of Coastal Areas has stopped working again as mayors continue providing coastal concessions and renting land in tourist areas over the laws in the Coastal Act. This commission has not met since 2009. Cantur reported problems with tourism investments in San Rafael del Sur, San Jorge, in Corinto, San Juan del Sur and Tola.

Source: Turismo en jaque | La Prensa

This doesn’t sound good. Not at all! As useless as Intur is, they of course are even more useless without anyone leading efforts to increase investment. I’d like to say this is a typical Nicaragua situation, but really when it comes to investment in tourism the government should be paying a bit more attention.

If it is true that some large investments are on hold or those funds being diverted to other regions and countries, that is a real shame. We need more luxury and spa properties, more ecotourism, and more mid-range tourism offerings and this development with the government tourism board is not helping in that endeavor at all!

Also, this report that the Coastal Act is no longer being enforced (that’s my read on it at least) is really troubling as again, investors want to know what the rules are before they invest big bucks (or euros) in the Nicaraguan economy.

Just when Nicaragua is getting a better name amongst tourists, and the economy has been doing better, and numbers of tourists visiting has been going up, we see this and all I can say is that this is quite disappointing. I’d love your opinion or read on this, especially someone with more contact with Intur. Feel free to add your comments below.

Managua hotel with airport transfer – Managua Forum – TripAdvisor


Managua hotel

Swimming pool at El Portón Verde

Managua, Nicaragua

posts: 445

reviews: 12

3. Re: Managua hotel with airport transfer

Aug 01, 2014, 8:00 AM

Greetings DD690:

I wrote a blog post awhile back on this very subject. “Where should I stay on my first night in Nicaragua” which you can find here:…

Hopefully that might help you understand your options.

Cheers, Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

via Managua hotel with airport transfer – Managua Forum – TripAdvisor.

This subject comes up fairly frequently on the TripAdvisor Nicaragua forum where a first-time traveler to Nicaragua is trying to figure out how to get to a decent hotel for that first night, as most of the flights to MGA, Managua’s Augusto C. Sandino International Airport arrive later in the day, most after 8 pm, and you’re probably going to want to have a plan for that first night.

It’s best that you arrange a hotel that offers transport from the airport to the hotel, and I offer my post “Where should I stay on my first night in Nicaragua?” as a sort of a guide to one’s options, including whether you need to stay in Managua that first night at all!

Of course, we think staying at El Porton Verde is your best bet, and that our soft landing service beats any other lodging option in terms of price and service to the traveler, but hey, that’s just our opinion, right dude?

And speaking of opinions, there’s a case to be made that even for folks who would rather start their Nicaraguan vacation in Granada might be better off staying with us at the farm rather than pay $40 or $50 for a shuttle ride to Granada. But again, we want you the prospective visitor to decide what is best for you as our ambiance of tranquility, peace and fresh climate isn’t for everybody! Cheers, Mike @ El Porton Verde, Managua


Looking for a pleasant alternative to the chain hotels?

Looking for a pleasant alternative to the chain hotels?.

If you are passing through Managua, why not stay with the best?

Farmstay El Porton Verde is Ranked #1 in Managua Specialty Lodging

Farmstay El Porton Verde is a small bed and breakfast located on a farm in the breezy hills south of Managua approx. 2 km off of kilometer 10.5 of the Road to Masaya (Carretera a Masaya). With our outstanding views, four-star quality guest rooms, and gorgeous swimming pool, we offer a quiet and fresh alternative to the airport- and downtown-area chain hotels and small inns. Our motto is: “we are located in Managua, but being here feels like a world away…” but the only way to really appreciate it is to be here for yourself. We invite you to visit and stay with us at the farm.

Your host Mike welcomes you with personalized service and attention to detail that the most discerning travelers can appreciate. We hope to help you have a relaxing stay here in Nicaragua from the moment you leave the customs area at MGA airport to the moment you pass through security on your way back home. For those first-time visitors, here is a link to my blog at:
What’s the drill? What to expect when arriving at MGA Managua’s Augusto Sandino International Airport

My Nicaraguan family and I work and live on a small (eight acre) organic permaculture farm located in the breezy hills south of Managua, overlooking Ticuantepe and Masaya, Nicaragua. We enjoy the views, peace and tranquility here so much, we decided to share it with a select group of travelers…if are you one of those who want a unique Nicaraguan vibe from your first to your last night in-country, then we are the right place for you!

You will not be ‘roughing it’ at El Porton Verde, far from it, as the property has excellent amenities usually found in four star hotels such as custom-made furniture, quality beds, bedding and towels. We also have a swimming pool, mini-workout room, free high speed WiFi, and delicious Nicaraguan breakfasts that typically include ingredients grown and raised here on the farm.

If you would like a little slice of Paradise, Nicaragua-style, we welcome you to stay with your host Mike. Please note: Check in 2pm. Check out 12noon. Only cash on arrival. We accept PayPal. Cancellation policy 48 hours. Breakfast and taxes are included.

We have lodging for groups of up to 12.

Our deluxe apartment is pool front and has a queen-sized bed, its own bathroom, kitchen, living, and dining areas. Sleeps 2.

Note: Always check our Special Offers page for the latest discounts!

Our two budget bunk bed rooms are also pool front and share a bathroom. The bunk beds are both twin sized, so four close friends or a small family can sleep in comfort.

Upstairs (no view, not pool front) is our standard, en-suite wheelchair-accessible room for folks with mobility challenges. This room sleeps two in a queen bed and has its own bathroom.

Our farmstay B&B is located five minutes from kilometer 10.5 of Carretera a Masaya (Road to Masaya from Managua) We are just eight minutes from the modern Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas, 10 minutes from the fine restaurants, shopping and entertainment of Managua, 25 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes to Masaya Volcano, 20 minutes to the artisan market of Masaya, 40 minutes to Granada, and 45 minutes to the nearest beaches. San Juan del Sur is 2 hours and 15 minutes away.

See our website for further details.
If you are in-country, call us at either 505 2279-9434 or 505 8861-7254. From the USA or Canada you can call 949-607-8466.
Thanks again for looking!

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Bed and Breakfasts in Managua, Nicaragua

Bed and Breakfasts in Managua, Nicaragua

Yes, I know we here at Bed and Breakfast Farmstay El Portón Verde operate a bed and breakfast, but I am not aware of any particular rule that says one cannot write an article on one’s blog to give a layout of the known b&bs here in town and let prospective visitors to Managua, Nicaragua decide where they might want to stay. So there!

And now a message from your sponsor hehe…Okay, that’s enough of talking about other properties (teasing, just read below!).
The bottom line here is that you have some good bed and breakfast options in the city of Managua. We hope you decide to stay with us at Farmstay El Porton Verde.

No one is as quiet as we are, no one has the view we have. No one has such a large and lovely swimming pool.

We think we give you the best in customized, North American quality customer service, with local Nicaraguan know-how.

So now that we have gotten that bit of business out of the way, let’s see what we can find out about the other bed and breakfasts.

There are not that many, at least not in the actual capital city of Managua. I’ll expand that search to the Masaya area as well just to get a couple more in there.

Now obviously this is not necessarily a comprehensive list, as there may well be some options for the traveler that are not found on the Internet, and there may be some new ones that haven’t become very well known yet. Sort of like Farmstay El Portón Verde!

If you read this and want to add a bed and breakfast to the list, please make your comments below.

Okay, so I am searching on google,,,,,, and shows ten properties. We are not listed on this website. Interesting is that I have only heard of perhaps three of the ten places.

here are the listings:

Hotel San Luis
Colonia Centroamerica B-163, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Excellent (15 reviews)

Hotel El Raizon
Km 20 1/4 carretera a Masaya, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Excellent (12 reviews)
Find best prices

Angel Azul Hotel Boutique
Villa Fontana 17, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Outstanding (11 reviews)
Find best prices

Hostal La Abuela
Casa No. 32, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Very Good (5 reviews)

Hostal Real Los Robles
Del Restaurante La Marseillaise 1 c al lago, 1 c arriba 25 lago Casa 46, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
from $70
Excellent (4 reviews)
Find best prices

Hostal Real Bolonia
Avenida Bolonia No 1001, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
from $65
Very Good (2 reviews)
Find best prices

Viva Nicaragua Guest House
Caraterra Masaya (Km 14), Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Outstanding (8 reviews)

Los Mapachines Terraza Hotel
Hosp. Militar 1c. al Lago 1/2c. abajo, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Outstanding (6 reviews)

Marlene’s Bed and Breakfast
Una Calle al Oeste, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Outstanding (2 reviews)

Hotel Colonial
Media cuadra al Sur del reloj, junto al Parque Central, Managua (Show on map) | B&B

The three that have the best ratings here are Angel Azul. Los Mapachines Terraza, and Marlene’s. Let’s take a looks at these three first.

Angel Azul is in Villa Fontana, which is a nice area of Managua. It is in a Nicaraguan home that has nice gardens and a pool. It is also near Carretera a Masaya and the upscale mall, Galerias Santo Domingo. The photos look nice. The property is modern looking. I’d say the pool looks a bit small, as is typical of Nicaraguan swimming pools. A room for two on a sample date of 14 January shows a price of $87 for two persons.

Los Machapines Terraza is another highly rated property and worth a look. This is another Nicaraguan home with a lovely host. Only three rooms and a small pool. The location is near the Plaza Inter shopping mall, which is very much city center location-wise. Not a good area to go about walking, especially at night. Their suite, with double occupancy, goes for $82 per night. Looks to me like there are price discounts available.

Marlene’s has been around for a few years now, at least. Also is very highly rated. The hosts, especially Marlene, are well-recommended by guests. The property is off of Carretera Sur, in the hills on the southwest side of Managua. At least on, they have a three night minimum, a night for two is $50.00. The review on airbnb is not real good. They say it is too far away, to negotiate price before any rides are given, and that they had water problems. Uh oh.

Go ahead and check out the rest of the listings. Let me continue here by looking at some other b&bs.

Managua Hills Bed and Breakfast always comes up first when searching for bed and breakfast Managua, so you’ll see them a lot. They are located in Las Colinas, which is off of the road to Masaya on your way out of town. For comparison’s sake, we are even further out from the center of town. The photos look like the place is more of a hotel-looking sort of property instead of a house. Their prices are very fair, looks like about $50 for two. Has a swimming pool.

Another top of the list search result is Managua Backpackers Inn. This is more of a hostel type property located in Los Robles neighborhood, in a city center location. The only private accomodations they have is for a single person, so couples need to be in a shared hostel room which go for about $14 per person per night. No swimming pool.

Let’s now look at Hotel Brandt’s, located aslo in the Los Robles neighborhood. This is a handsome modern property located in the city center. A standard double room is $60.00 and their suite goes for $80.00. I do not see that they have a swimming pool.

Okay, Farmstay El Porton signing off now 🙂

Nicaragua tourism up nearly 12 percent | Nicaragua Dispatch

Nicaragua tourism up nearly 12 percent.

More and more tourists are enjoying Nicaragua (photo/ Tim Rogers)

Nicaragua reports an 11.8% increase in tourist arrivals during the first eight months of this year, compared to 2011, Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR) spokesman Julio Videa told La Prensa today.

Overall, tourism in Central America registered 6.8% growth during the first trimester of 2012, according to comparative numbers reported this week by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL). Mexico’s tourism industry, in comparison, is up only 1.3%, according to CEPAL.

Considering that projected growth was supposed to be only 6-8%, a nearly 12% increase in Nicaragua tourism is outstanding. It appears that the advertising and cooperation with the airlines and travel websites has really paid off!

Hotels Coupons and Deals in Managua – Nicaragua from Trip Advisor – Find Hotels That Travelers Trust.

Hotels Coupons and Deals in Managua – Nicaragua from Trip Advisor – Find Hotels That Travelers Trust..

Here at El Porton Verde we are not ones to shy away from a little bit of competition, but it looks like the big boyz feel the need to discount their offerings now that we are on the scene! (yeah, right hahaha) I saw this post on Twitter when I searched for “Managua vacation.” If you follow the link at the top of the page, you can see a series of hotels listed with some discounts. I would like to show you these discounts and let you decide for yourself where you want to spend your hard-earned vacation dollars with the proposition that El Porton Verde offers great value and a unique offering that cannot be found elsewhere in the capital city of Managua.

But seriously let’s look at these deals:

Hotel Boutique Villa Maya: this property is very highly rated on TripAdvisor, and seems like it is a small inn with nice grounds and swimming pool in the ritzy Las Colinas neighborhood of Managua (sort of the Bel Air of Managua if you think along Los Angeles lines as I do haha). Las Colinas is about five minutes from our place, but not downtown or within walking distance of any restaurants or shopping areas. Their deal is $59 instead of $70. Our regular price for the one bedroom apartment is $60 (ours is bigger, has a full kitchen, more private area, a killer view, and is in front of the swimming pool). El Porton Verde will match any deal by Hotel Boutique Villa Maya, just tell us on check in and we’ll save you one dollar. 🙂

Hotel El Guegense: This is a better deal, a 25% discount so might be a nice savings for someone to pay only $37 dollars for a nights stay for two. This property is located downtown and in my opinion, not in a very good neighborhood. Also no view, no pool. We will beat this deal by offering a room for two in our bunk bed rooms for a low low price of $30. Pool front with comfortable beds and great views.

Intercontinental Real Metrocentro: Okay now we are talking major downtown hotel here.  This is in the very center of the new Managua and is a luxury choice. They offer a 20% discount. Not bad. So I clicked the link and the ichotelsgroup website could not find the property. I went through the search a different way and the rack rate I found was $155 a night.  So if you can get 20% off of that you would still be paying over $120 a night. We do not offer every bell and whistle that the Intercontinental does, but we guarantee a definite Nicaraguan experience and a completely different atmosphere than you will downtown. Bottom line is that you will pay less than half of the Intercontinental’s discounted price to stay with us.

Hotel Casa Naranja: Another small hotel with excellent ratings and amenities.  Located near the downtown of Managua, this is an excellent property that is offering a 15% discount.  A standard double room is $100 so per vacation TripAdvisor, this would be an $85 dollar room double occupancy. Again, we do the whole apartment for $25 less!

Holiday Inn Managua: I have personally stayed at this hotel and it is quite nice for a large chain hotel. It is located a bit out of the way of the central city, but not too far.  You’ll need to taxi around to get to the entertainment, shopping, and dining zones. Our discount link says they offer vacation packages.  Oh boy, let’s take a look shall we? So the best deal is one where you book seven days in advance and you get breakfast included for $83.  Now one thing I would say is that the breakfast at the Holiday Inn is great.  They have a buffet type of setup with an omelet bar, waffles, nacatamales, fruit, all good stuff. So that is worth something.  But is the buffet worth $23?  Breakfast at El Porton Verde is very healthy, filling, made-to-order and most of the ingredients come from the farm itself.

Crowne Plaza Hotel: This is another top-flight property located in the heart of Managua. Very similar to any other Crowne Plaza hotel as far as the ambiance of the hotel but the views from the higher floors are pretty great, on one side the mountains (towards where El Porton Verde is!) and the other the huge Lake Managua. Best deal per the link from TripAdvisor is $115 a night and you get 1,000 Priority Club Reward points. Not sure what sort of a value that may be.  The next best deal is $123 and includes breakfast for two. So comparing apples to apples, with us you save $63 and you get a good breakfast too.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour of Managua hotels with discounts and our illustrations on why you should consider staying with Farmstay El Porton Verde instead of those places.

First (or last) night in Nicaragua: Where should I stay?

Hello kind readers (and robots):

Just a (not so) quick story here about the options for the visitor on where they can stay their first (or last) night in Nicaragua.The aim of this post is to help readers planning to visit Nicaragua decide where they should stay during their one or two nights that they may need to be in or near the capital city of Managua. This is usually the first (or last) night in Nicaragua. We’ll go over the reasons why you may need to stay here, where your lodging options are located, and what type of properties are available. Our mutual goal: to help you find best place to stay in Managua (or elsewhere, as you needs and desires direct…)

Now first of all is the disclaimer: My family and I operate El Portón Verde, Managua so we think staying here your first night in Nicaragua is your best bet, hands down! But as one of those old sayings go, there’s a reason that there are 31 flavors at the ice cream store, if you know what I mean, so please check this post out and find what is truly the best option for you. We won’t take it personal 🙂

Okay with that said, let’s get down to what is real when you arrive in Nicaragua.  First of all, this post won’t even get into detail about arriving in any other way other than an international flight coming into Augusto Sandino International Airport (MGA) in Managua, Nicaragua. Sure one can bus in from Costa Rica, El Salvador, or Honduras. If you are hitchhiking after taking the chicken bus from Liberia to Penas Blancas, then let us know and we can come and get you from the bus station or have a safe taxi there waiting for you…no problem.

However, 99% of people reading this are likely coming in directly to Nicaragua via airplane to Managua, so let’s talk about the airport and the best advice for someone flying in for the the first time. If you want more details on what to expect when you arrive at the airport, check this post:

What’s the drill? What to expect when arriving at MGA Managua’s Augusto Sandino International Airport


First Night Nicaragua


Doesn’t Everyone Just Go To Granada that First Night?

Well not everyone! But the reality is that yes, lots of people head right to Granada to stay their first night in Nicaragua. And it makes sense for many visitors. It’s only about 45 minutes away from the airport, so not terribly far. It has the best-developed tourism infrastructure in the country, Colonial architecture, etc.

While I’ve written before how you might be able to save some money and have a superior first night experience by staying at El Porton Verde instead of heading directly to Granada, I urge you to keep reading to figure out if it makes sense for you to do something a little bit different, something that offers you a truly meaningful experience that first or last night in Nicaragua that you might not experience elsewhere.

There are some reasons why you might want or need to stay in Managua.

What is the deal with Managua anyway?

Most visitors are not really planning on spend any more time than is necessary in Managua.  This is because there is not much to see in the capital city as opposed to the lovely colonial towns, the brilliant beaches, and the wonderful nature reserves and other protected areas. Let’s face it, Managua is hot, dusty, and for the most part, an ugly and sad reminder that Nicaragua is a developing country that has quite a far bit to go in terms of making the city a real jewel as some capital cities around the world are. (This ain’t Paree or London-town pardner!)

That is not to say that Managua does not have its redeeming qualities that are worth seeing, far from it, only that the things one appreciates about Managua don’t generally come to you on the first impression.  (For some, if ever!) No worries, the point is that sometimes you do need to spend some time in Managua.  This is the point of this post, when it is a good idea to spend a night or two in Managua and where would you want to stay during that time?

You might want to stay on your first (or last) night in Managua when:

  • Your incoming flight arrives late in the day and you will just want to get a bite to eat, try your first Toña beer and get somewhere nice to spend the night.
  • You are traveling on to the Caribbean coast and need to wait until the next morning’s flight on La Costeña airlines to Bluefields, Corn Island, Puerto Cabezas, etc.
  • Your flight came in late and you are planning on going first to somewhere kind of far away, such as Chinandega, Matagalpa, Esteli, San Juan del Sur, Rio San Juan, Ometepe Island, etc., which you cannot or should not attempt to travel to at night.
  • You have some dental work or doctor’s visits/procedures/surgeries to take care of by the best doctors and dentists in Nicaragua. Medical tourism is a growing industry here in Nicaragua.
  • You are seriously thinking of relocating and understand that it is a good idea to get to know the biggest city in the country before moving on and deciding where you want to live in Nicaragua.
  • You understand that the best way to check out the different areas, especially along the Pacific Coast is to stay in the Managua area because transport is simpler.

if your situation does not fall into any of the above you probably don’t need to worry too much about where to stay in Managua.  So enjoy your stay elsewhere and thanks for reading!

Understanding Your Managua Lodging Options

Okay, so looks like you need to stay in Managua! I would say there are five categories of short-term lodging in Managua:

  1. Near the airport.
  2. Smallish hotels closer to the airport, but in an area with dining and entertainment options.
  3. Big hotels in the more downtown areas.
  4. Small- to medium-sized inns in residential neighborhoods close to the downtown areas.
  5. Ecolodging, ecotourism options located up in the hills with a cooler, more natural and inviting atmosphere.

Let’s quickly look at the options in more detail.

  1. Near the Airport: You have the Best Western Las Mercedes and the Camino Real. Either of these are okay options if being near to the airport is the number one consideration. Reviews on sites like Trip Advisor aren’t real good. You are sort of stuck there since it is a few miles to the East of the city; if you decided to go out for dining and dancing you’d have to take a taxi across town, so its not really super convenient. Its probably best to stay on the hotel grounds. These options cost approximately $75-125 per night.
    UPDATE OCTOBER 2015: There are two new places very near the airport that you should know about. They are Hotel Airport X and Hostal Monte Cristi. I haven’t seen either of these properties yet, but I do know Calvin Wong who runs the Monte Cristi (I see him at the airport all the time!) and he seems like a nice young man. These two run about $25-45 per night.
  2. Smallish hotels closer to the Airport: There are a few hotels located more or less in the neighborhood called Bello Horizonte that might work for some visitors. B.H. is located about ten minutes drive from the airport, and has a roundabout with bars and nightlife such as roving mariachi bands! It also has a shopping mall called Multicentro Las Americas. In this area you can find the Hotel Hex, Hotel Estrella, Hooters Hotel, and Hotel Don Quijote. These options can cost anywhere from $35-60 double occupancy.
  3. Big hotels downtown: Most of the major chains have hotels in the more central areas such as near a shopping mall, an entertainment zone with fun bars and restaurants, etc. You can find Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental as well as similar properties such as Barcelo and Seminole. These can be nice if you really want that “North American” experience, all the usual amenities, and are okay with paying for the privilege. Staying here can cost anywhere from $80-$125 per night.
  4. Small- to mid-size inns: These can be a good option as the quality of service is usually higher than at the chain properties and the prices similar or perhaps even less. There are some absolutely lovely properties in this category.Some examples with links are listed below. The small-to-mid size places can charge approximately $50-90 per night.
  5. Ecolodges in Elevation: This is where El Porton Verde fits in! There are at present only two real eco-tourism options in the Managua area; we are located closer to town and on the road to places like Masaya Volcano, Granada, Laguna Apoyo, Pueblos Blancos, etc. while our competition is further outside of town and on a different road that goes to Nandaime and Jinotepe. But Bosque Las Nubes is an elegant property, just maybe a tad too isolated. EPV charges between $30 something to about $60 a night depending on room type. No prices could be found for Bosque Las Nubes.

Links to lodgings and TripAdvisor reviews: (TripAdvisor all Managua hotels)

  1. Las Mercedes, Camino Real, Hotel Airport X, Hostal Monte Cristi
  2. Hotel Hex, Hotel Estrella, Hooters Hotel, Hotel Don Quijote
  3. Hilton Princess, Barcelo Managua, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Seminole Plaza
  4. El Mozonte, Hotel La ToraHotel Aloha, Hotel Los Pinos, Hotel Pyramide, etc. (see general TripAdvisor link)
  5. Bosque Las Nubes, Farmstay El Porton Verde

Random Other Specialty Lodging Options

There are a couple of other options that don’t fit into the above categories that I’ll mention. First is an area about five minutes away from the airport called La Subasta or Mercado Mayoreo. There are hotels in that area that charge probably $20-$30 a night. The main one I know of personally is called Hotel Le Voyagueur. It´s a fairly dangerous area to be out at night in though, so take caution.

The other specific mention I’ll give is for a couple-three other options. One that comes to mind is Managua Backpackers Inn which is located in a good central Managua location, near malls and nightlife. You might want to check out some reviews before booking there though…

A second place that comes up often is in an area called Las Colinas. Managua Hills Bed and Breakfast, is out towards where we are but still more in the city than the Farmstay. They get good reviews. (Note that they are rated #3 currently in specialty lodging and FEPV is #2…)

Number one in the TripAdvisor Specialty Lodging reviews right now is Lost Inn Hostel. Located in downtown Managua, again near the nightlife, which while despite having only ten reviews so far, the ones they have are very excellent.

I hope this post helped you to decipher where you want to stay while you are in Managua, Nicaragua.  I would love to hear feedback from readers with any questions you might have or if someone has stayed at any of the above places, let others know what you think!

Here is an verified phot of what you would be looking at when staying with us at the Farmstay. No one else has this view, tranquility, and ambiance.

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First night in Nicaragua

This is in front of the apartment and bunk bed rooms. Swimming pool and volcano views!