14 stunning photos of exploration in the Masaya volcano • El Nuevo Diario

The images shared by Sam Cossman after the first week of work in the active volcano

Source: 14 stunning photos of exploration in the Masaya volcano • El Nuevo Diario

Photo: Alejandro Sánchez
The Team of Sam Cossman installs 80 sensors in the interior of the Masaya Volcano.

El Portón Verde Tours Visits the Masaya Volcano at Night, Sees Lava! (VIDEO)

Night Tour of the Masaya Volcano with Active, Jumping Lava!

Masaya Volcano Night Tour

Same spot, at night.


Masaya Volcano in day

Masaya Volcano in day

Hello kind reader(s) and robots:

With our group of three brothers and one cousin all visiting Nicaragua together, we went during the daytime and again at nighttime to visit the Masaya Volcano National Park yesterday. Here is my report:

I was there last night (23 June) and yes you can see the lava quite well. It’s pretty well down in the Santiago crater but very visible, especially from the main promontory and also on the left side of there.

Access is quite well controlled and they do limit your time. My group and I went during the daytime too so we could visit the visitor’s center, well worth it IMO. During the day they weren’t all that strict about the time limit. There was only one park ranger and he couldn’t really keep track of all the people. However, it is officially forbidden to walk the trails. The bat cave tours also are suspended.

So back the the night tour, you can start queuing up in your vehicle beginning at 5:30 pm but I would recommend waiting like we did until about 6 or 6:30 so it is totally dark when you get up to the top. You pay $10 per personl it doesn’t matter if you are a national or foreigner. You drive up to the visitors center, which is closed after 4:30, but there is a gate there and they use that to queue up perhaps twenty vehicles at a time to allow a cohort of vehicles to drive up together.
When you get up to the parking area of the crater, try to maximize your viewing time as they are limiting the time up there to fifteen minutes. I could have watched the lava for hours as it is incredibly mesmerizing. You can also hear the sounds of the lava and it appeared that there are two currents coming in from the west and east and when the pulses coincide there is a wave of sorts…as I say, mesmerizing.
There are maybe two or three park rangers up there at the crater at night and they are in communication with the other rangers at the gates, so when time is up they use a whistle to implore everyone to get back in their cars and go back down. As you’re going down, the next cohort of vehicles is making its way up.

I hope that helps and I know for a fact you will enjoy what you see! I believe there are only three places in the world where you can see something similar, Kileaua (sic) in Hawaii, someplace in Africa, and good ‘ole Nicaragua!

Cheers, Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

Link to video

“It’s the first time I see something like this, is very impressive” | El Nuevo Diario

Defying the intense smell of sulfur, the tourists come to look out at the seething lava pit near the surface of the crater of the Masaya volcano , whose fury the Indians tried to placate in the past by sacrificing maidens and children.

Photos: Masaya Volcano, impressive

“It is something extraordinary, unique in the world,” Noheli Pravia, a French tourist told AFP while watching the turbulent magma seen from the crater rim less than 100 meters deep.

Masaya, Kilauea in Hawaii and Nyiragongo in Africa are the only volcanoes in the world that have periodic outpourings of magma in its crater, says the Nicaraguan geographer and environmentalist Jaime Incer .

Lava of Masaya Vocano, located 20 km from the Nicaraguan capital, has been rising to the surface every 25 or 30 years since 1902 and after a while it disappears, but it always keeps emitting sulfur fumes that spread around the area, rusting roofs on houses and ravaging vegetation.

According to Incer, if the incandescent material rises its level up each occurrence, it is possible that within 150 years the volcano will make a similar eruption to 1772, when the flow reached the area where the international airport exists today.

A few kilometers from the volcano, the village of Piedra Quemada that keeps the vestiges of that eruption is based.

“Before there was no land here but stones , ” says Sandra Perez, one of the 6,000 people who have learned to live with the volcano and do not believe it is a threat.


The small cone, 400 meters high, came 5,000 years ago. It consists of five craters of which only one -called Santiago- remains active, crowned by a dense plume.

Six months ago, the hole increased activity with magma flows accompanied by sporadic micro-earthquakes.

“It ‘s the first time I have seen something like this, it is very impressive , ” says Mijaela Cuba, an Austrian nurse.

She is one of the 4,000 tourists who have climbed to the burning throat of the volcano in the last two weeks since the government authorized the entry of people, although limited to a visit of a few minutes due to gases.

Only green parrots and bats nest permanently and survive in the toxic environment of the crater.

It s “very special” adds excited young Taiwanese Sami Yen who takes photos to the crater rim where the magmatic waves are heard.

The volcano is located in the most populated area of the Nicaraguan Pacific and is part of a protected area of 54 km2, which include vast fields of petrified lava populated by white trees, the Sacuanjoche, the national flower of Nicaragua.

Snakes abound, white-faced monkeys and animals that can withstand high temperatures, says the guide Luis Solano.

The Hellmouth

The flames of Masaya, who made two strong eruptions in 1670 and 1772, frightened the Spanish conquistadors.

“It ‘s a mouth of fire that never stops burning , ” the first governor Pedrarias wrote to the king of Spain in 1525.

The friar Francisco de Bobadilla was believed that the door to hell, so he installed a huge cross at the edge of the crater.

While the greedy Friar Blas del Castillo thought the gold was melted and washed down hanging from a basket to remove material according to the legend.

Chorotega Indians who inhabited the area tried to calm the angry volcano offering a sacrifice of children and maidens They claimed that the witch “Chalchihuehe” lived in the burning pit.

In the 70s, the Somoza dictatorship launched into the mouth of the volcano an ex-colaborador of the Sandinista guerrilla, David Tejada, the Sandinista excolaboradora Vilma Nunez told AFP.

Source: “Es la primera vez que veo algo como esto, es muy impresionante” • El Nuevo Diario

Masaya Artisan’s Market

Visiting the Artisan’s Market in Masayamercadoartisanal_masaya

The Artisan’s Market (in Spanish the Mercado de Artesanias) is a must-see for folks visiting Nicaragua. It has the best selection of handmade goods that represent some of the handicrafts and skilled trades that have been in effect in Nicaragua for hundreds if not more years. Here’s how wikipedia describes the market:

The Mercardo de Artesanias (Craft Market) is located inside what used to be the “mercado viejo” (old market), a 1900s structure that is located near the center of the city and a couple of blocks away from the general population market. This market has been revitalized and set as a tourist spot, where crafts from Masaya and other areas of Nicaragua can be found.

Especially when combined with a visit to the Masaya Volcano National Park, seeing the town of Masaya itself is a treat. Unlike more touristed spots like Granada, the horse-drawn carriages in Masaya are used in daily life, as just an alternative to a traditional taxi, not a $20 ride around town like they are in Granada.

If you are in need of buying some souvenirs to take back to your friends and family back home, going to the Artisan’s Market is your best bet hands down. You will find crafts and works of art. What types of goods can be found here? Let’s see:

  • Pottery
    • pottery, ceramics, Pedro Guerrero, San Juan de Oriente, Oriente, artist, artist's studio, artist's studio tour, artist tour, pottery tour, ceramics tour, Nicaragua

      Pedro Guerrero, San Juan de Oriente

      Although the best ceramics are found by going to visit an actual ceramics artist in the nearby Pueblos Blancos village of San Juan de Oriente

  • Weaving, especially Hammocks
    artisan's market masaya

    hammock in Masaya

    • These are made right here in Masaya, if you go on tour with El Porton Verde, we’ll actually take you by “Hammock Alley” where the artisan families live, work, and have some small shops. You can buy the hammocks much cheaper in Hammock Alley.
  • Woodcrafts
    Wooden bowl, Masaya

    Wooden bowl, Masaya

    • The elegant salad bowls and fruit bowls made with one large piece of wood are especially lovely. A great gift for a wedding or anniversary.
  • Crafts and Clothing
    crafts, masaya, tour masaya, artisan's market,

    Crafts in Masaya

    • Some handmade clothes can be found; especially nice and unique are the girls dresses and Guayabera shirts for men.
  • Jewelry
    Jewelry in Masaya

    Jewelry in Masaya

    • While there are some inexpensive pieces made of wood, seeds and shells and things like that, there are also a couple of stores that offer very fine silver pieces with stones such as turquoise.
  • Art and Paintingspaintings_masaya_sm
    • There are lots of local painters who exhibit their pieces here. I DO NOT like the school of art that someone invented here, which is various paintings of people sitting on a toilet! Haha…
      Not my favorite school of art...

      Not my favorite school of art…

      For some of the best pieces, look for El Costeño, Osberto Jerez. In addition to being a great Reggae musician, he handpaints some very lovely pieces focused on life along the Caribbean coast.)

      Osberto Jerez, Masaya

      Osberto Jerez, Masaya

This is just a partial listing of the types of items available at the Artisan’s Market in Masaya, Nicaragua. Please add your comments on the treasures you have found there!

Government warns of new eruptive activity on Momotombo Volcano – Metro

 Government warns of new eruptive activity on Momotombo Volcano

by ACAN-EFE December 26, 2015

Source: Gobierno advierte nueva actividad eruptiva en volcán Momotombo – Metro

From El Porton Verde we see two volcanoes on a clear day, neither of which is this one, Momotombo Volcano. We see Masaya Volcano and in the background we can sometimes also see Mombacho Volcano.

We drove up to see Momotombo Volcano a couple of weeks ago after the initial eruption had died down and were amazed by its beauty. There is a lovely little port where artesanal fisherman head out to Lake Managua to fish. We might go again as seeing the actual eruption would be really cool!

Luckily for us this volcano is some eighty kilometers away from us, so we are safe for the moment! Cheers everyone and here’s to living on the edge!


INETER on alert for rising lava at Volcano Masaya – Nicaragua Hoy

INETER on alert for rising lava at Volcano Masaya | Nicaragua

Cráter Santiago del volcán Masaya. / Ineter

Santiago crater of the Masaya Volcano / Ineter

Experts from the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies, INETER, conducted studies on Volcano Masaya (Santiago Crater). Located in the department of Masaya and about 23 kilometers southeast of Managua, the studies reveal that there is a rise of lava close to the crater’s surface. The volcano is very close to Masaya, the City of Flowers, only about 5 kilometers away.

“The crater continues to be obstructed and we have registered lava that has been very close to the surface,” said the coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, Rosario Murillo during one of her usual speeches by official media.

This event, according to Murillo, could lead to the formation of a new lava lake, something that has not happened since 1999.

“There is incandescence, there are small flames, accompanied by ripples and waves across the area, suggesting much movement of volcanic flow, magma and gases,” she said.

A colossus of 625 meters that is located about 23 kilometers southeast of Managua, Masaya Volcano is located in the National Park, which consists of 54 square kilometers, is surrounded by a dry tropical forest that grows between the porous rocks of ancient eruptions.

Masaya is one of seven active volcanoes in Nicaragua and since 1520 has recorded at least 18 different activities, including volcanic eruptions in 1772 and 1820, according to official information.

The Momotombo volcano in western of the country is now in its major phase of activity in the last 110 years, is currently low and stable, and no explosions have been reported since last week, officials said.

Murillo added that “seismic activity is within normal parameters and poses no danger to the population.”

Moreover, she noted the relative calm of Telica volcano, Concepción, San Cristobal and Momotombo .

INETER experts and other international specialists “will work at the Santiago volcano so we can have a better idea” of the situation. EFE and El Nuevo Diario.

Source: Ineter en alerta por ascenso de lava en volcán Masaya – Nicaragua Hoy

Well this is some new news for those following all things volcano in Nicaragua, and this one hits home! El Porton Verde is located only about eight miles from Masaya Volcano and in fact, we were there just today. There was no special warning given or any visible sign that something unusual was going on. Let’s hope that there are no eruptions! In any event, we are separated by several hills and valleys and are at least as high as the main craters of the volcanos so in the unlikely event of an eruption we will have a great view of the proceedings but little danger involved!

HELP! Need a Guide for a Day in Managua – Managua Forum – TripAdvisor

8. Re: HELP! Need a Guide for a Day in Managua

Apr 20, 2015, 11:23 AM

Just wanted to report back and let everyone know how my experience was! My husband and I hired Mike from El Porton Verde to guide us around Managua and we had an absolutely wonderful time! We visited the Masaya volcano, the artisan’s market, the Plaza de la Revolucion, the Coyotepe fortification, and some great scenic views. His price was wonderful and we had a great time spending the day with him and enjoying the city. Seeing an active volcano up close was an awesome experience and was the highlight of our trip. We definitely plan on returning 🙂 Thanks again Mike!

via HELP! Need a Guide for a Day in Managua – Managua Forum – TripAdvisor.

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9. Re: HELP! Need a Guide for a Day in Managua
Fantastic, I am humbled by your rec for the great tour we had and so glad you had fun! We certainly had a busy day and filled up those eight or so hours with lots of activities and sights! Come back and stay with us next time…

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua



Wouldn´t a day or two of relaxing (w/local tour options) be better?

5br – Wouldn´t a day or two of relaxing (w/local tour options) be better? (km 10 1/2 C. a Masaya, Managua)

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If anyone has any tips to share about how to attract more of these wonderful visitors, please comment here or send me a message.

Itinerary help Mon-Fri Nicaragua – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor

If your first tour stop is a morning hike of Masaya Volcano, I would stay nearer to Masaya if possible, not Granada, as it is backtracking to get to the volcano from there. So you could stay at Apoyo (further away from the airport) or nearer to Masaya (closer to the airport).

via Itinerary help Mon-Fri Nicaragua – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor.

Since this was on a TripAdvisor forum, I couldn’t come out and say that it is too bad that most visitors are Granada focused even if it makes their first day of vacation a little more complicated then is necessary!

If this nice person writing on the forum is a representative sample, then there are lots of folks going all the way to Granada from the Managua airport (MGA) and then they are backtracking twenty-five or thirty kilometers to get to the Masaya Volcano.

Masaya Volcano is the most visited tourist site in Nicaragua and the Farmstay is only about 12 kilometers from there. We are ideally situated for those coming in to the Managua Airport (MGA) at anytime, but especially so on a late night flight who want to do a volcano Masaya hike the next morning. The Farmstay “soft landing” service is a great option for these folks!