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Hello! I’m exploring options for me to take my three nieces/nephew on vacation for about a week. Nicaragua is at the top of my list, having previously been to Costa Rica and Guatemala. Central America is so much fun. For the teenagers it will be their first trip out of the country (outside of the midwest USA, really). I’m looking for a fun, standard itinerary that perhaps will stoke a love of travel in them. All three kids are 14/15 years old, and I’m looking to travel in the dry season – maybe as early as this April. What are your thoughts on an itinerary? Some notes:

  • No party destinations
  • I’d like for them to see and learn about cultural differences and humanitarian issues
  • We’re from a flat area, so we definitely need to hike mountains. I’d categorize the three of them as all having a “medium” fitness level. Cerro Negro, Telica? Quetzeltrekkers?
  • Can we see lava anywhere in Nicaragua?
  • Waterfalls would be great
  • We’ll need some beach time. Preferably somewhere quiet where I’d rent a house and we can explore nearby on foot.
  • We should visit one of the colonial cities. Leon or Granada?
  • Ometepe looks really cool. The volcanoes there sound too difficult to hike for their skill level.

Thanks for your help. The Thorn Tree is a great community.


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mike_elportonverde ONLINE 23 days ago Greetings Doug: Yes you can see hot lava in Nicaragua at the Masaya Volcano during the night tour. What I would suggest is similar to likeeveryoneelse’s recommendations. I’d suggest the loop from Managua-Leon-Esteli (Somoto Canyon)-Matagalpa-Granada as a rough itinerary. In Leon you can get your beach day in at Las Peñitas, do the volcano boarding, see the town itself (go up to the top of the cathedral for photos), then get to Esteli (there’s a nice waterfall just before you get to the town), overnight in Esteli or Somoto, then the next morning do Somoto Canyon (your teens will love it!), there are other hikes in the area too. Next day go to Matagalpa (more nice hikes, coffee country), then get back to Granada for the last couple of days. Cheers, Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

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The Somoto Canyon in Northern Nicaragua Hobbitschuster

You might want to stay in Managua when…

You might want to stay in Managua when:

  • Your incoming flight arrives late in the day and you might be feeling a bit tired and prefer to get a bite to eat and get to somewhere nice where you can take it easy and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Your next Nicaraguan destination can wait a day, you’ve done a lot of traveling and are on VACATION so give yourself a break and start to relax already!
  • Your departing flight is leaving really early in the morning.
  • You are traveling on to the Caribbean coast and need to wait until the next days flight to Bluefields, Corn Island, Puerto Cabezas, etc.
  • Your flight came in late and you are planning on going first to somewhere kind of far away, such as Chinandega, Matagalpa, Esteli, San Juan del Sur, Rio San Juan, Ometepe Island, etc. which you cannot or should not attempt to travel to at night.
  • You have some dental work or doctor’s visits to take care of by the best doctor’s and dentists in Nicaragua. You can save a lot of money with medical tourism in Nicaragua!
  • You have some NGO-church-mission-related, or other type of work to be done in the capital.
  • You are seriously thinking of relocating and understand that it is a good idea to get to know the biggest city in the country before moving on and deciding where you want to live in Nicaragua.
  • You understand that the best way to check out the different areas, especially along the Pacific Coast is to stay in the Managua area because transport to beach areas on the coastline is simpler since there isn’t any Pacific Coast Highway of Nicaragua!

if your situation does not fall into any of the above you probably don’t need to worry too much about where to stay in Managua.  So enjoy your stay elsewhere and thanks for reading!

Managua, Nicaragua

Managua, Nicaragua

via Where should I stay on my first night in Nicaragua? | Bed and Breakfast Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua.

Quick Sale! Small Private Guest House!

Quick Sale! Small Private Guest House!.

Great retirement option or a way to live in the cool climate and tropical Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We have decided the sell our business, Harvest House Matagalpa. It currently is open, operating and has a full house year round. 

It is a private guest house where guests stay either nightly, weekly or monthly. The model has been fully functional and income generating since it’s opening a year ago. By renting out rooms monthly you will make money and have a free place to stay and not work much at all. Or, you can put more energy into it and convert it into a bed and breakfast or nightly only place and really make some money. We are only selling as we have greatly expanded in Leon and also have a new baby! So, we just don’t have the time or energy to keep running Matagalpa.

It’s a two story home with different terraces, little gardens and a roof top. There are 6 bedrooms and 5 baths. There is a garage and living room and dining with high vaulted ceilings and pretty woodwork. The kitchen is in good shape, fair sized and pretty modern, there is also a decent laundry room. We paid hundreds to wire in and add more breakers to put in proper electric hot water showers in every shower. Everything is in pretty good condition, but has incredible potential if you want to put in a little money. 

As per the usual, FEPV does not have anything to do with this property, don’t contact me for further information, etc. etc. por favor. This just seems like it could be a nice opportunity for someone to step into what is a long term guest house but looks like it could be a B&B quite easily too.

If you are interested let me know and we could go in on it together! I just need someone to run the place up in Matagalpa. Farmstay El Porton Verde Matagalpa and Farmstay El Porton Verde Managua. Watcha think? 🙂

The Selva Negra Resort | The Nicaragua Report

The Selva Negra Resort | The Nicaragua Report.


I had a hotel room that looks out on the lake at Selva Negra Resort.  It’s night.  Utter silence except for the calls of a few birds.  Perfect peace.  I feel for once, at one with the world around me.  A wind exhales every now and then.  It’s much cooler here in the mountains than in the rest of Nicaragua.  Nicaragua is a hot country, there can be no denying of that.  Just a half hour away, down in the valley lies Matagalpa and in Matagalpa, the heat of Nicaragua returns again.  Drive back to the mountains, it’s unbelievably cool which is an interesting phenomenon.  I haven’t brought the right clothes with me.  The staff at the Selva Negra lent me a sweater to ward off the chill.

If you find you have lost the meaning of life, you must come here.  You will be, as they say, at one with nature, yourself, and what is elemental to be alive.  Your stress will flee, negative dark thoughts part quickly. There is nothing here for them to hold onto.  You will find renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation.

Good article and mini-review of Selva Negra, which is a coffee hacienda up in Matagalpa that is lovely with a great history and very cool and refreshing atmosphere. I think it is a “do not miss” if one is going up that way.

Take a hike in the virgin rainforest and you will see monkeys, deer, and some really fantastic birds if you are lucky. It is also interesting to take the coffee plantation tour as you are shown the end-to-end process of coffee from picking to packaging.

Miranda and I are going in a little over a week with a guest who is looking at properties to buy in this area for a future relocation to Nicaragua. Looking forward to it!

Farms San Ramón | venta | SE VENDE FINCA DE 6 MZ SAN RAMON MATAGALPA : USD 100.00


Farms San Ramón | venta | SE VENDE FINCA DE 6 MZ SAN RAMON MATAGALPA : USD 17000.00.

ESTATE SALE 6 SAN RAMON MZ MATAGALPA cocoa 1 ½ apple, other fruit treesIrrigation natural basic grains A broken opulent A water hole A concrete house price 17.000 dls private rights Scripture suitable for coffee Contact Mr. William Rosales Cel (505) 8831 October 14 CLEAR LEGALLY TO ADVISE BUYERS TO BUY PROPERTIES Web address: BLOGSPOT FRJ REAL ESTATE IN NICARAGUA 

Unfortunately, this advertisement on encuentra24 does not have photos. This is up in San Ramon, Matagalpa, which is in the mountainous northern area of Nicaragua, in the coffee-growing region. Sounds interesting though…

  • six manzanas total
  • 1.5 manzanas in cacao, rest in fruit trees
  • abundant water for growing grains
  • a natural spring
  • house made of concrete
  • apt for growing coffee
  • asking $17,000 usd