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Of the 1,480,000 tourists who entered Nicaragua last year , 40% stayed at least a week in Managua, according to data from the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism ( Intur ).

The delegate of Managua by Intur, Martha Baltodano, pointed out that after the colonial cities and the beaches of the Pacific coast, Managua is preferred.

“Last year we closed with the number of 1,480,000 tourists at the national level and of these 40% spent in the capital. It is the city with the largest offer of tourist services in the country, speaking of hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, “said the delegate of Intur.

He pointed out that there are around 2,700 tourist companies registered at the national level in the Intur . Of these, 11,500 are in the Pacific zone and only in Managua there are 8,000.

Of interest: Why does it attract Nicaraguan tourism?

“Four or five years ago, the capital looked only as a distribution center where tourism was overnight for one day or night, then to go to other destinations. Now the convention tourism is less. Now they come to do cultural tourism, social, rural community, adventure and religious. Here in Managua you can do all kinds of tourism, according to a diagnosis of the resources in existence, “said Baltodano.

He indicated that Managua has cultural, natural and patrimonial resources. He added that in the municipality there are three crater lagoons, which is why it is unique in the world, however he considered that there is a little more tourist infrastructure, whether public or private. Tiscapa has hiking and there is a historical park, on the other hand is Asososca and Nejapa, for which an improvement plan is being developed in order to enable them for tourism.

“The mayor of Managua, in the theme of parks, has provided very well and in this case compared to Asososca, which supplies water to part of the capital, is the park Las Piedrecitas whose infrastructure will be rehabilitated by the municipality and Wait for a lookout to observe the landscape of the lagoon. But there are attractive places all over the department. There are private wild reserves in Ticuantepe and Villa El Carmen, in San Rafael del Sur we have protected areas, bird watching in the Montibelli reserve, the Chocoyero – El Brujo, in addition to an endangered turtle hatchery in Villa El Carmen, which On Salamina beach are released. Nicaragua has the tortoises, tortoises and hawksbill, are three of the seven species that are in danger of extinction, “said Baltodano.

Veronica Wayman, representative of Wayman Tours, commented that by experience the most attractive point for foreign tourism in Managua is the Puerto Salvador Allende, the museums, the replicas of the cathedrals of Paseo Xolotlán, the historical park Tiscapa and also hope to promote as Tourist destination the viewpoint of El Crucero.

“In the week we have groups of up to 30 people and in weekend at least 25 as part of Managua City Tour,” said Wayman, arguing that more needs to be invested in infrastructure, since the foreign tourist is very demanding, especially with Cleaning in restaurants, dining rooms and bathrooms, in addition to the accommodation conditions.

He commented that places like Xiloá or the thermal springs of Tipitapa have a lot of potential, but it is not attractive to the tourist for lacking conditions of comfort and cleanliness.

“A couple came excited to go to the hot springs, but when they saw the place, they wanted to return immediately. The national tourist coming from other departments does not have much problem, but in the treatment to the foreigner one must be very careful, so that leaves satisfied of the experience “, claimed Wayman.

El Portón Verde Tours Visits the Masaya Volcano at Night, Sees Lava! (VIDEO)

Night Tour of the Masaya Volcano with Active, Jumping Lava!

Masaya Volcano Night Tour

Same spot, at night.


Masaya Volcano in day

Masaya Volcano in day

Hello kind reader(s) and robots:

With our group of three brothers and one cousin all visiting Nicaragua together, we went during the daytime and again at nighttime to visit the Masaya Volcano National Park yesterday. Here is my report:

I was there last night (23 June) and yes you can see the lava quite well. It’s pretty well down in the Santiago crater but very visible, especially from the main promontory and also on the left side of there.

Access is quite well controlled and they do limit your time. My group and I went during the daytime too so we could visit the visitor’s center, well worth it IMO. During the day they weren’t all that strict about the time limit. There was only one park ranger and he couldn’t really keep track of all the people. However, it is officially forbidden to walk the trails. The bat cave tours also are suspended.

So back the the night tour, you can start queuing up in your vehicle beginning at 5:30 pm but I would recommend waiting like we did until about 6 or 6:30 so it is totally dark when you get up to the top. You pay $10 per personl it doesn’t matter if you are a national or foreigner. You drive up to the visitors center, which is closed after 4:30, but there is a gate there and they use that to queue up perhaps twenty vehicles at a time to allow a cohort of vehicles to drive up together.
When you get up to the parking area of the crater, try to maximize your viewing time as they are limiting the time up there to fifteen minutes. I could have watched the lava for hours as it is incredibly mesmerizing. You can also hear the sounds of the lava and it appeared that there are two currents coming in from the west and east and when the pulses coincide there is a wave of sorts…as I say, mesmerizing.
There are maybe two or three park rangers up there at the crater at night and they are in communication with the other rangers at the gates, so when time is up they use a whistle to implore everyone to get back in their cars and go back down. As you’re going down, the next cohort of vehicles is making its way up.

I hope that helps and I know for a fact you will enjoy what you see! I believe there are only three places in the world where you can see something similar, Kileaua (sic) in Hawaii, someplace in Africa, and good ‘ole Nicaragua!

Cheers, Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

Link to video

We are using the minimum of the tourist potential we have • El Nuevo Diario

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The opportunities offered by tourism in Nicaragua are extraordinary, each year the sector has recorded growth, but for this growth to be sustainable in the long term, it is necessary to make adjustments in the concept of tourism development and growth.

All countries are doing this, and preferences of travelers also change, so we are faced with a competition with similar products that are currently offered by the country. In this context there are many options to take advantage of the growth of world tourism, which even also involves changing paradigms.

Ian Coronel Kinloch, project manager of tourism of the Pellas Foundation Business Center, makes a quick analysis of the situation of the sector and the challenges to be faced and overcome.

We are a tourist country where tourism revenue grows, what is the potential we have and how we are taking advantage?

First of all it should be noted that we are beginning the expansion phase, so we have to ask: what do we want? It has barely begun work on the tourist corridor of the Pacific. Most regions do not enjoy permanent attention with its tourist flow because of this, the Pellas Foundation Business Center (acronym FCEP in Spanish) has been specializing in tourism as a tool to improve opportunities and to be sustainable. Sustainability is a term we give to entrepreneurs that generate their own abilities and not rely on permanent cooperation, they learn to improve over time not only economically, but also environmentally and socially.

A change in welfare mentality by a business person?

We are born with the view that cooperation is paternalism. That is, not only want to see results from use of the funds, but the continuation of these funds. Cooperation previously, I think, did not fit sometimes the needs of the country or was not impinged on by the country and that meant that many resources are lost.

It is this government that a combination of elements where cooperation is starting to raise the logic of those funds, where there is more interest from these results, the government is concerned that the real needs of Nicaragua are not being addressed from the perspective of the nation as a given country, because previously they came prepackaged, and as it was free money, that they received and perhaps not what we needed, and such cooperation did us more harm than benefited us. Thus we see how much infrastructure is abandoned or how many projects were closed the same day that cooperation ended because there was a marked paternalism.

In this context, how then you see the relationship of cooperation, the government and the private sector?

Here are two things, we understand and improve the capabilities or we destroy ourselves with vain ideologies and perspectives, when what matters is that we begin to build a country of opportunities. How this is achieved with the consensus of all parties. We never before have we had an opening like we have with this government in tourism. Not only because we receive, but things are done, opinion and things are resolved in an easier, softer way towards the benefit of tourism is requested.

In so far this year there have been strong volcanic eruptions, which scare away tourism rather seems that attracts more, it’s almost crazy.

I think about this situation, there is an interesting reference, is in Costa Rica, El Arenal volcano, around which a pole of tourism development with almost 800,000 tourists who visited was created. a whole tourism development first world around the volcano, the hot springs and volcanic entire force was created. And what happened? The volcano went off and with it went its flagship product.We are being blessed by four volcanoes that are erupting there, especially the Momotombo, which has been active, but has not harmed or hurt anyone, but is doing a wonderful natural show that it is a volcanic eruption. We did emphasis on the surrounding communities to prepare before eventualities, but also have conditions for people who want to reach. Tourism companies start making packages (tours) because instead of scaring away visitors, the volcanoes create magic for visitors and every time a volcano erupts, visits increase, why? By the overflowing of the uncontrollable force of nature.

Our tourism has developed around the same destinations in the Pacific, but we have many more, the Caribbean, lakes

Look, it is logical because the tourism incursion began belatedly, in the late 90s, there was a flash of development, it means something to the country’s economy, that’s logical. But we have been quite there, you have to make great efforts in diversifying the country, most investments are hotels, restaurants, bars and that sort of thing. You do not have another area you need to visit and complementarity for your main products. How is this? For example San Juan del Sur offers fishing, surfing, sun and beach, while in other Central American countries offer up to 30 different activities. Allowing more you stay, the more expense. We need to incorporate other regions, such as the center of the country. Chontales, one of them, which with the opening of the road are no longer isolated those areas, and especially because all the flow of people coming through Peñas Blancas, Las Manos and other known places. Now we have put Las Tabillas, Chontales on the map. As you get to Chontales, you are in an area about equal to the second richest area of ​​Costa Rica, which are the northern plains, San Carlos, Ciudad Quesada, you have an economic impact.

Boost rural tourism

There are many farms in Nicaragua with enormous potential and are not used by the mentality of the owner. We also need the complementarity of the Caribbean. It’s like a painting without glass, without frame, if we fail to file a multicultural identity, we are failing in Nicaragua because we are not integrating the country as a destination, we are not posing as a unique destination of Nicaragua and can not be and you can not charge you all to the same destination. We have beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, Pearl Lagoon, Pearl Cays, there are many places on the coast: the idiosyncrasy, dances, food, the cultural wealth not’re taking advantage of a series of factors, not seize it as we should.

Of all the tourist potential we have, how much is taking advantage?

I think we’re not using 25 percent of the country’s potential. View here we have spelunking, paragliders, permanent balloon rides, the uses of rural tourism, as in Argentina or Spain. Because the concept that wanted to sell and has been blamed for many foreign consultants is that exploit poverty, because that receive funding. Many NGOs have profited presenting poverty from rural tourism, in almost an animation of poverty. And that no rural tourism. It is to promote rural tourism, cultural performing capabilities of a rural specific area for the enjoyment of residents and tourists there.

In Costa Esmeralda, an airport was built, we speak of other types of tourists, another segment?

Costa Esmeralda, Guacalito, Iguana, Rancho Santana and Bucanero is an area of ​​greatest potential for growth at the end of the highest line had the problem was that tourists do not like to travel two hours on a road that is half bad. These things not only done to potentiate the area but it is a very interesting move, because it connects the Oduber Quiroz (Costa Rica) airport with more flight frequency Augusto C. Sandino Airport. So now you can make direct connections with Europe and the United States before or dreamed as a traveler. Now I as a traveler I go to the airport and go to certain parts of Europe directly. What is important not only that the top level of tourism development, but also access.

Has Cuba is an emerging destination, there are risks to the national or regional tourism?

The main risk is to the Caribbean islands: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Vincent, all those islands that depend on tourism are seriously concerned about the increasingly realistic approach and will give. Because yes strikes you immediately. First because America is like Girlfriends and will see and you can not touch. That was the romance with the Caribbean, all the stars and celebrities, who missed politics.

Then come the more established destinations such as Costa Rica in certain areas, as in others have greater positioning as sustainability and can withstand the onslaught. And then come those who want to climb into the fray. What is important? We do not use a single product to let us know. Sun and beach where there is more market and more market where there for more years, where there is more competition, price, scenic beauty, they have more than us.

Source: Estamos utilizando el mínimo del potencial turístico que tenemos • El Nuevo Diario