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Safety Traveling from Managua to Playa Maderas

I’m taking a taxi from the Managua airport to Playa Maderas and am feeling apprehensive about safety all of a sudden.

I am a solo female traveler and it is my first time visiting Nicaragua.

Does anyone have any tips?

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Greetings Larissa: We receive a lot of single female travelers and they really appreciate having a trusted person come and pick you up at the airport. Your driver will be just fine, knows the route, etc. To get to your question/concern, you don’t say if you are traveling during the daytime or at night time. During the daytime or even the early evening I wouldn’t worry too much about the trip. But if it’s full nighttime, as lots of flight come in at 8, 9 and even like tonight, I’m going for a pick up from the Copa flight from Panama that gets in at about 10:20 pm. I wouldn’t want to drive another 2 1/2 hours to SJdS (and about 20 more for Maderas…)! The driver you would be using certainly does it all the time, but of course it’s really your decision. Another point is that during the night time you won’t see any of the scenery, which includes viewing at least four volcanoes! Traveling that late could feel a little bit daunting, especially for first-time visitors, so some visitors will book something a bit closer and someone who offers good services in addition to quality lodgings. Cheers, Mike @ El Portón Verde, Managua

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Hey Larissa (and any other readers or robots!) Yes it can feel a bit odd coming to Nicaragua the first time. I certainly remember the semi-terror feeling of not so much landing in Managua but more when first stepping through those automatic sliding glass doors that lead you either to the curb and the street or staying inside the terminal heading towards the rental car companies.

Lots of taxi drivers ask you if you want or need a ride. Sometimes it might take a little while before you find the person that’s supposed to be picking you up. Not so often anymore, but occasionally in the daytime you might get a couple of kids that want to give you something made out of a sort of straw and using that to extract a dollar out of you.

It can be a lot to take in for some people not accustomed to international airports, especially in Latin America.

Also, when you get here, in addition to a warm welcome from an old Nicaragua hand, you may want to:

  • exchange money
  • buy groceries
  • buy a SIM card and setup a pre-paid starter data and/or phone call plan

Contact us for further information or book your room!

by over_kind_man Karen Leavitt surfing at Playa Maderas, Nicaragua, December 23 2009. | by over_kind_man

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Itinerary – Nicaragua

Dec 19, 2015, 3:32 PM

Even though I have been reading this forum for days, I am still having trouble planning. I wish there was an interactive map that would tell me exactly what each town or area has to offer when I touch it with a stylus !!! I am not worried about the distance or form of transport because we will rent a car, but can someone please LIST the names of the town/area and then write what each one has to offer or what they are most popular for? That way, I can pick exactly what we like to do or not like to do and then plan our route accordingly. I know this my be a daunting request but if it can be thoroughly and correctly done, it will be a great informative read. T.I.A.


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Re: Itinerary

Dec 19, 2015, 5:37 PM

Greetings farmerswife1: Okay, I’ll give it a shot…

  • Managua – flights in and out internationally and nationally, i.e. Corn Island, history of the Revolution, shopping/dining/entertainment, day trips to beaches, hiking/nature (El Chocoyero/La Bruja Nature Reserve & Masaya Volcano, Laguna de Apoyo, etc.
  • Granada – Colonial architecture, Las Isletas (boat/kayak tours of little islands on Lake Nicaragua), near Mombacho Volcano (hiking) and Laguna de Apoyo (swimming, kayaking, SUP boarding)
  • Masaya – Some Colonial architecture, artisan shopping, hiking/nature (Masaya Volcano/Laguna de Apoyo), near interesting villages (Pueblos Blancos)
  • Leon – Colonial architecture, Cerro Negro and Telica volcanos (hiking and volcano boarding), not far from Las Peñitas and Poneloya beaches
  • Ometepe – Hiking, Kayaking, Nature (Island on Lake Nicaragua with two volcanoes)
  • San Juan del Sur – Beaches, Surfing, Partying
  • Esteli – Cigars & tobacco, Hiking/Nature (Somoto Canyon and Miraflor Nature Reserve)
  • Matagalpa – Coffee, chocolate and forests, fresh climate, Hiking/Nature (Cerro Apante/Selva Negra)

This is just the major towns that are on the radar for most first-time visitors to Nicaragua. Additional areas include:


  • Rio San Juan – nature/hiking/boating (Los Guatuzos Nature Reserve, Solentiname Islands, other areas)
  • Tola, Rivas – beaches/surfing without the party scene
  • much more!

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

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I suppose this is a good idea, having an interactive map that on rollover shows the main activities that can happen at that location. In doing an Internet search, I can’t find any, although it would be a great idea to have one!

A sample itinerary for a trip to Nicaragua

A sample itinerary for a trip to Nicaragua

If you have any other places to add to this short list, please let us know in the comments below!

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The AlaskaKings family enjoying a nice day in Masaya, Nicaragua

The AlaskaKings family enjoying a nice day in Masaya, Nicaragua

Family travel is wonderful in Nicaragua for several reasons.

First of all, it works as a great location for most people traveling from North America. Even from Europe, most families will take only two flights to get to Managua. The timezone change is minimal for North American’s, so you don’t get jetlag and can start right away enjoying your vacation. Flight times from the U.S.  is reasonable, with non-stops taking 3:50 minutes from Atlanta, 3:20 minutes from Houston, and 2:40 minutes from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.

Second factor that makes Nicaragua a great place for a family vacation is cost. Families will spend less here than in other similar locations like Mexico, Costa Rica, or Panama. Also, airfares are low. Recent additional flights from the U.S. have increased competition. Where else can you feed your family of four lunch including a fresh natural juice for a little over ten U.S. dollars?

The third item on the list is the unique destinations that your family can discover together. Smoking volcanoes, boarding down the side of a volcano, learning to surf, and amazing unique islands like Ometepe and the Corn Islands are not found elsewhere, certainly not all int he same country!

Fourth consideration is safety and security. Nicaragua is well-known in the region for a policing and security policy that focuses on prevention of violent crimes and they are doing well, especially compared to its neighbors.  Since Nicaragua is so much safer, your family can more readily get out and about making all those memories happen in relative security.

The last thing to consider about choosing Nicaragua for your next family vacation is that it is a very “real” vacation.  Since it is safer, you aren’t limited to the all-inclusive resorts, so you’ll have more chance to interact with locals. Your children will see how other people live, and that the kids are perfectly happy playing simple games like football (soccer) or even a game of marbles. Xbox and Nintendo not required!

Read my kickass article directly on the website

There are lots of great things about Nicaragua Family Travel and at least a few of them I listed on this article posted on TripAdvisor. We’ve had so many families come and it is a real treat to see the families enjoying their adventures, bonding together, have new experiences, and in general just having the times of their lives!

Some folks come here for the adventure travel, others for ecotourism and culture, some learn how to surf, or simply take a few hikes and tours. We like to show family what things to do in Managua, but of course the most important is that you begin and end your vacation with a big Welcome to El Portón Verde!

Beaches, Colonial Towns, Volcanoes, Cigars: Nicaragua Is Smokin’ – ForbesLife

Beaches, Colonial Towns, Volcanoes, Cigars: Nicaragua Is Smokin’

By Lea Lane Contributor

I travel the world: smart, luxe, connected — and often.

Nicaraguan vendors like to smile (Photo: Lea Lane)

Nicaraguan vendors like to smile (Photo: Lea Lane)

Nicaragua, Costa Rica’s edgy northern neighbor straddling the Caribbean and the Pacific, may not be the first place you’d consider for a fun-and-sun vacation. But if you’re ahead of the crowd and crave a bargain, this largest country in Central America, a short flight away from where you may be sitting in the icy cold, is a new travel hot spot.Nicaragua remains economically weak, a residual of the last century’s civil strife, but there’s plenty to see and do, and an emphasis on a fast-growing tourism industry focused on unspoiled scenery, fresh foods, good music, friendly locals and excellent shopping for handicrafts.Managua, Nicaragua’s busy capital city, is where you’ll probably land. It offers sprawling markets, street art and monuments, but remains rough around more than its edges. It’s a destination offering great deals, but I’d spend more time instead at nearby colonial cities, and pretty areas such as Pochomil beach, El Trapiche hot springs, and Montebelli and Chocoyero-El Brujo nature reserves.friendly people…

Source: Beaches, Colonial Towns, Volcanoes, Cigars: Nicaragua Is Smokin’ – ForbesLife

I must have missed this article when it first came out. Very good article by the author Ms. Lane. Nice photos too! Kudos for NOT saying that Nicaragua is the next Costa Rica! The places listed here are of course just the highlights and there is much more that this country has to offer, Rio San Juan, the Corn Islands, Ometepe Island, etc. If you’re thinking of coming down, El Porton Verde offers a great “soft landing service” that works great for first-time visitors. Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua