Nicaragua’s Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat Offers a Mountain of Amenities | Luxury Travel

The vision of owners Don Alfredo Pellas Jr. and Doña Theresita Pellas, the luxurious layout was designed by architect Iside Sarmiento, who planned each structural element’s location for optimal flow and minimal impact. Guests residing in one of the four 1,100-square-foot standalone villas will be treated to a pampered perspective of the dormant Mombacho Volcano (which last erupted in 1570) through floor-to-ceiling windows and open terraces. Each is also equipped with a separate bedroom and living area (with a flat-screen television) and a bathroom with a soaking tub, a shower, and Annick Goutal bath amenities. Rounding out the room count is La Gran Residencia which houses two 1,300-square-foot grand suites with outdoor showers and indoor bathing tubs, as well as two 870-square-foot suites with high ceilings and endless views. Each villa and suite comes with its own all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for personal transportation.

Serving as a social center, the Casa Club features a cocktail lounge, a swimming pool, and a farm-to-table restaurant serving neo-Nicaraguan cuisine prepared by Doña Theresita Pellas herself. And when it comes to nourishing a healthy balance between mind and body, the spa and wellness facility offers treatments grounded in local ingredients.

But while staying inside may be tempting, the truly exclusive experiences await in exploration of the verdant surroundings, whether by horseback riding, mountain biking, or hiking. Those with their sights set on even more action can avail themselves of the on-site sporting clay and target shooting range, ropes course, and tennis court. Also on hand are immersive cultural offerings such as Marimba and Folkloric dance classes, culinary classes, and spirited rum tastings. And if wanderlust is still not sated, day trips can be organized for oceanfront golf at Guacalito de la Isla (an 18-hole course designed by David McLay Kidd), sport fishing excursions, or surfing—all accessible within about an hour drive.

The all-inclusive pricing (save for spa services, target shooting, and premium liquor) starts at $900. With all on offer, Nekupe, which means “heaven” in the tongue of the indigenous Chorotega tribe, is sure to live up to its name. (

Source: Nicaragua’s Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat Offers a Mountain of Amenities | Luxury Travel

Mukul, Nicaragua – In Photos: How To Vacation Like A Billionaire – Forbes

How To Vacation Like A Billionaire

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How to Vacation Like a Millionaire-Carlos Pellas' Mukul Resort

How to Vacation Like a Millionaire-Carlos Pellas’ Mukul Resort

Avid angler Carlos Pellas, a Nicaraguan industrialist, philanthropist and the nation’s second richest man, saw stunning Guacalito de la Isla from his fishing boat, and just had to have it. He built Mukul, a luxury boutique resort with individual plush casitas, an off-the-charts spa, an instantly famous and photogenic golf course by David Kidd, and world-class surf breaks right off the beach. The unrivalled combination of great golf, surfing and lodging has drawn surf-loving pro golfers like world number two Adam Scott and US Open Champ Geoff Ogilvy.

via Mukul, Nicaragua – In Photos: How To Vacation Like A Billionaire – Forbes.

They say the rich are different from everyone else, but that’s not completely true. They have hobbies, enjoy vacations, and are passionate about many different things, from conservation to golf to food, just like other people. The difference is that they do it at a much different level, pulling out all the stops to make these experiences the best possible. The good news is that in many cases, some of the richest individuals in the world are eager to share the way they enjoy their travel, hobbies and passions with others, people they don’t even know. More often than not, this means turning their personal dreams into personalized dream resorts, destinations where they can showcase the things they love to vacation travelers. Since the rich have diverse interests, this offers many different attractive travel options, all around the world.

In this case, the richest man in Nicaragua and one-and-only billionaire, Carlos Pellas (don’t worry Presidente Daniel Ortega, you’ll get there soon!) has created the wonderful Mukul resort in Guacalito de la Isla, an exclusive enclave located in the Tola, Rivas area of southwestern Nicaragua. Located approximately 2 1/2 hours from the Farmstay, Mukul offers the only true five-star resort and spa setup in the, country. You get your own oceanfront casita, have people there to attend to your every whim, and have the whole spa package available.

This short write-up from Forbes magazine also focuses in on the golf course and surfing opportunities on-site. I don’t know about the golfing, but the surfing can be very good on the southern point of the cove on which the resort is located. I have a friend in the States whose lady loves the luxury resorts and we have a sort of a teasing name for her, “Five-Star” and I think that Mukul would suit Five-Star very well indeed.

Why Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman Are Flocking to Nicaragua for Getaways – The Hollywood Reporter

Mukul Nicaragua Exterior - H 2014Ryan Forbes

The actors are among the most recent visitors to the country that’s becoming a major vacation contender, thanks to the opening of its first five-star hotel.

Nicaragua is coming up the ranks as a serious contender to Mexico and Costa Rica as an A-list getaway spot (recent visitors to the country include Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman), thanks to the allure of the recently opened Mukul, the country’s first five-star hotel.

via Why Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman Are Flocking to Nicaragua for Getaways – The Hollywood Reporter.

I posted this link on Facebook and got a comment from someone saying why should I (or anyone, presumably…) care about what Hollywood types think or bother to pay attention to as Nicaragua would be better served attracting middle-class North Americans to visit the country instead of these “Hollywood liberals.”

My response was:

I don’t disagree with you Kurt, however there are a certain amount of middle-class people who are going to come to Nicaragua if the Hollywood types come here to stay.

So to expand on that a little bit, didn’t most of the really “cool and hip” spots start out becoming popular when the celebrities of the day found them and the paparazzi and press people publicized their adventures? Vegas was hip when Sinatra, Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. hung out there. Acapulco became popular when John Wayne, Errol Flynn and Cary Grant had fun in the sun. Puerto Vallarta was a sleepy little fishing village until Liz Taylor and Richard Burton shot a movie there?



John Wayne, Johnny Weissmuller, Fred McMurray, Red Skeleton and Errol Flynn


Falling under the spell of a Nicaraguan island | Travel | The Seattle Times

Falling under the spell of a Nicaraguan island | Travel | The Seattle Times.

Falling under the spell of a Nicaraguan island

No cars, just beaches and peacefulness, on Nicaragua’s remote and simple Little Corn Island.

If you go


Getting there

From Managua, La Costena flies to Big Corn Island (with a brief stop en route in Bluefields). The only transportation to Little Corn, about 30 minutes away, is via public panga boat, weather permitting. About $4.50 one way.

Where to stay

Casa Iguana has very simple but charming cabanas, plus a dining room and lounge, all facing the beach on Little Corn Island. Rooms from $35.

Yemaya Island Hideaway

The new and first upscale hotel on Little Corn Island, described as “eco-chic,” offering 16 cabanas on the waterfront. Rooms from $300.

The lobster trawlers bob like toys in a bathtub, tipping to and fro with every swell of gray sea. I watch from a crowd of Nicaraguans about to board the day’s last panga, a small open boat that ferries passengers, wondering whether the storm is as bad as it looks.The word I keep overhearing is end“angry.” In Spanish, English and a Creole that sounds like English flipped inside out and set to a beat, everyone’s calling the sea — our only highway — angry.

I just found this article, which originally came out of the Seattle Times Travel section. Thanks so much for this article. I will pass it on to my Farmstay guests who are going on to the Corn Islands. Good up-to-date useful information and a bit of a scoop on the latest happenings on the islands. Good stuff!

We just hosted a family who are living on LCI and it was fascinating to hear all about the progess being made on the island and some of the challenges too. Little doubt though, the Corn Islands are pretty darn close to Paradise! Also, look at the too for further information.

Hottest new hotels for 2013 | CNN Travel

Hottest new hotels for 2013 | CNN Travel. 

The best new hotels of 2013 are higher, shinier and deluxier than their one-year-older peers.

1. Mukul Resort & Spa, Nicaragua

Everything you see could be yours. For a week or two.Opened: February 2013

Part of Guacalito de la Isla, a 676-hectare, eco-sensitive resort on four miles of untouched Pacific coast, Mukul has only been open a few days as of this posting, but is already a benchmark for luxury in Nicaragua.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Carlos Pellas, the retreat takes its design cues from local culture: villas and bohio-styled huts crafted from native teak and pine are distinguished by an ancient Mayan numerical system, reclaimed rum barrels are used in headboards and the Pellas’ family rum is the nightcap of choice.

Book the six-bedroom Casona Don Carlos, Pellas’ private beach residence, and you’ll also enjoy a pool and oceanfront living area.

Spa treatments offered in themed suites include a crystal temple, rainforest room and hammam using a bounty of local ingredients: raw cane sugar crystals, seaweed and Nicaraguan volcanic clay.

There are plenty of more active diversions, such as golf on an oceanfront course — its 18 holes were chiseled without cutting down a single tree.

Mukul Resort & Spa, Kilometer 10, Carretera Tola-Las Salinas Rivas, Nicaragua; rooms from US$550 per night;+505 2563 7100;

The impressive publicity and buzz factor for the new Mukul resort owned by the Pellas family of Nicaragua is continuing yet again with this number one position in a CNN Travel story. Congratulations!

Luxurious $250M Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla will put Nicaragua on the world tourism map

Luxurious $250M Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla will put Nicaragua on the world tourism map. 

Karanvir Singh / 6 hrs ago

Committed to creating one of the world’s most exclusive boutique resorts, the Latin America’s one of the most influential and richest person Don Carlos Pellas whose family has roots in Nicaragua that dates back to 19th Century, has now created a $250 million luxury boutique hotel and spa in Guacalito de la Isla, which will open in February 2013. Notably, with both Mukul Resort & Spa and Guacalito de la Isla, Pellas is actually establishing his family legacy – a pristine natural sanctuary where guests from across the globe will enjoy luxury living while connecting in an authentic way to the culture, people, and land of Nicaragua. And in return, the surrounding community will benefit from the resulting improved quality of life. However, with the opening of this 1,670-acre private beach community on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, which will ultimately act as a catalyst that will put the country on the world tourism map and the jet-setters vacation-list, Carlos Pellas impressively joins the exclusive league of billionaires who invested multi-millions in hotels and resorts.

Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla

Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla

Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla
Here come the “A-listers”! Interested to see how this progresses and if the folks staying at Mukul will travel to other parts of Nicaragua or just stay in the confines of the resort the whole time of their stay. I sincerely hope that if you are visiting Mukul that you plan on doing something that will help you to actually experience Nicaraguan culture and traditions. Get out to meet the people! (Oh, and feel free to book with us on your first and/or last nights in-country!)

The Selva Negra Resort | The Nicaragua Report

The Selva Negra Resort | The Nicaragua Report.


I had a hotel room that looks out on the lake at Selva Negra Resort.  It’s night.  Utter silence except for the calls of a few birds.  Perfect peace.  I feel for once, at one with the world around me.  A wind exhales every now and then.  It’s much cooler here in the mountains than in the rest of Nicaragua.  Nicaragua is a hot country, there can be no denying of that.  Just a half hour away, down in the valley lies Matagalpa and in Matagalpa, the heat of Nicaragua returns again.  Drive back to the mountains, it’s unbelievably cool which is an interesting phenomenon.  I haven’t brought the right clothes with me.  The staff at the Selva Negra lent me a sweater to ward off the chill.

If you find you have lost the meaning of life, you must come here.  You will be, as they say, at one with nature, yourself, and what is elemental to be alive.  Your stress will flee, negative dark thoughts part quickly. There is nothing here for them to hold onto.  You will find renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation.

Good article and mini-review of Selva Negra, which is a coffee hacienda up in Matagalpa that is lovely with a great history and very cool and refreshing atmosphere. I think it is a “do not miss” if one is going up that way.

Take a hike in the virgin rainforest and you will see monkeys, deer, and some really fantastic birds if you are lucky. It is also interesting to take the coffee plantation tour as you are shown the end-to-end process of coffee from picking to packaging.

Miranda and I are going in a little over a week with a guest who is looking at properties to buy in this area for a future relocation to Nicaragua. Looking forward to it!

another good tuYa deal | For U$110 instead of U$200 enjoy 1 night for 2 persons at Pelican Eyes Resort and Spa – San Juan del Sur!

another good deal from tuYa for those thinking of splurging in San Juan del Sur!  Pelican Eyes is the resort, high end spa property and is lovely with excellent service and ambiance.  Let us know if you grab this offer!

tuYa | ¡Por solo U$110 en vez de U$200 disfruta de 1 noche para 2 personas en Pelican Eyes Resort and Spa – San Juan del Sur!.