Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast Lands a New Airport as Tourism Takes Off | Luxury Travel

Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast Lands a New Airport as Tourism Takes Off

Mukul Resort, Nicaragua

Mukul Resort, Nicaragua

Viju Mathew

August 12, 2015


Come November, Nicaragua’s enticing Emerald Coast will have even more appeal with the opening of the new Costa Esmeralda Airport—only five miles north of Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa resort. The 492,000-square-foot airport features one terminal and a 5,000-foot runway that will be able to accommodate Gulfstream GV jets and most smaller jets and turboprops. The creation of the airport was made possible through a partnership with the developer Carlos Pellas—who invested $13 million—and the Nicaraguan government. Pellas’s previous contribution to the community was the $250 million Guacalito de la Isla, a 1,670-acre private beach colony which includes the lavish 37-room destination resort.


Already a burgeoning base for tourism in Central America, Nicaragua’s west coast will now be more readily accessible, as the airport will be serviced by both the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in the capital city of Managua and Liberia International Airport in Costa Rica. Costa Esmeralda will be open for both private flights and commercial carriers in November. To celebrate the new synergy, the nearby Mukul resort is offering guests a new Emerald Coast Explorer package that includes four nights’ accommodation and customized combinations of golf at Guacalito Golf Course, spa treatments at Spa Mukul, daily breakfast, and two bottles of Flor de Caña rum—Nicaragua’s native nectar. Pricing for the package starts at $769 per night. (

Source: Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast Lands a New Airport as Tourism Takes Off | Luxury Travel

This is from the Robb Report, which is the guide for the 1% on how to spend their money on luxury goods, yachts, fashion, jewelry, real estate, etc. They have written a few times about the Mukul Resort and now are reporting about the new airport that will soon be open in their “Emerald Coast” area which we know as beaches of Tola, Rivas.

Beaches such as Playa Gigante, Popoyo, Guasacate, Colorado, etc. are quite lovely indeed, but the wealthy and aspirants thereof of the world don’t necesarily know this area by those names. A select few (Robb Report readers?) might have heard of Guacalito de la Isla, Hacienda Iguana, Rancho Santana, etc. instead of the actual names of the villages and beaches that have been known for generations.

Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast is beginning to be a real thing, not just marketing hype. My last visit in the area really was an eye-opener. The infrastructure has gotten so much better, the beaches are still as beautiful as ever, and a certain feeling of “we’ve turned a corner” and are now a known place. One can feel that the area has it’s own energy, that a certain sort of sustainable impulse is finally in-place.

Certainly a little private airport to bring in your Gulfstream GV airplane is a good thing for those who own or lease such items. I’m fairly certain that if a celebrity A-lister or wealthy empresario came for a visit from outside of the country they would still need to land in Managua and go through customs, then take off for the short flight to the Costa Esmeralda Airport to enjoy their luxury vacation.

When this type of clientele comes to visit Nicaragua in more numbers, it will only help with the international image of the country and bring more tourists in general. One can only hope that the buzz around the celebs visiting will generate more travelers coming in looking for the higher-end travel. Visitors of that level of economic power have a much higher average daily spend, hundreds of dollars per day per visitor, which can actually help Nicaragua. The backpackers spending $10 a day don’t really do much for the local economy.

So we’ll keep our Celebrities in Nicaragua watch going and let you know when someone comes in that you might have heard of…btw I heard that Matt Damon apparently was here? I just did a web search and couldn’t find any confirmation of that all-important information haha.

Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua

Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana, Rivas, Nicaragua

This breezy new retreat on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua is equal parts rustic and regal.

Seventeen years ago, Nicaragua was still more likely to turn up on the agenda of the State Department than the itineraries of American jetsetters. Matt Turner waved off the decades of civil unrest like an annoying mosquito. “Buy on the sound of the canons and sell on the sound of the trumpets,” says the CEO of Tola Development Corp., quoting financier Nathan Rothschild. “I always thought it was sound advice.”

Sound. Get it?

In 1998, Turner began carefully chiseling out sites for luxury sea castles on a ridge-backed viridian swath of Nicaragua wedged between the country’s eponymous lake and the cultish surf breaks of the Pacific Ocean. “I connected with this land. [It resembled] the California coast that I had been familiar with as a teenager, but without all the madness of late 20th-century development. No highways. No McDonald’s. Just gorgeous rolling hills and untouched beaches. It was too hard to resist.”

The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua.Courtesy: The Inn at Rancho Santana

via Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua.

This is by my count the third four or five star resort in Nicaragua to have opened. The first one was Mukul Resort at Guacalito de la Isla, owned by the Pellas family, the second was Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa. I’ve spent some time at Rancho Santana and definitely can say it is a lovely stretch of coast and it is great that there is a small boutique hotel offering at this location.

Before the inn was built, if you wanted to stay at Rancho Santana you had to rent a whole house or a small (albeit very nicely furnished) cabina, so having a small hotel with the spa services that clientele for these types of resorts demand definitely fulfills a need.

According to the Inn’s website, rates start at about $250 per night and go up to $350 depending on room type and amenities. So if you are coming to Nicaragua and want to stay in some luxurious hotels, spas, and resorts, all I can say is ENJOY!

World Surf Competition will be held at Popoyo beach • El Nuevo Diario

 Lésber Quintero

The power of the waves is attractive for surfers.

The power of the waves is attractive for surfers.

  •  Rivas
  •  March 6, 2015

Nicaragua’s Pacific beaches are back in the eyes of the world between May 31 and June 7, with the realization of a world of surf organized by the International Surfing Association (ISA, for its acronym in English).

The sporting event ISA announces on its website, which highlights that the location of the event will be the paradisiacal beach Sardina, the municipality of Tola, which is also known as Popoyo.

This will be the third surf event organized by the ISA on the beaches of Tola, and the fourth to be staged in Nicaraguan waters.

Lucy Valenti, honorary president of the Nicaraguan Federation of Surf, explained that these international events have made surfing one the core activities for tourists entering the country. He said that this has allowed the earning of better income for people in the coastal areas.

“According to the Central Bank of Nicaragua, surfing has become one of the main activities of tourists and on average these athletes spend about $100 per day, which is twice the average spent by tourists coming to perform other activities,” he said.

At the same time, he said that these world-class events have placed Nicaragua as one of the top surfing destinations, “due to media impact.These championships that have been made have reached more than 150 countries and 250 million people who now know about Nicaragua thanks to the transmissions that are made,” he said.

Similarly, it was reported that a delegation from ISA, commanded by Vice President Karin Sierralta, and conducted an inspection at Sardina beach to see the conditions of waves and logistical issues.

“Here the waves are constant and that they liked, because it is a pristine beach, which is ranked as one of the best in the world for surfing. Therefore, we are already preparing for the wave of surfers coming,” said Gerald Membreño, general manager of the Finca Popoyo tourism project.


According to Membreño, on a hilltop farm Popoyo him into the sea-which is opposite the broadcast booths and judges will be installed and bleachers for public office ISA and other area will be allocated for parking vehicular.

“We as hosts are already working to provide good logistics and now we have hired 16 workers, because these global events promoting tourism dedicated to surfing and generate interest in acquiring coastal properties,” he said.

The three global surf contests that have been made in the country have allowed the entry of more than a thousand people between competitors and family, said Valenti, and the greatest impact has been the town of Tola.

The first event was staged on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast was the World Masters Surfing Beach held in Colorado, Tola, in July 2012. The following year he moved to stage Jiquiliste Beach, Tola, and World occurred Surf with Remo at Spa La Boquita, Carazo, and the Lake Nicaragua.

Competencia de Mundial de Surf se realizará en playa Sardina • El Nuevo Diario.

This is an additional data point for those looking at Nicaragua as a real world-class travel destination. At least for surfers, Nicaragua is a proven, consistent destination for excellent waves and fantastic conditions to hold the surf contests. These contests bring in teams from all over the world, and expose Nicaragua to the eyes and ears of millions of people.

First the hard-core surfers come down and fall in love with the place, then they bring their wives, girlfriends and family. Pretty soon they have a regular thing going with Nicaragua, they may buy properties, or even move down here to start their own businesses. Nicaragua is well into that cycle.

I attended the first event at Playa Colorado and the second event at Jiquiliste (Santana) and both were very well-run, had good local turnout, and had really good surf for the contest. If anyone wants to get this experience of seeing the surfing scene at these contests, I highly recommend attending this year’s ISA World Championship!

Mukul, Nicaragua – In Photos: How To Vacation Like A Billionaire – Forbes

How To Vacation Like A Billionaire

22 of 37

How to Vacation Like a Millionaire-Carlos Pellas' Mukul Resort

How to Vacation Like a Millionaire-Carlos Pellas’ Mukul Resort

Avid angler Carlos Pellas, a Nicaraguan industrialist, philanthropist and the nation’s second richest man, saw stunning Guacalito de la Isla from his fishing boat, and just had to have it. He built Mukul, a luxury boutique resort with individual plush casitas, an off-the-charts spa, an instantly famous and photogenic golf course by David Kidd, and world-class surf breaks right off the beach. The unrivalled combination of great golf, surfing and lodging has drawn surf-loving pro golfers like world number two Adam Scott and US Open Champ Geoff Ogilvy.

via Mukul, Nicaragua – In Photos: How To Vacation Like A Billionaire – Forbes.

They say the rich are different from everyone else, but that’s not completely true. They have hobbies, enjoy vacations, and are passionate about many different things, from conservation to golf to food, just like other people. The difference is that they do it at a much different level, pulling out all the stops to make these experiences the best possible. The good news is that in many cases, some of the richest individuals in the world are eager to share the way they enjoy their travel, hobbies and passions with others, people they don’t even know. More often than not, this means turning their personal dreams into personalized dream resorts, destinations where they can showcase the things they love to vacation travelers. Since the rich have diverse interests, this offers many different attractive travel options, all around the world.

In this case, the richest man in Nicaragua and one-and-only billionaire, Carlos Pellas (don’t worry Presidente Daniel Ortega, you’ll get there soon!) has created the wonderful Mukul resort in Guacalito de la Isla, an exclusive enclave located in the Tola, Rivas area of southwestern Nicaragua. Located approximately 2 1/2 hours from the Farmstay, Mukul offers the only true five-star resort and spa setup in the, country. You get your own oceanfront casita, have people there to attend to your every whim, and have the whole spa package available.

This short write-up from Forbes magazine also focuses in on the golf course and surfing opportunities on-site. I don’t know about the golfing, but the surfing can be very good on the southern point of the cove on which the resort is located. I have a friend in the States whose lady loves the luxury resorts and we have a sort of a teasing name for her, “Five-Star” and I think that Mukul would suit Five-Star very well indeed.

Fincas en Nicaragua Tola | venta | finca en tola , salinas rivas nicaragua : USD 50000.00

Tola | finca en tola , salinas rivas nicaragua

  • 31/12/2014 5:09 pm
  • Fincas en Nicaragua

Información de la propiedad

Localización: Tola
Precio $50,000.00
Precio/m2 de terreno $0.59
m2 de construcción 0
Tamaño del Lote en m2 84000
Beneficios Cerca de Escuelas, Vista al Mar, Vista a las Montañas, Frente al Mar, Sistema de Agua, Electricidad, Fácil Acceso


finca en tola , salinas rivas nicaraguafinca de 12 manzana en rivas, tolas, salinas cerca de punta teonoste, con excelente vista dlel oceano pacifico, con excelente documentaciones legal. llamar al cel 81940228 solo interesados

Información del anunciante

Tipo de Anunciante Propietario
Contactar a oswaldo bojorge
Compañia Palmira Bienes Raices
Ciudad masaya
Dirección Completa colegio Santa teresita 20 vrs al este masaya
Skype o.bojorge
Página Web
Más anuncios de este usuario

via Fincas en Nicaragua Tola | venta | finca en tola , salinas rivas nicaragua : USD 50000.00.

In our continuing series of posts about local Nicaraguan real estate deals, this listing just came across our (virtual) desk and it looks interesting. Looks like it is up in the hills near Los Gavilanes above Punta Teonoste, which is located in-between the turn off for Popoyo and Astillero in Tola, Rivas.

As usual, I have no interest in this property, do not make any claims as to its reliability, feasibility, or any ability in general other than for you to see what some of the local real estate deals are looking like. This is definitely a nice area, with really lovely beaches and great surf nearby.

Contact me if you want or need an intermediary to help with communications, negotiations, etc. I also have properties that I do represent myself in our local Farmstay area in the hills south of the Managua city centre.

Farms Tola | venta | Tola Rivas a 5 km. de Guacalito 45 Manz NEGOCIABLE : USD 60000.00

Tola | Tola Rivas a 5 km. de Guacalito 45 Manz NEGOCIABLE

  • 10/30/2014 8:52 pm
  • Farms
Tola Rivas a 5 km. de Guacalito 45 Manz NEGOCIABLE

  • 42/29/4229032_9cccce.jpg
  • 42/29/4229032_d7f898.jpg
  • 42/29/4229032_30711d.jpg
  • 42/29/4229032_ba026c.jpg
  • 42/29/4229032_f72862.jpg
  • 42/29/4229032_cda8e1.jpg
  • 42/29/4229032_578cd2.jpg
  • 42/29/4229032_e77826.jpg

Property Information

Location: Tola
Price $60,000.00
Price/m2 of land $0.00
Construction size m2 0
Lot Size in m2 31725463


45 manzanas a U$4.50 la vara., 300 mts. sobre la carretera, 2 pozos artesianos, terreno plano y semiplano, con agua y Luz, Documentos en Regla, sin problemas de Cooperativas. U$45.000.00 la manzana, a 5 km. de Guacalito y a 20 minutos de Rivas.

Contact Information

Advertiser Type Developer-Builder
Contact Person Argentina Gutierrez
City / Town managua

via Farms Tola | venta | Tola Rivas a 5 km. de Guacalito 45 Manz NEGOCIABLE : USD 60000.00.

Hottest new hotels for 2013 | CNN Travel

Hottest new hotels for 2013 | CNN Travel. 

The best new hotels of 2013 are higher, shinier and deluxier than their one-year-older peers.

1. Mukul Resort & Spa, Nicaragua

Everything you see could be yours. For a week or two.Opened: February 2013

Part of Guacalito de la Isla, a 676-hectare, eco-sensitive resort on four miles of untouched Pacific coast, Mukul has only been open a few days as of this posting, but is already a benchmark for luxury in Nicaragua.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Carlos Pellas, the retreat takes its design cues from local culture: villas and bohio-styled huts crafted from native teak and pine are distinguished by an ancient Mayan numerical system, reclaimed rum barrels are used in headboards and the Pellas’ family rum is the nightcap of choice.

Book the six-bedroom Casona Don Carlos, Pellas’ private beach residence, and you’ll also enjoy a pool and oceanfront living area.

Spa treatments offered in themed suites include a crystal temple, rainforest room and hammam using a bounty of local ingredients: raw cane sugar crystals, seaweed and Nicaraguan volcanic clay.

There are plenty of more active diversions, such as golf on an oceanfront course — its 18 holes were chiseled without cutting down a single tree.

Mukul Resort & Spa, Kilometer 10, Carretera Tola-Las Salinas Rivas, Nicaragua; rooms from US$550 per night;+505 2563 7100;

The impressive publicity and buzz factor for the new Mukul resort owned by the Pellas family of Nicaragua is continuing yet again with this number one position in a CNN Travel story. Congratulations!

Houses / Homes in Rivas / Nicaragua | For Sale | VENDO CASA POR MOTIVOS DE VIAJE : 2 rooms, 57 m2, USD 20000.00


Property Information

Location: Rivas
Address of Property City of Buena Vista neighborhood rivas special school 4 c. 1c south. This 1/2 c. south
Price $20,000.00
Price/sq meter $350.87
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Square Meters 57
Lot Size 200m2
Room Height ground floor
Age of Home 2004
Stories 1
Balcony/Terrance terrace
Swimming pool no
Parking 0
Type of Floor Ceramics
Floor Number ground floor
Benefits Near a School, Patio


Pretty home quiet home sale by reason of illness

This appears to be a good example of a bargain property due to some unfortunate circumstances of the seller. At this price, this nice little house could be perfect for you if you are looking for an easy to maintain place in the town of Rivas.


Houses / Homes in Rivas / Nicaragua | For Sale | selling houses on a solo road. : 7 rooms, 280 m2, USD 55000.00

Houses / Homes in Rivas / Nicaragua | For Sale | selling houses on a solo road. : 7 rooms, 280 m2, USD 55000.00.Sell two houses in one spot.Sell two houses in one spot.Sell two houses in one spot.

Property Information

Location: Rivas
Address of Property From the Radio Rumbos 1C to on, Rivas, Rivas.
Price $55,000.00
Price/sq meter $196.42
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 3
Square Meters 280
Lot Size 645.12 m2
Room Height 3m
Age of Home 1992
Stories 1
Parking 2
Type of Floor Other
Floor Number 1
Benefits Near a School, Near Traffic, Roofed Parking, 24 hour Security, 1 Studio, Patio, Corner Property, Living room & Dinning room


In one field there are two houses, the first with 2 bed., Porch, 1 bathroom, 1 living room, kitchen and dining together in a single room (91 m2 living area). The second house has 5 bedrooms., 2 room, 1 runner, 2 baths, porch and kitchen (189 m2 construction). The two houses are connected by a large patio in the back and one in the front yard. The good is accessed by the paved road that connects San Jorge Rivas. The type of construction is confined masonry, the structure is an iron pillar and reinforced concrete, type of roof is corrugated zinc sheet, has recessed electrical system and piped. Located 10 minutes from San Jorge and 45 minutes from San Juan del Sur.

This is an example of what might be a good investment property located in the city of Rivas. Actually located on the road to San Jorge, this property has two homes on it. Rivas has a good central location and is near the lake, the ferry to Ometepe, and not too far to the beaches of Tola and San Juan del Sur.



Beachfront Homes and Lots Tola | venta | Rivas, Tola, Sale of land near the beach : USD 50000.00

Beachfront Homes and Lots Tola | venta | Rivas, Tola, Sale of land near the beach : USD 50000.00.Rivas, Tola, Sale of land near the beach

Property Information

Location: Tola
Price $50,000.00
Price/sq meter $5,000.00
Size 10,000 varas cuadradas
Lot Size 10,000 varas cuadradas
Benefits Ocean View, Mountain View, Electrïcity, Easy Acces


Land for sale near the beach, 600 meters of road. Tourism Development Zone. Near “El Astillero”, “Chacocente” y “Guasacate”. Beautiful beaches. One hour from Rivas. World-class waves, offshore wind, ideal for surfing most of the year.

This is an example of what appears to be a one-manzana (1.78 acres) piece of land “near the beach” for $50,000. I cannot exactly tell from the photos, but I would guess it is in the area in-between Los Gavilanes and El Astillero. This in the Tola, Rivas area which is the heart of the main surfing area in Nicaragua.

Is this where you could build your tropical dream beach house? Sure, maybe?! As always, remember I just post these as examples of what I think are well-priced properties that may be of interest to someone looking to invest in Nicaraguan coastal real estate.

This particular area has some fantastic surf spots and beautiful sections of coastline. A nice variety of headlands, offshore reefs, little mini-coves, pink sand, white sand, round pebbles, and even a natural salt-water pool that reveals itself at low tide, can be found here in this section of the southwestern Nicaraguan coast.