Volunteer Opportunities

We need some help!

Due to a real need we have here at the Farmstay to get some help in several areas; mostly agricultural, property maintenance, and guest-related activities, we have an opening for two, and perhaps for up to four volunteers at one time.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Farmstay. We are a working farm located on a little less than 8 acres of land (3.15 hectares) and we need lots of help running the farm. We also are a small bed and breakfast with only five rooms. We have some need for help with the b&b, but the main need is for farmwork.

Our goal for volunteers is that we make a good deal with you that works for us as well. So, with that in mind, we have two distinct volunteer opportunities.

We have a two-tiered program that is designed as a “win-win” situation for both the Farmstay and the volunteer. For short-term volunteers who can work between 16 and 20 hours per week, we have a reduced price for lodging and meals and for longer-term volunteers we provide both lodging and meals in exchange for four or five hours of labor, five days a week.

Going to Nicaragua? Come by and do some volunteer work on the farm!

Going to Nicaragua? Come by and do some volunteer work on the farm!

So if you are already planning a visit to Nicaragua, and have experience or would like to experience what being a volunteer is all about, please contact us via the form below and let’s chat!

If we come to an agreement, then let us know when your flight arrives and we will come and pick you up (at no cost to you of course!)

Work Exchange Tasks (Sample)

  • Dig holes in which to plant trees and plantains
  • Transplant tree seedlings into the ground
  • Measuring contour lines with an A-frame or Bunyip Level
  • Wield a machete to cut weeds
  • Till the soil and plant corn or beans
  • Pick fruit
  • Prune trees
  • Paint the house and verjas
  • Pickup and drop off guests at the airport
  • etc.

Short-Term Volunteers

If staying for less than one month, we offer a discount program for your lodging and provide two meals per day at no cost. If staying at least 40 days, we will cover both your lodging and meals.

We only offer discounts on our Bunk Bedroom East, which offers two full-sized bunkbeds, so normally we can host only two volunteers at one time. Conceivably we could host two couples as long as you’re willing to share that one room.

If you are a single volunteer, we ask that you be open to sharing the room with another volunteer, and of course the cost per night goes down from $18 to $9 per person.

The normal cost of the bunkbed room is $38 for two people. We discount your stay to $18 for one or two people per night. If you have three in the room that will be $27 per night and for four $36 per night. So, just to be clear, for one person it will be $18 per night and if you are two or more, $9 per night.

If you need a third meal you can make something with your own food or go to a local fritanga or comedor for meals at about $2 to $4 per person. We have plenty of fridge space and you can just tell us when you want to cook and we can usually make arrangements to have the kitchen open for you.

Long-Term Volunteers 


If you can commit to a longer stay with us, then we make a better deal for you to make it extremely affordable. Ideally we would like a two month committment but it is understood that not everybody can make such a committment, so we want minimum 40 days from you.

Long-term volunteers do not need to pay anything other than whatever they might spend at the farm (such as extra meals or beverages).

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