Russia proposes airline in Nicaragua | La Prensa Noticias

Will mid-sized Russian jets and a new airline be coming to Nicaragua to serve as a new national airline?

Will mid-sized Russian jets and a new airline be coming to Nicaragua to serve as a new national airline?

Russia has proposed airline in Nicaragua

The Russian corporation Sukhoi Civil Aircraft of the Government of Nicaragua presented a proposal for the creation of a national airline, quoted RT news agency RIA Novosti.

“The Government of Nicaragua is planning to create an airline. We have submitted a number of proposals. Nicaragua is a historic partner of Russia in Central America. It is in a good geographical situation, “said Yevgeny Andráchnikov, vice president of the Russian company.

Yevgeny Andráchnikov said that currently being negotiated exploitation five SSJ-100 that make up the initial stage of future airline alleged in Nicaragua.

According to Russian media, the SSJ-100 is a regional airliner flights began in 2008 and three years later began performing commercial flights, and has a capacity for 100 passengers.

Rusia presenta propuesta para compañía aérea en Nicaragua | La Prensa Noticias.

This is a very “light” article as in light in actual facts and real plans, so read this as pure speculation at this point, but the idea proposed is to start a new Nicaraguan national airline using Russian jets. Nicaragua currently has only one national airline, La Costeña, and one can only hope that if there was some competition to the current routes that would help keep prices down and services up?


As a Nicaraguan Insider, I would say don’t take this proposal very seriously right now, but it is a data point for those following the relations between Russia and Nicaragua as well as a possible good thing for tourism in Nicaragua. I’m not sure how many Russian tourists come to this country, but I can’t imagine it being a very large number.

It seems this new airline would rely on the current set of visitors to the country instead of opening up a new market of Russian visitors. As has been written in opinion pieces in the Nicaragua Dispatch, Nicaragua needs new friends but I don’t believe that Russians represent any great number of new visitors to Nicaragua.

A little Nicaraguan aviation history

In addition to La Costeña, according to the Managua airport Wikipedia page, there used to exist an airline called LANICA that stopped functioning in 1981 and its assets ended up with another short-lived airline AERONICA which shut down in 1992, only then to be yet again resurrected again as NICA which terminated all operations in 2004, so its been awhile!

2015 ISA World Surfing Games Official Teaser – Popoyo Beach, Nicaragua

Video teaser for the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games to be held in Popoyo, Nicaragua 31 May to 7 June, 2015. This is some great news for surfing in Nicaragua, the International Surfing Association has decided to host a third world championship contest here in Nicaragua! I have been to both of the previous events and they are really fun with a great team spirit to be found amongst the competitors and some really good waves too!

This year the event will be held from May 31st to June 7th, giving a week during which we can only hope that a great big south swell shows up! Popoyo is a really fun wave and when it gets bigger it is a challenging spot, offering both a left and a right breaking off of a rock reef. The lefts are generally longer and better but the right can sometimes be great too, albeit a shorter ride. If it get really huge (like a 3 meter swell) they might be moving the contest to the big wave spot at the same location, Outer Reef.popoyoouterreefWhile the odds of that happening aren’t great, it is a real possibility and would be even more awesome than the regular break. So that first week of June is a great week to come down for a surf vacation and to see some of the best in the world have an exciting competition!


Cyndi Lauper visiting Nicaragua | The Press News

Cyndi Lauper visiting Nicaragua
 The American singer Cyndi Lauper was visiting from Nicaragua, where she enjoyed the beauty of Granada tourist.

According to information posted on her Twitter account, the iconic singer of the eighties with songs like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, “Time after Time” and “True Colors”, visited the Mombacho volcano.

The artist, during her visit, stayed at the Hotel Bubu of the Gran Sultana.


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  1. Sara Dice:

    What a big thrill! It brings back nostalgic because I grew up listening to his music, Cindy Thank you for considering our country!

  2. mauricio dice:

    Granada Hospital, priceless beauty let her fall and even today is in ruins. in other countries already have bathed in gold … but the Nicaraguans are left and everything slips them … as long as they care nothing booze. Nationalists are lying, plus ignorant.

  3. Madrigaleño Pancho says:

    Good thing now that Nicaragua is free as the wind, a haven of peace, many celebrities visit us.

  4. jaimenba dice:

    care goes a complaint of some tico by this news

  5. ale dice:

    that good way should have a magazine that will remembrando visits of artists who visit us.

  6. karen dice:

    but in that picture is not well appreciated cyndi lauper, I would like to publish one where you look fuller than pride ….. visit our Country

  7. What dice:

    Good thing our country at least is recognized for its ecological beauty for many Farandulera

  8. Alberto says:

    That emotion that I get to Nicaragua … an icon of romantic music in English … Welcome to Nicaragua. Too bad no one knew of his visit so that it can be seen.

  9. Carlos Martinez says:

    Excellent way to promote the beauty of our beautiful country. Tourism in Nicaragua just waking up, Asi q priorities on infrastructure and cleanliness of the country ……. also reorganize the parking system and reorganize the market granada..Pregunta: There colonial churches in Granada in the process of remodeling? Q No because I think I’ve seen beautiful church abandoned. Just as the old cathedral of Granada!

    1. Hayman.habib dice:

      The problem now is that no one will want to invest in tourism for fear that whatever Milton Arcia! There is no security for investment, unless you’re a lame dish Sandinista government and robolution !!

via Cyndi Lauper de visita en Nicaragua (in Spanish)

Nicaragua has had a few celebrities visit in the last couple-three years, and for me this is one of the coolest people yet to come and visit. Cyndi Lauper, since her days of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “True Colors” has been a secret favorite of mine for a long time now; since the 1980’s right? So good on ya Cyndi for visiting Nicaragua and extra kudos for doing some actual activities like going to visit Mombacho Volcano and hanging out at what I’m sure is a quite nice hotel called Hotel Bubu in Granada.

Most of the other celebrities that have visited, like Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones, Morgan Freeman, and Halle Berry have all been to Nicaragua. Most appear to have gone straight to the Mukul Resort, a several (around five!) hundred dollar a night fantasy land to which they are whisked via helicopter shortly after landing in their private jets at the Managua airport. They don’t get any sort of real Nicaraguan experience in that form of travel IMO.

I have a feeling Cyndi doesn’t exactly travel that way. I imagine her to be much more “regular folk.” And just to set the record straight, Halle Berry came to Nicaragua to do some work related to the U.N. or some such thing. Actually, visiting schools in the north of the country under the auspices of the U.N. World Food Program so again, kudos to Ms. Berry!

She probably didn't look exactly like this when visiting world food programs in Northern Nicaragua.

She probably didn’t look exactly like this when visiting world food programs in Northern Nicaragua.

Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua

Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana, Rivas, Nicaragua

This breezy new retreat on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua is equal parts rustic and regal.

Seventeen years ago, Nicaragua was still more likely to turn up on the agenda of the State Department than the itineraries of American jetsetters. Matt Turner waved off the decades of civil unrest like an annoying mosquito. “Buy on the sound of the canons and sell on the sound of the trumpets,” says the CEO of Tola Development Corp., quoting financier Nathan Rothschild. “I always thought it was sound advice.”

Sound. Get it?

In 1998, Turner began carefully chiseling out sites for luxury sea castles on a ridge-backed viridian swath of Nicaragua wedged between the country’s eponymous lake and the cultish surf breaks of the Pacific Ocean. “I connected with this land. [It resembled] the California coast that I had been familiar with as a teenager, but without all the madness of late 20th-century development. No highways. No McDonald’s. Just gorgeous rolling hills and untouched beaches. It was too hard to resist.”

The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua.Courtesy: The Inn at Rancho Santana

via Opening Report: The Inn at Rancho Santana in Rivas, Nicaragua.

This is by my count the third four or five star resort in Nicaragua to have opened. The first one was Mukul Resort at Guacalito de la Isla, owned by the Pellas family, the second was Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa. I’ve spent some time at Rancho Santana and definitely can say it is a lovely stretch of coast and it is great that there is a small boutique hotel offering at this location.

Before the inn was built, if you wanted to stay at Rancho Santana you had to rent a whole house or a small (albeit very nicely furnished) cabina, so having a small hotel with the spa services that clientele for these types of resorts demand definitely fulfills a need.

According to the Inn’s website, rates start at about $250 per night and go up to $350 depending on room type and amenities. So if you are coming to Nicaragua and want to stay in some luxurious hotels, spas, and resorts, all I can say is ENJOY!

San Juan De Oriente visit – Masaya Forum – TripAdvisor

Charlotte, North…
posts: 13
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San Juan De Oriente visit
We will be staying in Masaya during the 1st week of February. We would love to travel to San Juan De Oriente to see & purchase ceramics. I’m really impressed at how beautiful they are. My wife & I speak only very limited Spanish. Would we be foolish to hire a taxi & just wander through? Are there drivers who speak English that we could/should hire? Any tips & feedback would be appreciated.
Managua, Nicaragua
posts: 558
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4. Re: San Juan De Oriente visit
Greetings jibe2015:

Your are absolutely right, the ceramic artists of San Juan de Oriente are excellent. If you do end up with just a random taxi, I would suggest going in off the highway at least a couple of blocks as it seems like the real schlocky stuff is right by the side of the road.

The gentleman I always visit is named Pedro Guerrero and he and his brother (who has another studio nearby) are the best IMO. I blogged about Pedro, including his location and photos here on my blog:…

Pedro’s place is across the street from the Centro de Salud in SJ de Oriente. He’s all about passing the traditions on and is working with INTUR on building a school for ceramics that will also host tourists where you can take classes, make your own pottery, and then go on to enjoy the rest of your vacation, picking up your fired and painted works to take with you on your way back home. Brilliant!

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

via San Juan De Oriente visit – Masaya Forum – TripAdvisor.

I’m always impressed with Pedro Guerrero’s artwork, and also as a human being. He’s now about 3/4ths of the way done with a great educational project that aims to maintain the traditions of the area and provide some great instruction to tourists and other visitors as well. Can’t say enough about how much I respect this gentleman.

Some of the excellent ceramics art found in the  pottery studio of Pedro Guerrero.

Some of the excellent ceramics art found in the pottery studio of Pedro Guerrero.

Beach Town | Nicaragua TripAdvisor Forum

Denver, CO
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Beach town

We’re looking for a beach area with a village near. We love Samara in Costa Rica and are interested in some place similar in Nicaragua. We’re not surfers, but a surf area is fine. Any suggestions?

Managua, Nicaragua
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2. Re: Beach town
Greetings tbrooksher:

I blogged about the Top 4 Off-the-Beaten-Path surfing and fishing villages here:

Another underappreciated IMO option is the Masachapa/Pochomil area which is near Managua. Several dining and lodging options and easy access.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

via Beach Town | Nicaragua TripAdvisor Forum

I have to admit I don’t know too much about Samara Beach, Costa Rica, so not knowing what it is like it’s difficult to know how to compare it to a similar destination in Nicaragua. But now that I’ve read up on it, I’d have to say that my recommendation of the Masachapa/Pochomil area probably isn’t a proper comparison.

From the above link from it sounds like Samara is a place that feels off the beaten path but has all the amenities with none of the all-inclusive resorts that other places in Costa Rica have.

I’d describe the Pochomil/Masachapa area as definitely on the beaten path (after all, one of the few all inclusive resorts in Nicaragua is located nearby).  But, it’s pretty much off the beaten path for foreign tourists. Its usually filled with Nicaraguan vacationers and most of the private homes in the area are owned by nationals. Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a big deal in this area, as it is in most publicly accessible Nicaraguan beaches. Some of the bars and restaurants make ten times more than usual during that week.

So good luck tbrooksher! If I were to answer your question again, the most similar beach town to Playa Samara is Playa Gigante. It has a nice supply of local places to stay, private homes to rent, and isn’t a big surf spot (but nearby all the best breaks).

Set Sail With the Miskito People in Nicaragua

Set Sail With the Miskito People in Nicaragua

These 40-foot boats are handmade and expertly navigated by the Miskito people. (Photo: Jason Chinn/Yemaya)

These 40-foot boats are handmade and expertly navigated by the Miskito people. (Photo: Jason Chinn/Yemaya)


The indigenous Miskito people of Nicaragua sail on hand-made boats at night. You will find no GPS, no maps, no technology of any kind helping them find their way. They sail with the stars as their guide. In generations past, the Miskito used these boats to hunt turtles for food and commerce. But the indigenous boating culture has begun a slow fade into obscurity since turtle hunting was declared illegal.

Until now.

The Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa on Little Corn island off Nicaragua is working to preserve the Miskito’s way of life through a unique amenity — allowing guests to sail on an authentic boat with Miskito guides.

via Set Sail With the Miskito People in Nicaragua.

Having visited Puerto Cabezas somewhat recently, I saw these lovely sail boats and had a similar idea, wouldn’t it be pleasant to take a sailing cruise on one of these? Looks like the luxury resort on Little Corn Island, Yemaya, has had the same idea!

Anything to help retain local culture, which in this case means turning sailboats that previously were used to hunt endangered sea turtles into mini-cruise boats for tourists…I hope it works and wish them well!

BATMAN House: Brand New, Custom-Built 1/2 acre

84000 / 3br – BATMAN House: Brand New, Custom-Built 1/2 acre (San Antonio Sur, Managua)

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5

3BR / 2Ba house available now
w/d in unit detached garage
wheelchair accessible

THE “BATMAN” HOUSE: AN ABSOLUTE STEAL AT THIS PRICEIf a newly-built, very nicely finished small quiet “quinta” type spread on approximately 1/2 acre of land with fruit trees and mountain views that is only ten minutes from the most upscale shopping mall in Nicaragua, Galerias de Santo Domingo, and about seven minutes from the best hospital in Nicaragua, the Hospital Metropolitano sounds like a property in which you might be interested, please contact me ASAP as this is a super bargain at this price.3 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage, washer/dryer room, pneumatic water pump system. Too many details to mention here.


As mentioned above, this area is near all the best of Managua, but with none of the drawbacks. Comarca San Antonio Sur is surrounded by Santo Domingo, Las Praderas, and Las Colinas, the “Beverly Hills” of Managua. Our little comarca (which means “shire” in Spanish, so if you’re a hobbit with furry feet…) is still mostly small family farms and has a very rural feel. It is also at a bit of elevation so is cool and fresh like Ticuantepe and Esquipulas is.


The house is all-new construction and totally custom made; all systems are “up and running in perfect order” so the MAJOR HASSLE of building and fine-tuning a new house has been handled already by somebody else. For example: High-speed Internet is in. Water systems (including hot water!) are installed and working. 220 Electricity is installed already in case you would like to build a swimming pool.


This is a farming area, so the soil is very fertile and ready for you to garden up a storm in your new digs. There are several fruit trees such as Mango, Avocado, Plantains, and Coconuts producing tasty foods year-round. The land is completely fenced in and dogproof.

via BATMAN House: Brand New, Custom-Built 1/2 acre.

Tips for Isla Ometepe – Isla de Ometepe Forum – TripAdvisor

Tips for Isla Ometepe

Mar 05, 2015, 7:48 PM

Here comes a few tips for your Ometepe trip:

To get there:

– when you get to Rivas, look for the Microbus to San Jorge. If you take a taxi you shouldn’t pay more than 40-50 cordobas or $2

– in San Jorge you can by tickets in a small hit very close to the pier, just ignore all sales people up to that point

– aim to take the big ferry. The smaller lanchas/boats take longer time and you can easily get seasick.

Arriving at Moyogalpa

– just by the pier the local bus leaves for wherever you want to go

– you can also bargain with taxis or microbuses. Don’t pay more than $5 each

– we headed off to Santa Cruz which is smartly located for excursions. Hospitaje Maria is a good and economic alternative, $5 for a bed in dormitory or $15 for a private. But there are more options. Just by the main crossing, opposite the little supermarket there is a hotel with beautiful views of volcan conception.

– playa Domingo is a good option as well. You have the best beach there and many hostel/hotel options

read the rest here–> Tips for Isla Ometepe – Isla de Ometepe Forum – TripAdvisor.

OmetepeVolcanoesThese are some great tips for travelers to Ometepe Island. Not my writing, but I thought reposting here might help some folks who are planning to spend part of their Nicaraguan vacation on this beautiful island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Ometepe is a very special place and if you have the time, you should consider making a journey over to la isla!

Granada Colonial Homes Tour | See behind all of those mysterious doors!

Tours meet every Tuesday at 10 am in the art center behind the Ole Boutique (side entrance):
1 block east of the Central Park down Calzada Blvd.   

Or, call in Nicaragua: 8457-8423, to arrange special tours

Behind Closed Doors……


Take a great tour of the insides of some of the finest homes in Granada, while benefitting a wonderful education project!

Take a great tour of the insides of some of the finest homes in Granada, while benefitting a wonderful education project!

If you’ve been lucky enough to have participated in one of the colonial house tours in cities such as San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, you know how amazing old colonial houses can be. Finally, Granada has begun tours of its magnificent beauties and all the proceeds benefit educational projects.

via Granada Colonial Homes Tour | See behind all of those mysterious doors!.

Friend of the Farmstay and social media guru, Eden Rudin posted this on Facebook, so in a spirit of helping out for this project, I repost here for our readers who may not be aware of this tour. Other colonial architecture cities and towns around the world like Antigua, Guatemala, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and others offer similar tours, so why not Granada too?

If you’ve ever been to Granada and wondered what is behind those lovely, massive colonial doors, and yearned for a peek into the interior spaces, this is your chance! A great added benefit is that this isn’t for anyone’s profit. The proceeds go to two different educational projects:

  • Library “Puedo Leer”, the first lending library in Granada, putting books in the hands of children and promoting reading through its many urban and rural projects.
  • Scholarships for poor children at the new Sacuanjoche Elementary School, probably the best private school in the city. 

So if you book a tour, tell them that you found out about this via Mike at Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua.